Devil’s Son-in-Law

Chapter 118 - Threat And Compensation

Chapter 118: Threat And Compensation

When Chen Rui first came into contact with the noblewoman of the Dark Shadow Royal Family, he felt that her intelligence was extraordinary; she was a difficult opponent. As the conversation went, his heart became more and more surprised. He could only use the word “god-like” to describe his opponent’s wisdom. Despite the ambiguous veil, he could feel the depth and quietness of those eyes, as if his everything was seen through.

Seeing that he had been silent, the noblewoman said, “Mr. Richard seems to be quite vigilant toward me. Actually, I don’t have the power of Delia to pry into your mind, but when you were unconscious, I recognized the ring of the Lucifer Royal Family. Your luck is indeed bad. Since the Belphegor Royal Family has fallen, there are fewer and fewer people in the Demon Realm who know about the secret treasure, Dark Will. I happen to be one of them and you happen to be teleported to the front of my carriage. As a member of the Lucifer Royal Family, I understand your loyalty to the royal family and your motherland.

“However, you are also a wise person. Are you really not going to give any explanation to my assumptions?”

Chen Rui didn’t know the true origin of Dark Will personally. After listening to the noblewoman’s words, he realized that there seemed to be a connection with Roman’s Belphegor Royal Family. At that time, perhaps Roman suspected him because of that.

This noble girl had no the Eye of Incubus, but she was undoubtedly scarier than the Eye of Incubus. These so-called “assumptions” hit the critical spots except the last one about Lucifer Royal Family’s identity.

“Everything that should be said was all assumed by you. What else can I say?” Chen Rui sighed, “Giving more excuses is just embarrassing myself before your intelligence.”

“So, where are the devil pomegs now? Did you keep them with a secret method? This is your only hope for survival.”

“Didn’t you just said that the devil pomegs will be ineffective after leaving the fruit tree for 5 minutes?” Chen Rui seemed to recall that the Galaxy Garden only had the prompt where the tree would wither after picking the fruit, but there was no such thing. He immediately looked embarrassed,. “I’m not going to lie, but this is the first time I’ve heard about that.”

Immediately afterward, Chen Rui felt a slight murderous intention completely shrouding him.

This kind of murderous intention seemed bland, but it penetrated into his skin, bones, blood and even every part of his soul. He instinctively developed an unprecedented sense of crisis. As long as the opponent’s took an action with this murderous intention, he would be completely eliminated without her moving.

Perhaps due to the ancient runes seal, he had never felt this terrifying murderous intentions from the poison dragon, Paglio.

Certainly, Chen Rui wouldn’t just sit still and get kill. He quickly shifted the topic from devil pomeg. “Your hypothesis just now is strong, but there’s something that you got wrong.”

The murderous intentions slightly calmed, but it didn’t disappear. It was like a butcher’s knife that was raised high. When it was close to the neck, it was retracted again, but it still remained above his head.

Oh? Please continue.”

“I’m not part of the Lucifer Royal Family nor am I someone recruited by Shea. She doesn’t have the qualification.” Chen Rui took a deep breath as if he didn’t care about the “butcher’s knife” hanging over his head. He had to be even calmer at this situation. Fear, would only make him die faster.

Chen Rui’s tone revealed a sense of pride. “Shea and I are only in a temporary employment relationship. If I spare no effort to help her, she would be the Queen of Fallen Angel Empire already by now. Unfortunately, she can’t afford my reward. The Dark Will was my reward to help her accomplishing something. Under the blood-mixing secret arts of the Lucifer’s Royal Family, I became the owner of the ring. Thus, it’s useless even if you hold it.”

The wisdom of this noblewoman was too fearful. If she investigated further, it was likely that even his identity as the human mining officer would expose. Most importantly, the devil pomeg had already gone, so it was hard to for him stay alive.

Should I say: I’ll compensate you after the devil pomegs mature in the Galaxy Garden in 9 days.

The first thing Chen Rui needed to do was to confuse her so that the noblewoman lost her psychological advantage of being in control of everything. Later, he’d confuse her further to grab a trump card for his survival.

“Can I touch the ring again before I say something?” Chen Rui suddenly made a strange request.

“It will take at least 10 hours for this ring to activate again. It doesn’t matter if it is returned to you. However, I have to remind you beforehand that this magic house is a secret treasure left by a mechanic grand master. Thus, even if you activate the ring, you can’t teleport to the outside world. I acknowledge your wisdom, so I don’t want you to do something unwise.” The noblewoman said while reaching out her hand, handing the ring to him.

Mechanic grand master?It seems that I can’t use the Wukong grand master name this time. Besides, his woman is too powerful. If even my biggest secret is discovered by her, then it’s all over.

“Is it really okay to give it back to me? Thank you so much.” Chen Rui reached out with his shackled hand and didn’t touch the jade-like palm of the noblewoman. He only extended to the range where his storage warehouse could withdraw.

However, as soon as the ring returned to the storage warehouse, it suddenly disappeared and Chen Rui was taken aback. The voice of the lady faintly sounded. “I’m sorry. That was just a little mimicry trick. Before I get a satisfactory answer, I can’t return that ring to you.”

She said sorry, but she didn’t seem sorry at all from her tone.

Chen Rui felt that every move was part of his opponent’s precise calculations. He suddenly felt helpless.

“I know that after you make this weird request, weird things will happen. I didn’t expect it to be like this.” Behind the noblewoman’s veil, her eyes flashed with a strange light. “Your ability is very magical. The gold crystal shackles is a mechanic master’s masterpiece. Although it can’t be compared to a grand master, it is enough to suppress every strength including the bloodline of the royal family. I didn’t expect that it actually can’t control your ability.”

Able to limit all power including the bloodline of the royal family. No wonder this shackle can confined Star Power. Also, the storage warehouse is disabled. Fortunately, those pure aura skills aren’t restricted. As long as the timing permits, this masterpiece of a master will still be a scrumptious aura feast.

With this lesson from the ring, Chen Rui became more cautious. It was like facing a better chess player, he couldn’t let his opponent easily knew his intentions behind his moves.

Chen Rui didn’t think much about the little mistake he just made. In fact, this game of chess had just begun.

“I just wanted to show off a bit, but embarrassed myself in front of you. However, this test proved that your magic house cannot block my teacher’s power of space.”

The tone of the noblewoman revealed her slight shock, “Teacher?”

“My teacher possessed unimaginable power. Without exaggeration, even a Demon Overlord like your empire’s Catherine is no different from a new-born baby in his eyes. I have witnessed my teacher defeated an adult dragon with one hand and sealed it with ancient runes.”

The teacher that Chen Rui said was naturally drawn from what Paglio said about the mysterious powerhouse that sealed the poison dragon.

No matter how strong you are, it wasn’t as important as having a strong background. The Demon Realm was also a world of that based on backgrounds and family connections.

Impersonating as a billionaire’s or powerhouse’s second-generation would undoubtedly increase his chance of surviving a lot.

“Perhaps you don’t believe that Demon Realm hides such a powerhouse despite he has no reputation.”


“I believe that. The secret ancient records of the royal family recorded that the Demon Realm does have Demon Supremo powerhouse that is beyond the Demon Overlord. It’s almost equivalent to the existence of a Demigod.” The noblewoman was well-informed, and she actually didn’t suspect. Instead, she immediately acknowledged the existence of such a powerhouse. “However, I don’t believe that such a powerhouse will be your teacher.”

“Just now, I sent the Dark Will… Urm… the mimicry ring created by you to a special space made by my teacher. It is a special space that can only be used by my teacher and I; it’s called Magic Pouch. There is another thing. A trace of my soul is stored in some kind of container. As long as that trace is not destroyed, then even if you kill me now, I will be able to resurrect again. However, this process is quite troublesome as my strength will be fall back to Intermediate Demon.”

“I don’t want things to develop into such an uncontrollable situation eventually. It’s just that… if things go to such an uncontrollable level, both you and the Dark Shadow Empire will suffer an unbearable damage.”

The noblewoman’s knowledge and wisdom were unpredictable. He could only use unknown things to confuse her judgments and to further muddle through.

Chen Rui slowly stood up. “This is definitely not a bluff, my dear lady. My teacher has no interest in things like power and will not easily intervene in the normal order of the Demon Realm. There are only two kinds of things that he values most. The first is strength and the second is inheritance. It’s like the reversed scales of the dragons in the legend, once someone triggered it then the dragon will be furious [1]. I think, with your wisdom, you should understand what I mean.”

Initially, Chen Rui wanted to say that he had 7 Horcruxes, but after thinking about it, he simplified it into just 1.

The noblewoman kept quiet for awhile and said, “If you truly are a successor of an exceptional powerhouse, I do need to reconsider. Yet, first of all, you need to prove your identity.”

Chen Rui knew that the noblewoman only believed 1% and the reason should be his strange way of using the “Magic Pouch” to collect the “Dark Will”. Therefore, he had to further remove her doubts.

“So …” Something appeared in Chen Rui’s hand, “What about this?”

The noblewoman kept watching him. After she confirmed that he didn’t use any space equipment, only then did she unplugged the bottle and smelled it carefully. Finally, she was moved slightly. “Black potion!”

“True Wind Walk Potion. My teacher made it.” Chen Rui smiled slightly, “I forgot to say something.”

“Not only does he have great power, but he is also proficient in many aspects of miscellaneous sciences. Pharmacy is just one of them. However, as he himself said, he is too erudite and less sophisticated. Thus, he hasn’t been able to break through to the true god-like.”

“Too erudite thus less sophisticated?” The noblewoman seemed to be pondering. She actually didn’t take the bottle of black potion, but she returned it. “Black potion’s shelf life is 100 years. This bottle of potion is obviously effective, so it cannot be some kept collection. The grand master, Rosenberg has been dead for thousands of years. His disciple, Saman has stolen all the secret recipes and went missing. Is your teacher Saman?”

The appearance of black potion was enough to shake the entire Demon Realm. The noblewoman’s mind turned quickly and immediately associated it with the rumors of the potion grand master few thousand years ago.

Chen Rui shook his head and looked disdainful, “I don’t know the name of my teacher. I only address him as “teacher”. However, I’m sure it’s not the shameless Saman. Even if Saman became a potion grand master, does he have the great power to create a special space?”

The noblewoman nodded. Chen Rui was tactful, knowing that she finally slightly believed in the existence of this “teacher”. So, he went along, “I’m going to apologize for something. I’ve eaten all the devil pomeg, leaving only the fruit cores.”

“This is because my teacher once said a long time ago that he wanted to use the fruit core to attempt growing devil pomegs that repeatedly mature.”

“I was actually against the Scarlet Guards at first. After hearing the news of the devil pomeg, I temporarily changed my plan and seized the devil pomeg.”

“It’s all eaten by you?!”

When the noblewoman shuddered, Chen Rui felt that the murderous intention in the air suddenly became condensed, penetrating straight into his heart. He couldn’t help but tremble. It seemed that he took a wrong step again. Bragging as a second generation for so long; he even show off and threaten, but the fruit was still far important in the end. What effect does this fruit have that it was more valuable than black potions?

A slight carelessness and he would lose everything. Now, he was in grave danger.

“Do you really not think about the consequences?” Chen Rui knew that he couldn’t show weakness at this time so stood upright. “Killing me is not worth it. As long as my teacher’s devil pomeg experiment is successful, you can get more devil pomegs.”

“It’s useless. I have only 3 days left, so I can’t catch up with time. Besides, my mission this time is only to pick 10. It’s useless to have more.” The noblewoman slowly shook her head, “You don’t understand the significance of the devil pomegs, and you don’t know how much trouble you have done this time. If it weren’t for this matter and it was just about the chaos at Town Leia, you can say that your threat has been successful.”

“Are you saying that the loss of devil pomegs can influence the life and death of the entire Dark Shadow Empire?” Chen Rui didn’t expect the consequences to be so serious. The devil pomegs required about 9 days to mature, so it was definitely too late for the 3 days deadline.

“My lady, can I offer some kind of compensation? For example, black potion?”

“It’s useless, even the highest-level resurrection potion or longevity potion can’t replace the value of devil pomeg.” The lady’s tone was firm; there was no room for bargaining.

Chen Rui had to use his last trick, “I don’t know if this thing substitute?”

As he said, a red fruit with the size of a goose egg appeared in his hand. It was round and smooth like a gem. What made the lady more shocked was that this red fruit exuded a strange breath.

This kind of breath was a little familiar. She had experienced it on a devil pomeg fruit many years ago. She still had a fresh memory about it. The energy of this fruit was at least twice as strong as the devil pomeg!

The pervasive murderousness in the air finally dissipated gradually.

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