Devil’s Son-in-Law

Chapter 123 - Artifact, the Dark Shadow Cloak and Teleporting to the Wyvern’s Lair

Chapter 123: Artifact, the Dark Shadow Cloak and Teleporting to the Wyvern’s Lair

Strangely, with Broc’s vision, he didn’t seem to see Chen Rui and the tent behind. It should be the mysterious effect of the metal totems.

Although Broc couldn’t see Chen Rui, relying on certain senses of the Eye of Incubus, he slowly approached. Chen Rui was nervous, but he didn’t dare to make a sound. Ultimately, Broc walked into the range of the metal totems. Suddenly, the 6 totems emitted blinding light and formed a hexagram array.

Within the hexagram array, every totem burned in a purple flame together.

Within the flame, the 6 purple birds’ bodies that were covered in fired became clearer and clearer. They chirped at the same time and attacked Broc.

Due to the totems, Broc didn’t see the pillars but only the 6 purple, huge birds, so he was slightly startled, He waved both his hands and circles of transparent crystal crisscrossed appeared. It was like a barrier created by crystals, surrounding his body.

The purple birds struck the crystals with huge momentum. However, this crystal barrier that seemed elegant and fragile was actually extremely sturdy. Thus, the birds couldn’t breakthrough at once.

Broc’s creepy voice echoed the entire dense forest, “Christina, you should know that such a trick can’t do anything to me. If you’re smart, come out obediently and I can promise to not hurt you. Otherwise, I can even ask from the empress for you to be my woman!”

The flame on the purple birds blazed stronger. The crystal barrier couldn’t stand any longer and a crack appeared after the fierce besiege. Broc snorted and suddenly removed his crystal barrier. The big birds immediately encircled him and turned into a purple light ball, trapping Broc tightly.

Shortly, the light ball couldn’t withstand anymore and started to tremble.

Suddenly, Chen Rui felt a breeze blew past the side of his body. When he turned around, the tent had disappeared. Then, he saw a faint light shining toward the purple light ball and covered it as a layer of black light. It began to spin quickly while trapping Broc in the middle. The ground shook and bottomless cracks appeared one after another like an earthquake. Within a 100 meter radius, there were no longer a standing tree. Broken wood chips, leaves, sand and stones were spinning around.

Chen Rui had already retreated to a safe zone earlier. He watched the visually astounding battle with surprise. That wasn’t a movie scene with CGI effect from his previous world, but it was an actual strength!

The dark purple light ball spun increasingly faster, but the trembling was also increasingly violent. Then, he heard a loud scream and countless cracks appeared on the light ball, emitting blood-red, dazzling light. The huge birds were shattered and fell onto the ground, turning back into pillars of broken totems.

Christina’s cloaked figure appeared beside Chen Rui. She looked like she was going to fall. Chen Rui immediately supported her. He felt that she was panting, and her body was slightly trembling; she seemed to have received heavy damage.

Broc also looked like he lost his patience. Countless cracks and distortions were on his silver upper armor. There was even blood coming out from the side of his mouth. Both his eyes had become black. That was the sign of his Eye of Incubus being fully activated. Then, a blood-red sword appeared in his hand.

Broc’s handsome face had become distorted earlier. His wrathful tone contained a rare impact, “Dark Shadow Cloak! It’s actually the top artifact of the Dark Shadow Royal Family! How are you able to use the Dark Shadow Cloak… Who are you exactly!”

The royal family’s top artifact had their independent consciousness. Generally, only the monarch or the highest governor would be recognized. For instance, up till now, Regent Obsidian from the Fallen Angel Empire still didn’t receive the acknowledgment of the artifact, Sword of Fallen Angel. Surely, there were a number of extremely rare cases. These people who were additionally recognized by the artifacts had all became the true owner of the artifact, which was the royal family’s governor.

“Empress Christina personally gave me this Dark Shadow Cloak. If you dare to attack me again, you’ll be punished with treason.” Christina’s voice contained a hint of demeanor. However, as her injuries were bad, it seemed a little weak.

“You are the traitor. Why would Her Royal Highness give the empire’s treasured artifact to someone to use? You must have stolen the artifact!” Broc’s black irises were filled with creepy murderousness. “As the most trusted general of Her Royal Highness. I swear to kill the traitor to regain the stolen artifact!”

Broc still took a tough stance, not leaving Christina any space. Even Chen Rui noticed that treason and killing traitor were just pompous excuses. Even if Christina was the queen, Broc had decided to eliminate her today.

An empire’s general actually wanted to kill the royal nobleman that the empress trusted. Chen Rui didn’t know the story, but he was sure that Broc would not let anyone live, including him.

Christina didn’t take advantage of the dispute. Instead, she held Chen Rui’s arm tightly. Chen Rui felt that her hands had a unique power. Not only his body, it was as if his soul was tightly held by her; he couldn’t struggle to free himself at all.

“Now, it depends on your luck.”

Suddenly, Chen Rui felt that there was something on his palm and it was a ring.

The broken metal totems suddenly exploded and Broc immediately parried to guard his body. In that moment of distraction, he saw the figures of Christina and Chen Rui suddenly became blurry and distorted. He knew that something was not right.

He couldn’t bother the impact from the explosion and jumped, instantly appearing before the two. A red light from his hands shone brightly and sliced toward their waists.

At that moment, the Dark Will was successfully activated and that blow missed.

Broc was furious. He struck his Blood Sword to vent off his anger, then the trees behind him were all chopped at waist level.

At the critical moment, Chen Rui finally successfully activated Dark Will’s <Teleportation> function and temporarily escaped from Broc’s evil hands while holding Christina’s hand. Surely, the reason that they were “holding hands” was because his arm was held “intimately” by Christina; he couldn’t get rid of it.

After moments of dizziness, both of them appeared in an unfamiliar place.

There was a huge pool of water in front. Based on the color and the pungent smell, he could tell that the water contained a deadly poison. Around the pool of water were relatively rare huge trees in the swamp and a green fog was drifting within the woods.

Poison! Water, wood, mist and even the mud they were stepping in contained poison!

However, what made Chen Rui most surprised was that there were still a large number of creatures in the forest, beside the lake and even in the sky.

Green-brownish scales, huge coated wings, sharp poisoned teeth, and strong limbs.

Chen Rui was more than familiar with these creatures. Wyverns!

There are dozens! No! There’s more!

Although many of the wyverns weren’t in the range of <Analytical Eyes>, based on their appearance, most of them weren’t immature wyverns like Mengda or Kegu. Instead, they were scary demonic beasts that truly possessed mature strength.

An adult wyvern’s combat power was equivalent to a Higher Demon and those that were mutated had even greater strength!

Suddenly, Chen Rui felt like he was possessed by the God of Unfortunate. Since the teleportation after the elimination of Barnacle, he had been unlucky. First, he was teleported to the gunpoint. Luckily, he bumped into Delia and saw the hope of escaping. Yet, he was brought to the Silent Night Wetland by this noblewoman with terrifying high intelligence.

At the Silent Night Wetland, they encountered the scary Broc. When he got back the Dark Will after a lot of effort, another teleport actually sent him to the wyvern’s lair.

He remembered when he wanted to lie to the noblewoman, he said he’d come to the Silent Night Wetland to capture wyverns. Now, it actually “came true”. Was this the legendary “dream came true”?

One wyvern keenly noticed intruders and came roaring fiercely.

Initially, Christina wanted to grab Chen Rui to leave. Suddenly, her body trembled more violently as if she was strenuously controlling something. She was just holding Chen Rui’s arm to support her body.

It seemed that the severity of her injuries from the battle with Broc just now was beyond expectation.

If the surroundings weren’t like that, Chen Rui could’ve slowly enjoyed the taste of being intimate with this mysterious noblewoman. However, he didn’t have that time as the wyverns around them were increasing.

Chen Rui knew wyvern’s aggressiveness, so he didn’t dare to move recklessly. Through <Analytical Eyes>, he heard the meaning of the wyverns’ roars: Intruders! Kill!

Christina forcefully withstood her shivers and took two walnut-sized metal ball out from her space ring, wanting to fight with her remaining strength. If she was in her usual state, even if there were more wyverns, it wouldn’t bother her. However, as her strength was greatly damaged and the situation was quite bad, it seemed that the thing that she was most afraid of was about to happen.

At that moment, “Richard” gently let go of her arm and whispered, “I’ll find a way to draw their attention now. Escape when you find an opportunity.”

Christina was slightly shocked as although “Richard” and she weren’t enemies on the surface, they were definitely not friends either. She even never really got rid of her murderous intentions toward him. She didn’t expect this man that she was controlling would actually say such words in this situation. She had always been proud of her intelligence yet she actually couldn’t understand his move.

If Chen Rui knew Christina’s feelings, he’d definitely be proud. From the beginning till now, he had been suppressed tightly by the mysterious noblewoman’s intelligence. Now, he finally made a move that she couldn’t understand.

Actually, Chen Rui’s plan was very simple. He’d use <Analytical Eyes> to communicate with the wyverns. If he really couldn’t, then he’d try to escape since he was immune to poisons. As for the leaving of Christina, it was like releasing a huge burden because he’d rather face a huge swarm of wyverns than a witch-smart woman.

Watching Chen Rui facing the dangers alone, Christina’s heart had a weird feeling. Although she knew that this man probably had another plan, the feeling still inexplicably came. Perhaps she was too busy usually, she hadn’t been feeling this distant feeling for a long time.

When the wyverns saw Chen Rui approached, they indeed gathered toward him and started roaring furiously. Christina’s fists were clenched tighter and tighter, but eventually, she didn’t leave by taking advantage of the situation: Let’s see what this man is planning to do.

Chen Rui was quite nervous as not only these wyverns released toxins from their body, but their strengths were all at D which was equivalent to a Higher Demon. There were also one or two of them that were at the Demon King level, C. If the communication was unsuccessful, even escaping would be a problem.

The <Analytical Eyes> was just a translator. Not all demonic beasts were opened to accept friendly relationships. The ineffectiveness when he faced the cerberus at Mount Xilang was the best example.

The situation was indeed bad. Even though Chen Rui had expressed his friendliness, the messages sent from the <Analytical Eyes> were all violent hostility from the wyverns. They weren’t moved by him at all.

That was reasonable as why would a pride of lions accept the lone sheep’s compromisation?

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