Devil’s Son-in-Law

Chapter 121 - Devil Emperor! Shadow General Broc

Chapter 121: Devil Emperor! Shadow General Broc

The person in front of the forest is like Delia; he is also part of the Envy Royal Family! His power is also greater than Delia’s!

Could it be… “What did I find?” A cold, male voice sounded, “A lowly reptile?”

His cool tone seemed to be more bone-chilling in the wetlands than cold wind at dawn.

Chen Rui knew that his whereabouts had already been seen by the other party, so he came out from behind the tree. In the mist of the dawn, a tall man was standing there. This man had long blue hair, handsome facial features could be faintly seen. He wore a silver half-armor; his cape was flying in the wind behind him.

The man did not deliberately release his strength, but Chen Rui instinctively felt a sense of terror. The man’s grim, cold eyes glanced at him, and chills ran down his spine despite having extraordinary willpower. He felt like a frog getting stared at by a venomous snake.

This familiar power … is the Eye of Incubus!

This man’s Eye of Incubus did not have to be specially activated, as if it was in his nature. Just by taking a look at someone, he could produce a powerful deterrent. It was the same Eye of Incubus, but there was a huge difference between Delia’s and this man’s.

“Looks like it was a bound reptile.” The blue-haired man did not conceal his contempt. “Even if it escaped its bonds, a reptile is still a reptile after all. Tell me! Where is Christina?”

Chen Rui only just found out that the noble lady’s name was Christina. Barely resisting the coercion of the Eye of Incubus, he raised the handcuffs on his hands. “How would I know in this state?”

Seeing the way this nobody dared to speak to him with such a casual attitude, he snorted coldly. Chen Rui felt as if his heart was hammered hard, and his breathing seemed to stop for a moment.

This type of sudden attack was completely different from Delia’s in-depth spiritual analysis. The Super System could not convert this attack. In addition, Chen Rui could not use Star Power right now. The cold snort had seriously injured him. If not for the passive ability <Damage Absorption> that absorbed part of the attack, that snort could have killed him on the spot.

Chen Rui’s face flushed red, and he finally could not help but spit out a mouthful of blood. A chill grew in his heart: This man is so powerful and cruel. He can kill someone with just a snort!

When the man saw that the powerless nobody did not die, he felt slightly surprised. A faint glow shone from his eyes. Chen Rui saw the fog surrounding him start to change rapidly, becoming a troop of soldiers wearing armor and holding sharp blades, rushing toward him.

Chen Rui had a gut feeling that the soldiers formed by this mist were definitely not hallucinations, but they really possessed powerful attack powers!

In the moment of danger, the sight in front of him suddenly became blurry. The closer the mist soldiers got, the thinner they became. Before they reached Chen Rui, they already dissipated into a faint mist.

“Unexpectedly, the chief of the three demon generals of the empire, Broc Leviathan, would be killing an imprisoned weakling for no reason.”

The voice of the noble lady sounded from behind Chen Rui. When she finished speaking, she appeared in front of him.

When he heard the man’s name, Chen Rui finally confirmed his suspicions: Broc, Delia’s brother, the head of the three demon generals of the Dark Shadow Empire, who had coerced Delia into marrying the finance minister.

He did not expect Broc to be so much stronger than Delia, who was also a Demon King. Chen Rui has a vague feeling that Broc’s true power was likely to have exceeded that of the Demon King, which was the same for Christina.

Although he went from being a weak human, training until he was now able to match the powers top-notch Higher Demons, but compared to these powerful ones, he was just a “weakling” like Christina said. There must be people more powerful than Broc and Chrstina. Even the Demon Overlord was not necessarily the strongest.

Chen Rui’s self-satisfaction suddenly disappeared without a trace, and it became an unwavering conviction to become stronger!

“This lady must be the most mysterious noble lady in the empire royal family, Christina.” Broc elegantly performed a noble’s courtesy. Compared to the fierceness and cruelty just now, he seemed to have become a whole other person. “It’s a pleasure to meet you, my lady.”

Christina also performed the noble’s courtesy in return. In a calm tone, she said, “General Broc, don’t you know that it is very rude to follow a woman?”

“It really is a bit rude.” Broc smiled slightly. “But as an admirer, the perseverance in my pursuit is excusable. I came in person to invite the lady to visit my mansion. I wonder if the lady will honor me with a visit?”

“Sorry, I already have a partner.” Christina glanced at Chen Rui. “I am afraid I have to refuse the general’s hospitality.”

“I find it hard to believe that my lady would choose such a useless man as a partner.” Broc gave Chen Rui a dismissive look. “Also, do you always lock your partner with handcuffs?”

“Don’t underestimate a woman’s jealousy. I am just afraid that he will escape to find another woman.” Christina calmly said, “If the general has no other business, please don’t hinder our personal affairs.”

Personal affairs? Handcuffed? Tied up? Chen Rui was a little overwhelmed by Christina’s bold words.

“My lady really is extraordinary.” Broc’s eyebrows furrowed slightly. “My private matters end here. As the general of the empire, I think there is a need to ask my lady about business affairs. You are the one who killed my subordinates I sent to protect my sister.”

“So it was the general’s subordinates who prevented me from completing the task of Her Majesty Catherine. My expedition this time was specially approved by the Queen. Could it be that your subordinate’s disobedience to Her Majesty’s orders was not in self-interest, but it was originated from the general’s interests?”

“Did Your Majesty order you and a man to come to such a place to do something scandalous?” Broc sneered; his words became harsh.

“There is nothing scandalous about this. My royal family is more developed than the other royal families in the aspect of relationship,” Christina said generously, but the next sentence was targetting him, “I heard that General Broc hunted down his own sister and forced her to marry an old finance minister for some unknown motive?”

“This is my family matter! I don’t need an outsider to be asking so much!” Broc’s facial expression gradually grew darker. “My lady, you killed my subordinates for no reason. You must give me an explanation.”

“I have a warrant from Her Majesty for this expedition. Do you want to disobey Her Majesty’s orders?”

“Where is the warrant?”

“I have given the power of attorney to Delia to handle the affairs of Town Leia. However, here is the royal ring from Her Majesty, so I am allowed to play it by ear.” Christina raised the ring on her right middle finger.

“I am a soldier, but I haven’t heard of any royal ring. I will only obey the warrant signed by Her Majesty!” Broc’s voice suddenly became menacing, and the surrounding mist began to gather rapidly. “Well then, I have no choice but to forcefully bring Lady back to the capital for clarification in front of Her Majesty Catherine.”

As soon as the words came to an end, thousands of troops suddenly materialized from the mist, heading towards Christina uniformly. Christina quickly drew a circle with both hands, substantial ripples forming in the air. The troops were spun by these ripples, suddenly returning to their original mist form.

“<Element Weakening>?” Broc’s fog army was destroyed, but he did not seem moved at all. He praised her, “My lady is very talented, she even awakened the natural talent of the Asmodeus Royal Family to such a degree! Unfortunately, my lady’s strength is still weak. Although you are very close to the level of the Demon Emperor, and the finesse of your power control is impressive. Unfortunately, I have fully grasped the power of the Demon Emperor. You will soon experience the absolute gap between these two.”

As expect, it is Demon Emperor level! Chen Rui was shocked. He was surprised not only by Broc’s power, but also by Christina’s. Because he knew that Christina’s strength had dropped one level after taking seven aura fruits. In that case, Christina’s original strength…

Anyhow, Christina was in a state of weakness, and it was very dangerous to face Broc who was at his best.

A four-meter-tall, square metal suddenly appeared in the air, falling toward Broc’s head. Broc’s body flickered and he had already appeared at the back. The metal sunk half of its size into the soil and the ground of the entire forest shook, proving its enormous power. Chen Rui was grabbed by Christina and brought to a safe area earlier.

As if the metal was alive, it rose from the soil and quickly turned into a five-meter-tall humanoid in the air. There were no other organs on its face except for its eyes, and its body was engraved with various strange symbols, emitting a cyan light . Before the metal man touched the ground, he soared upward and whizzed towards Broc. Its movements did not feel clumsy despite its huge body, but instead, it looked incredibly swift.

Chen Rui was dumbfounded. Gundam? No! Transformer? Not that either! The Demon Realm actually has such a thing!

“War Puppet? As expected of Christina, you even awakened the strongest talent of the Asmodeus Royal Family!”

Like a living warrior, the War Puppet launched a powerful offensive attack against Broc. The ground continued to tremble slightly, and the trees that were in its way were uprooted one by one. The ground was full of huge potholes. Even at a distance, one could feel gusts of strong airwaves. It was the first time Chen Rui saw a fight of this magnitude. He could only watch dazedly. If it were him at his current strength, he would probably get instantly killed by the War Puppet.

Despite the terrifying power of the War Puppet, Broc dodged it easily without receiving any damage. After dodging for a while, Broc seemed to become a little impatient, and he stopped dodging. He opened his right hand and thrust it through the air. When the huge War Puppet was about ten meters away from Broc, it was as if it encountered an invisible barrier. Its swift movements began to slow down suddenly.

Broc’s body shook slightly. His blue eyes changed to black. The War Puppet’s speed was getting slower and slower, and when it was about three meters away from Broc, it could no longer move forward. Its metal body began to tremble slightly, seemingly withstanding a tremendous pressure.

Broc grunted. He suddenly appearing above the War Puppet. His body dove straight down; both his feets landing on the War Puppet. With a click, a huge pit a dozen meters wide appeared, and half of the War Puppet’s body sunk into the soil at the center. It couldn’t move for a moment. The War Puppet did not feel any pain, still struggling to release its body and continuing its attack.

Both of Broc’s fists moved at once. Only a vague blurriness could be seen in the air. It was unknown for sure how many punches he hit; only the sound of densely-packed, high-speed impact could be heard. The depth of the central pothole increased rapidly.

When Broc stopped, the five-meter-tall War Puppet turned into a distorted piece of metal. There were even metal fragments scattering around it. It was nothing at all like the humanoid from before.

Broc suddenly frowned. He jumped out of the pothole, but Christina and Chen Rui had already disappeared.

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