Devil’s Son-in-Law

Chapter 122 - The Noblewoman’s Decision

Chapter 122: The Noblewoman’s Decision

“That’s weird. I’ve heard that the War Puppet has a special link with the master’s spirit. Once the War Puppet is destroyed, the master will also receive great damage. How does she still have the strength to escape right before my eyes?” Broc said to himself.

“Troublesome War Puppet!” Broc frowned, “That’s right. That was just a Bronze puppet. With Christina’s strength, she should at least use a Silver puppet. Could it be that she could use more than one War Puppet?”

The War Puppet was the strongest bloodline talent of the Dark Shadow Empire’s Asmodeus Royal Family. It was a powerful battle machine made by combining their talents with a secret technique. Like the bronze puppet just now, it experiences no pain nor exhaustion. Unless being completely destroyed or its master was dead, it could always continue to fight.

The War Puppets’ grades include bronze, silver, and gold. They could be inherited as an heirloom for the usage of the next generation. The strongest War Puppet was the legendary secret treasure of the Asmodeus Royal Family, the Immortal Dark Gold War Puppet. It would never be destroyed, but unfortunately, it had been lost for a few thousand years ago.

Within the Asmodeus Royal Family, those that could awaken their War Puppet talent and control one puppet were already rare. For those who could control 2 or more were definitely the genius among geniuses. The current empress, Catherine the Great could control 4 gold War Puppets simultaneously. Together with her personal strength, even the strongest demon in the Demon Realm, Raizen the Great had to be fearful of her.

Now, Christina is only a Great Demon King but she already possesses the great talent to control 2 puppets. In the future… Brock’s eyes were filled with murderous intentions.

The thin mist that was wafted just now due to the huge impact gradually gathered, but Broc was no longer in the mist.

Chen Rui heard whistling sounds while his body being carried by Christina and dashed for awhile. To avoid getting dizzy, he had to close his eyes. Suddenly, Christina’s body shocked and paused. When Chen Rui opened his eyes, he saw Christina covering her chest and coughed. She was obviously injured.

Christina paused for a while and continued rushing without stopping. She only stopped when she reached a relatively hidden hillside in the dense forest. Then, she immediately started setting up the surroundings.

The six metal pillars appeared around them. On the pillars, there were layers of totem-like symbols. It seemed like another special magic tool.

“Lady, you’re hurt.” With his thoughts, Chen Rui took out a recovery potion. “This is for you. The recovery potion brewed by my teacher has a lot stronger effect than usual potion master.”

“No thanks.” Christina shook her head. Within her politeness, there was a bit of vigilance. “That War Puppet just now should be destroyed by Broc already. That’s why I received some damage, but it isn’t a big deal.” “Ms. Christina, although I don’t know the grudges between you and Broc, please forgive me for being honest. Based on your current status, you don’t seem to be able to rival Broc. Also, he will definitely continue to chase us.”

“I have a suggestion. Return the Dark Will to me first so that I can launch the <Teleportation> to escape.”

Christina was silent for a while. Then she didn’t answer but asked a question, “Only the Dark Will? What about the gold crystal shackles?” “To show my sincerity, we can remove the shackles when we’re completely free from danger.”

“If I teleported alone and escaped to a scary place like the Silent Night Wetland, I won’t be able to survive either.”

“Aren’t you afraid that I’ll renege?” Christina’s eyes behind the veil seemed to see through Chen Rui’s heart. “With your intelligence, you won’t put yourself in such a passive, dangerous situation. When we were negotiating the conditions, you requested to first get the ring before removing the shackles… Can I make a wild guess that you have a special way of getting rid of the shackles?”

Can we stop assuming?! Chen Rui’s heart was chilled. He didn’t expect under such critical condition of being hunted, not only didn’t Christina felt anxious, but she was horrifyingly calm. Instead, he almost exposed his trump card.

“If I can remove the magic shackles, I would’ve run away a lot earlier when you left the Red Leaves Forest.” Chen Rui deliberately looked unhappy, “I almost died in Broc’s hand just now. It’s for my safety that I have such a request. If you’re going to suspect me for that, then I have nothing to say. I’ll just hope that you can use your powerful might to defeat Broc and kill me after.” “Richard, please forgive my suspicion. If you’re me who is constantly surrounding by various schemes and plots… you’ll be as cautious as I do. Besides, facing a wise man like you, I can’t help to have more thought. Don’t forget that Christina is still a woman and being suspicious is a characteristic of a woman.”

Christina’s sudden compliments suddenly made Chen Rui couldn’t keep his upset expression anymore. However, he disagreed with the last sentence: If there are a few more women like you, all the men in the Demon Realm can’t do anything anymore.

“Alright. It’s not the time to discuss such an assumption. I’ll consider your condition seriously.” Christina sighed, “Besides, you’ve simplified the matter. Dark Will’s teleportation range is limited. The Leviathan Royal Family’s Eye of Incubus had a unique target-lock ability. Broc must’ve used certain means to lock onto us. Even if we can teleport temporarily, we can’t truly get rid of his tracking. You’re the owner of Dark Will, so you must know that it’s random teleportation. If our luck is bad, we might not be able to teleport out of Broc’s vision at all. Also, the ring can only be used every 24 hours, so it cannot be wasted. It must be used at a critical moment.”

It seemed that Christina was quite familiar with the Dark Will. Also, Chen Rui knew that she had never lowered her guards toward him.

“I don’t know. Can you contact the teacher that you mentioned? Although I’m still doubtful about this, this might be the only way.”

Chen Rui shook his head. “Actually, I’ve tried contacting my teacher in the Magic Pouch’s space. However, I haven’t been able to contact my teacher for a long time. My teacher is most likely in seclusion again, which is sealing off all feelings to train. He would never leave before reaching a certain level.”

“As expected…” Christina glanced at him calmly, but she didn’t say much, “Then there’s only one way now… give me all the 3 remaining fruits.”

Chen Rui was shocked and looked doubtful. Christina knew what he was worried about, so she raised the royal family’s ring on her ring hand and said formally, “I swear by this royal family’s ring that before completing this mission and return to the capital, I will not harm this man before me. If I violate it, both my body and soul will be trapped in eternal sufferance.”

Only before returning to the capital? This noblewoman seemed polite on the surface, but she still had murderous intentions toward him. Chen Rui smiled bitterly, “Don’t we need our names for an oath?”

Christina said calmly, “The name, Christina isn’t suitable to use for an oath, just like the name, Richard.”

Only then Chen Rui knew that Christina was just a nickname. It seemed that even Broc didn’t know the actual name of this mysterious noblewoman. For her to say that, she must be quite sincere.

Chen Rui knew that he didn’t have many options. If he fell into Broc’s hands, he’d definitely die. He stopped hesitating immediately and agreed. He then asked, “Lady, for you to consume all of them in such a hurry, will there be any adverse effect?”

“I don’t know, but for me, this is the most important moment. I can’t fail.” Christina took the aura fruits and set up the magic tent, “Remember, I’ll go into the tent to absorb the fruit’s power. It might take quite long, so you can wait outside. Regardless of what happen, don’t get close. If not, I’d rather go against the oath and kill you!”

Chen Rui knew she had reached a certain critical point. If not, she wouldn’t risk it when they’re facing a strong enemy like Broc. So, he immediately nodded.

Both of them discussed it for a while. Then, Christina looked at the 3 “Jiu Tian Xuan Aura Fruits” that Chen Rui gave with a certain determination and walked into the tent.

An hour had passed, Chen Rui felt like the time was moving really slow, but he didn’t wait plainly. Instead, he activated <Aura Conversion> onto the gold crystal shackles.

The gold crystal was indeed the strongest crystal that was more superior than the blood crystal. Besides, this gold crystal shackles must have used the highest quality gold crystal. After a pair of leg shackles were converted, he obtained 500k auras and his total aura reached 1.6m. Now, he had a lot of auras yet little area to use. To maintain his <Camouflage>, it only used 1 aura per minute, so it was only slightly more than 1.4k a day.

However, Chen Rui didn’t fully convert the gold crystal shackles on his hand, but he only destroyed a part of it. After the magic array that suppressed his power lost its form, his suppressed strength immediately returned to his body. On the surface, both his legs and hands were still wearing the shackles. However, in reality, the shackles on his legs were an illusion made by <Camouflage>, just like clothing. The shackles on his hand were just hanging there realistically. He believed even Christina wouldn’t notice the difference.

Now that it was approaching the last moment, although he didn’t feel like Christina was lying, he couldn’t fully rely on the oath no matter what. Once he got the “Dark Will”, he’d immediately teleport away to escape.

If he didn’t witness Christina being able to move freely while absorbing the fruit and her strength wasn’t constrained, he really had the impulse to threaten this mysterious noblewoman to return the ring since his strength was restored. However, her words just now shouldn’t be a bluff. If he dared to act recklessly, Christina might truly kill him.

Another hour had passed. If it was just 1 fruit, Christina would’ve finished absorbing. Yet, she was absorbing 3 simultaneously, the difficulty might not be as simple as mere addition.

At that moment, Broc’s figure finally appeared in the dense forest.

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