Devil’s Son-in-Law

Chapter 137 - Spy

Chapter 137: Spy

The next morning, Aguile appeared in the arena’s registration hall at the agreed transfer time.

Waiting for him were the three Higher Demons under the Joseph – Royce, Arux, and Vasasha.

Compared to yesterday, Arux seemed more energetic, but due to the exhaustion of strength, he was still a little weak. Feeling that the strength from Chen Rui seemed to have not weakened at all, but it enhanced instead, Arux looked a little bit surprised, but he didn’t say anything.

“Mr. Aguile, Sir Joseph would like to talk to you before you take over the arena. However, he is now dealing with some matters in the Red Spirit Estate, so please allow me to use the magic communication talisman to contact him.”

Chen Rui heard the news of Joseph’s absence from Royce yesterday. He deliberately looked around at that moment. Royce understood and said, “Rest assured. There is no one here other than the four of us.”

Chen Rui glanced at the expressionless Vasasha, then he looked at Royce again and nodded.

Vasasha’s beauty was superior, but there was still some distance as compared to Athena. Yet, Royce was very attached to this woman.

Royce took out a magic communication talisman, cast his power slightly and placed it on the table.

The magical communication talisman emitted a beam of light. Soon, it seemed to have connected to the “internet”, then Joseph’s figure appeared in the beam.

Last night, Royce should have contacted Joseph. Joseph was still in his usual smiling look. He nodded at Chen Rui, “First of all, congratulations, Mr. Aguile. In just two months, you leaped from the initial Intermediate Demon to Higher Demon and defeated the strongest Higher Demon under me, creating an amazing miracle.”

Miracle your ass! If this nasty-nice tiger knew that under this mask was the human that he desperately tried to kill, his expression would definitely be hideous. Chen Rui sneered secretly and said, “For me, it wasn’t an amazing miracle. It was just lifting some seals on my body and defeated a low-level opponent that didn’t matter.”

Listening to Chen Rui’s description, Arux clenched his fists tightly, but the fact was that his strength wasn’t as good as Chen Rui, so he couldn’t refute. Judging by his opponent’s current strength, even if they fought again, his win rate was still very small unless he could break through that limit!

“Some seals?” The smile on Joseph’s face looked more intense.

“Let’s not talk about this.” Chen Rui avoided the topic. “It seems to me that Sir Joseph shouldn’t only congratulate that I defeated Arux. According to the agreement, this arena should be mine.”

“It’s just an agreement between you and Arux, but I can acknowledge it.” Joseph laughed and said, “However, regarding to your promise with Royce before this, are you acknowledging it?”

Chen Rui didn’t speak and seemed to be thinking. Then, he said, “I’d naturally keep my promise for what I’ve said. I’m willing to help Sir Joseph, but whether our relationship is cooperation or either one of us has dominance, we must wait until we formally meet before making a decision. Perhaps sir might be a good middle-tier opponent.”

The high, middle and low tiers were heard from Paglio last night and he immediately made use of them. When Joseph heard the words “middle-tier opponent”, there was a weird brilliance in his eyes, “That’s great, regardless of the nature of the relationship, I’m expressing a warm welcome. The arena is officially entrusted to you to manage. I’ve authorized the documents to Royce, so you can sign the transfer documents with him.”

Chen Rui nodded and glanced at Arux, “I have to train for a while to further break the seal on my body. I wonder if I can leave the arena’s affairs to the loser to take care?

“I heard that Arux lost your life to you, so it’s your authority.” Joseph said calmly. “The rule of this world is that the winner is the king and the loser can only be stepped beneath the feet.”

The knuckles of Arux’s clenched fist had turned white. Chen Rui saw it, laughed and said, “So… I’ll publicly break off the relationship with Princess Royal, Shea and announce our partnership.”

“I believe it’ll be a major blow to Princess Royal.” Joseph also laughed, “However, I think that staying by her side will be more useful to us in the future. Isn’t your Cloak Gang a reserved forces of the imperial guards? This is a wonderful identity with plenty of room to play with.”

“Sir Joseph is indeed smart.” The proposal was exactly what Chen Rui wanted. He acted like there was something concerning and said. “However, if this is the case, the arena might be returned to Princess Shea. This should’ve been my trophy.”

Joseph praised, “Smart! The arena is originally hers. It’s just that her father lost it to my father, Josh during a Sky Battle. Your vision should be a little further. If we cooperate successfully, the arena alone is nothing. I still have a lot of resources in the Dark Moon. If you need them, I can provide them indefinitely. However, everything will have to wait until I return to the Dark Moon. I should’ve been able to return these few days, but something unexpected happened, so it might take a while before I can return. It’ll take the shortest by half a month and the longest by a month.”

“Okay! I’ll be back as soon as possible to meet up with you.” Chen Rui deliberately expressed a moving tone. He faintly guessed in his heart that the unexpected thing that Joseph mentioned was probably related to Barnacle’s “heroic battle record” at Town Leia. Barnacle was Joseph’s subordinate. Therefore, being able to continue dragging Joseph into the internal fight with Kanita at Red Spirit Estate and even further intensifying it, it was considered as an unintentional success by Chen Rui.

“Then… I look forward to our official meeting.” Joseph smiled slightly, his figure faded away and disappeared without a trace.

Behind the mask, Chen Rui was also smiling. The greatest espionage had successfully began.

Royce came up with a magical document about the handover of the arena. After the two parties signed it, the handover was considered complete.

Chen Rui said to Arux, “Arux, you heard Sir Joseph just now. You are still responsible for the arena’s affairs, but you must be clear that I’m the true master of the arena.”

Arux’s blood-red pupils full of anger stared at the eyes in Chen Rui’s mask. Chen Rui said indifferently, “If you can’t afford to lose, you can leave immediately. I won’t stop you.”

Arux snorted, but didn’t leave. He sat down on the sofa, took out a bottle of alcohol and started drinking without saying a word.

“If there’s nothing else, I think I won’t send both of you off.”

Royce and Vasasha looked into each other’s eyes and left. When they reached the entrance of the arena, Royce said, “Vasasha, if you’re free, how about a drink?”

“I’m busy.” Vasasha said with a poker face.

Although Royce asked that on purpose and the answer was expected, a gloom still appeared in his eyes, “Then I’ll go and drink with Arux.”

“Whatever.” Vasasha said one word, turned around and left.

Royce sighed and went back to the arena.

After Royce went back to the arena, Vasasha paused a little, then quickly moved forward.

In the hall, Chen Rui took out a bottle of Miao Fruit Wine and threw it to Arux. “This is a specialty of the Dark Shadow Empire. Try it.”

“Stop playing tricks.” Arux took the bottle without thanking him, “After two months, I will challenge you again. Do you dare to accept?”

Chen Rui didn’t agree immediately, but asked, “You seemed to have touched the feeling of Demon King a little yesterday.”

Arux’s attention was suddenly focused, and he sneered, “That’s right. If I broke through to Demon King level yesterday, the one dying must be you.”

“Reality is reality, there aren’t so many ifs.” Chen Rui said something really tempting. “However, I can make your if into reality.”

Arux’s ears moved suddenly, “What are you saying? You can make me a Demon King?”

“You think someone that used only 2 months to reach the peak of Higher Demon from early Intermediate Demon can’t do that?” Chen Rui smiled slightly.

“Maybe I should believe.” Arux’s eyes were flashing, “What’s your condition?”

At that time, Royce’s figure appeared in the hall. Arux looked at the returned friend strangely. Then, he heard Chen Rui said something surprising, “The condition is to submit. Submit. True submission, unlike how Royce and you submit to Joseph.”

“How do you know?” Arux responded immediately, “Royce, what did you tell him?”

Before Royce spoke, Chen Rui threw something over. “Royce, this is for you. With your knowledge, maybe I don’t need to tell you what it is.”

Royce caught it and took a look. It was just a red round fruit with a hard shell, covering in strange pattern. The fruit exuded a faint breath, and it seemed to contain a magical power within. “This fruit looks like…” Royce’s eyes dilated and his hands were trembling. His usual calmness and wisdom seemed to have disappeared instantly. He murmured, “No, it’s impossible.”

“Nothing is impossible. This devil fruit is yours now.” Chen Rui affirmed calmly. Royce’s lost of control was expected, even Athena was the same previously.

“Devil fruit!” Arux stood up suddenly and stared at the fruit in Royce’s hands with his breathing became quicker.

It’s actually the devil fruit! This fruit can greatly enhance the potential of demons, increasing the possibility of breaking the limit several times. There’s still a very small chance to obtain additional special abilities! This is the most important, priceless treasure of the demons! There are countless demons that know the effects of the devil fruit, but only a few can truly obtain it.

The value of this fruit is immeasurable. If it was taken outside, it might cause an unimaginable conflict. “Aguile” actually gave it to Royce casually!

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