Devil’s Son-in-Law

Chapter 124 - The Anomalous Christina

Chapter 124: The Anomalous Christina

Seeing Chen Rui was about to be torn into pieces, the two metal beads in Christina’s hands were already glowing. Suddenly, the man made some weird moves and actually imitated the birds’ flight. No, it should be the wyvern’s flight. He even showed his teeth from time to time; he looked really hilarious. Could it be that he’s mentally collapsed in the face of such danger?

Then, a strange thing happened. These wyverns actually stopped their attacking posture. Instead, they focused on the funny-looking performance and made low hisses from time to time.

Christina could tell that the hostility within the hisses was greatly reduced, and she was even more surprised: There’s actually such a miraculous beast-taming skill? With a few movements, he actually made aggressive demonic beasts like the wyverns to lower their hostility?

That’s impossible! If it’s so simple, the sky of the Demon Realm will be filled with dragon-riding beast tamers!

“Kegu loves to bite like this and he wouldn’t let go after he bit.” “Mengda has a huge birthmark on his ass. He once said that his name was given by Uncle Tucker. Which of you is Tucker?”

Now, Chen Rui was really glad that he participated in the Dark Moon City’s Sky Battle back then and acquired the two young wyverns. At the same time, he was glad that he always communicates with the two wyverns when he was bored. If not, if he were a common dragon knight, everything including the bones of the dragon knight would be gone by now.

At that time, another swarm of wyverns landed.

It was led by a wyvern with an obviously bigger body as relative to the others. His body was light brown, his scales reflected in deep blue light and his tail had a scorpion-like barb.

The other wyverns made a way when they saw this blue-brown wyvern. They kept their wings and bowed, showing their reverence to the king.

The <Analytical Eyes> showed that the blue-brown wyvern’s strength was “Unable to Judge”.

Chen Rui was certain that it must be the wyvern king of this lair. He quickly said with his consciousness, “Respected king, I am a partner of Kegu and Mengda, coming from a distant place specifically to search for their missing home.”

The wyvern king stared at Chen Rui for a while until the stare gave him a chill in his heart, then the wyvern king roared.

“You sly demons that capture and kill my people. Although I don’t know how you communicate with me directly, I will never trust you!”

That roar made those wyverns that initially expressed friendliness became strongly hostile again.

The wyvern king’s intelligence and strength was obviously higher than the usual adult wyvern. Facing the king’s hostility, Chen Rui quickly explained that he was born with the ability to communicate with wyverns. In an occasional match, he saved two youth wyverns from demon hunter, and the two wyverns had since become his most intimate partners. He also promised Kegu and Mengxuan that he’d help them find their home in the Silent Night Wetland.

When Chen Rui mentioned Mengda and Kegu’s characteristics and usual behaviors, the 2 wyverns that landed with the wyvern king started growling lowly. It turned out to be Mengda’s parents. After finding out the whereabouts of their missing child, they were still extremely excited despite being intimidated by the wyvern king’s demeanor.

Chen Rui took the advantage and added that he was coming here with Mengda and Kegu. However, as they couldn’t pass Town Leia in the middle. So, he left the 2 wyverns at Mount Xilang.

The wyvern king was pondering. Although his IQ was higher than normal wyvern, he was still far from reaching the true intelligence of dragon like Paglio. Thus, he couldn’t determine whether this “demon” who could communicate with wyverns was saying the truth or not.

“I, Chen Rui, swear with my teeth and claws.” Chen Rui opened his mouth and raised his left hand. This was what he learned from Mengda that wyverns valued teeth and claws the most, “I am absolutely different from the guys that enslave wyverns. In my heart, wyverns are my most trusted friend and partner!”

Seeing Chen Rui “swearing” by his teeth and claws, the wyvern king’s attitude finally changed. However, he still hadn’t fully trusted him and his tone was still unfriendly, “Chen Rui, I’ll recognize you as a friend of the wyverns for now. However, our lair is facing the biggest threat now. Before the danger is removed, don’t bring Mengda and Kegu back!”

“What danger? As the wyvern’s most intimate partner, I wish to extend my greatest effort to help all of you.”

Leaving here might encounter Broc, the dangerous man. Thus, he needed to at least stay here until the Dark Will can be used again. Before that, the wyvern’s lair might be the best cover instead.

The Dark Will should’ve teleported quite far this time. Even with the Eye of Incubus, he wouldn’t find the wyvern’s lair so soon. Besides, Broc would never expect them to settle in the most dangerous place.

“You’re too weak. Our enemies are 2 powerful, hydra that want to conquer the wyvern’s lair. We’ve battled a few times and lost many brave warriors.”

The hydra was a huge demonic beast. They had strong limbs and 9 snake-like heads. Their strength was second to the dragons. Certainly, their intelligence was far inferior to the dragons.

The hydra contained a deadly poison in their bodies. Also, their physical and magical defenses were extremely high. Some of the mutated variations could even use a special magic attack. Unless all 9 heads were chopped, it won’t be completely eliminated. The only thing that could be considered as weakness was their relatively slow movements.

The 2 hydras in the Silent Night Wetland were a pair of couple. Due to their physiques, they preferred a toxic environment like the wyverns. Previously, the hydra and wyverns rarely had any conflicts. It was because the poison swamp that they initial lived was drying up and the female hydra had just laid eggs. Thus, they emerged the idea of conquering the wyvern’s lair.

Both parties had a few battles. As both of them were poisonous creatures, the toxic effect wasn’t obvious. However, as the hydra’s strength was a lot greater than the wyverns, even if the wyverns were greater in number and defeated the hydra a few times, the wyverns still suffered great casualties. Even Kegu’s parents were killed during this battle.

An adult hydra could reach as high as Demon Overlord and at least a Great Demon King. Chen Rui couldn’t think of any good strategy at once, so he said, “My friend, give me some time to figure out how to deal with the 2 hydra.”

At that moment, a weird noise came from behind. When he turned around, he saw Christina shaking violently and 2 balls on her hands fell onto the ground. Her body shook and looked like she was going to fall. Chen Rui was about to support her, but Christina stabilized her body by herself. She raised her hand to stop his movement, “Don’t come!”

Chen Rui secretly sighed: I can’t believe this woman is actually patient enough to not run away. She must have seen me communicating with the wyverns just now.

Christina took a deep breath and her shivers gradually calmed a lot. She forcefully controlled the calmness in her tone, “You indeed got rid of the golden crystal shackles… You asked me to run away just now was because you’re afraid that I’ll see your miraculous beast-taming skill? Also, you never consumed any antidote all along. Could it be that you’re not afraid of the wyvern’s poison at all?”

Chen Rui didn’t expect her to still notice so many things with her heavy injuries. He simply made up a reason, “That was the beast-taming skill my teacher taught me, but it’s my first time using it. Facing these powerful demonic beasts that might make me their food at any time, I really don’t have much confidence. If I’m really that powerful, I would’ve already led a team of wyverns to Town Leia directly and eliminate the Scarlet Guards. Why would I fall into your hands?”

Christina snorted scornfully, “Then, you letting me go is because I’m scarier than the wyverns?”

“It might not be a good thing for women to be too smart.” Chen Rui shook his head. However, he felt a little weird as she actually asked about this instead of things such as beast-taming or poison immunity.

Christina said with dissatisfaction, “Are you looking down on women?”

“Definitely not!” Chen Rui smiled bitterly. “However, if all the women in the Demon Realm have your intelligence, then all the men can’t live anymore.”

“That’s because men are useless!” Christina snorted scornfully again. Her voice that was usually as calm as water actually contained a hint of coquettish.

She immediately noticed that she had lose her calmness, then an unprecedented fear rose in her heart. Suddenly, her timid body shook again and the trembles were more violent.

“Lady, I have recovery potion here…”

“I don’t need it!” Christina shouted anomaly, then panted violently. She shakily placed the magic tent on the ground, “The two thunder ball on the ground will produce powerful explosion in three seconds after being activated by strength. Take it just in case. Remember, no matter what… don’t enter the tent!”

As she spoke, she forcefully suppressed her shivers and walked into the tent. On her step, she stumbled, lost her center of gravity and fell forward. Chen Rui couldn’t bear seeing that and went to support her. He felt that the parts where they touched felt unusually hot even with clothes in between. He sighed, “Your injuries are so serious, why are you still trying to act tough? Let me help you to get in.”

Christina shivered even more violently. She seemed like she couldn’t speak anymore. So, Chen Rui helped her into the tent. There was another space in the tent with carpets and mattresses. It wasn’t affected by anything outside, even the toxic outside couldn’t penetrate through.

Chen Rui helped her to lay down on the mattress, but Christina actually still held his hand tightly and didn’t let go. He felt that her body temperature rose again.

“Christina, your injuries are really serious and you’re also having a fever. Let go first and I’ll get some potions for you.” Chen Rui felt a little awkward with the posture of being held by the arm.

Christina still didn’t let go. While shuddering, she suddenly sighed and said something strange, “I’m still overestimating myself.”

Her voice was filled with misery and helplessness.

Subsequently, a force that was seemingly suppressed was suddenly loosened.

Before Chen Rui could react, the door of the tent suddenly closed by itself.

Immediately after, a hot body came closer to him.

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