Devil’s Son-in-Law

Chapter 117 - Horrifying Wisdom! Mysterious Royal Lady

Chapter 117: Horrifying Wisdom! Mysterious Royal Lady

Although Delia’s words were still very cold, Chen Rui could tell that she wasn’t blushing him off. He nodded quietly and said, “Thank you, Delia. 3 months later, if time allows, I will come to the Silent Night Wetland to help. Although my strength isn’t as good as you and Roman, I have considerable knowledge on magic traps. Hope I can be of help.”

This “help” was kind of out of convenience. Actually, Chen Rui’s next plan was to go to the Silent Night Wetland to find Paglio’s treasure. The thing that Delia was looking for was probably in the collection of the poison dragon. The problem was that this forgetful dragon even setup the strongest self-destruction inscription within the treasure. Even if the inscription would be weakened every 3 years for some special reasons, the “self-destruction program” shouldn’t be treated lightly. In the event that Delia and Roman accidentally triggered that, then everything would be over.

“Hmph! That’s what that bastard said. I didn’t say that I would go after 3 months…” Delia still wasn’t very grateful. “You, on the other hand. If I know that you bully Athena, I will never let you go.”

“I wouldn’t dare. It’s always Athena who has been bullying me.” Chen Rui shook his head with a bitter smile. “You may not know, but Athena is already approaching the peak of Higher Demon.”

“Peak of Higher Demon!” Delia was taken aback. “3 years ago, she was only an Intermediate Demon at middle stage. Even if she’s a genius among the mutated bloodline Great Demon, it’s impossible to reach the peak of Higher Demon within such a short time!”

“I don’t need to lie to you. Based on her personality, she’ll most likely go to the Silent Night Wetland after 3 months too.” “No!” Delia said firmly, “What do you think Silent Night Wetland is? There are countless demonic beasts at Higher Demon-level, as well as Demon King-level, Great Demon King-level and even Demon Emperor-level! Even if Athena reached Demon King-level, she must not come to the Silent Night Wetland! Give this ice crystal back to her and tell her If she still wants to be my friend, then don’t come to meddle with my problems! As for a guy of your strength, you’ll just be a burden, so you’re not welcome either.”

Chen Rui received the ice crystal and didn’t say more. He understood Delia’s intention. Perhaps this was the true Delia; the friend of Athena.

The two were silent for awhile. Then, Chen Rui suddenly thought of something and asked, “You mentioned just now that this set of magic shackles is called the golden crystal shackles?”

Delia nodded and Chen Rui’s eyes lit up: gold crystal is one of the Demon Realm’s rarest treasures. Similar crystals with lower-quality include blood crystal, black crystal, purple crystal, and white crystal. Except blood crystal, other crystals like black crystal, purple crystal and white crystal are used as currency in the Demon Realm.

Chen Rui once converted blood crystals into aura. A small piece could provide more than 600 auras. Now, aura was secondary. The key was that this thing was convertible material. Since it was a material that can be converted, then this shackles couldn’t be called shackles anymore.

At that moment, the maid, Sally came out to report, “Madam, the Lady’s training is over. Knowing that the captive has woken up, she asks to interrogate immediately.”

“I see. You can go in now.”

Delia winked at Chen Rui, and the latter who expressed his understanding. He was more confident now – He secretly activated his <Aura Conversion> skill just now and the prompt to convert indeed appeared. It was only a matter of time to break away from the suppression of strength. The key now was to pass the “Lady’s” test first.

The power of this “cave dwelling” was very powerful. Even if Delia, who had Demon King-level strength, couldn’t leave this place without the permission of the “Lady”.

Delia took Chen Rui through the halls, several rooms and a corridor. There was actually a yard within, but the scenery in the sky seemed relatively fixed. In the yard, Chen Rui saw the noblewoman from the capital of Dark Shadow.

Delia had a veil that covered her face and revealed her eyes whereas this noblewoman’s entire head was covered in veil. The translucent tulle was made out of a special material. It was as if you could see the features subtly but could never see the features.

She was wearing a classic style tight waist robe. Although she was slightly shorter than Delia, her figure was more perfect like the golden ratio. Although her face couldn’t be seen clearly, she revealed a mysterious and noble temperament. Even the cold Delia seemed underwhelming before the Lady.

<Analytical Eyes> showed: Race: Lust Royal Family; Comprehensive Strength Assessment: Unable to Judge!

It’s actually unable to judge!

The strength of this Dark Shadow Royal Family noblewoman is at least at the level of Great Demon King!

So far, only three individuals were “Unable to Judge” in Chen Rui’s <Analytical Eye>; one of them was Paglio; another one was Shea; lastly, this noblewoman from the Dark Shadow Empire!

Chen Rui didn’t dare to act recklessly since “Dark Will” had fallen into the opponent’s hand. Even if the gold crystal shackles were removed, facing a mysterious opponent who was at least a Demon King, there was no possibility of escaping.

“Delia, how did you get hurt?” The voice of the noblewoman sounded. Her tone contained a boundless calmness which made people ignored her beautiful voice.

Delia had already replaced the bloody veil, but she still couldn’t hide from the noblewoman. She had to answer, “Yes. The captive’s willpower is very strong. When I interrogated him just now, I was careless, so I suffered a little. However, I’ve already gotten some information. This guy is called Richard. He came from Town Leia and encountered a fight on the road…”

The noblewoman listened quietly and didn’t say anything; she just glanced at Chen Rui. Chen Rui felt that the eyes behind the veil seemed to have a strange power that penetrated straight into his heart. He immediately made his dispirited look more realistic and avoided looking into her eyes along the way.

“Lady, although I slightly underestimated him just now, this is my first time to have suffered from a man. Can you hand him to me later? I will let him have a taste of Madam Black Widow!” Delia’s charming voice contained resentment. Chen Rui knew she was intentionally covering, so he lowered his head even more cooperatively.

“We’ll talk about that later since we’re not in a rush.” The lady didn’t directly agree with Delia’s request. “Madam Delia, please go out of the carriage now and make Bob stop the carriage. Then, use the communication talisman to contact Town Leia to see if there’s any special incidents happened. Emma, ​​Sally, both of you can retreat for now.”

This noblewoman actually made such a decision! Although Chen Rui lowered his head, his heart was accelerating – Is this a coincidence or did she notice something?

After the three left, the noblewoman slowly approached and came to the front of Chen Rui.

“Richard, I will call you that for now.” The lady said lightly, “Since you say you’re from Town Leia, please tell me what happened at Town Leia. I forget to remind you that when I asked Delia to contact Town Leia, your heartbeat was a bit abnormal… Can you tell me the truth?”

The noblewoman’s tone was calm and nice, which was completely different from Delia’s coldness, as if she was treating a friend rather than a captive. However, Chen Rui’s heart was even more vigilant. Based on just a few sentences, it had already showed her scary insight and deduction ability. This noblewoman’s intelligence was not simple. It seemed like shecouldn’t be fooled easily by usual means.

“Since lady is so smart, I’ll just be honest. Some huge incidents indeed happened in the town. I heard that the Scarlet Guards launched a rebellion, then the old mayor sent the defense forces to suppress it. I don’t know about the details, but the town seemed really chaotic. At the time, I was about to leave the town. To avoid being affected by the rebellion, I quickly escaped. Yet, I was attacked by an unknown powerhouse on the way which almost cost my life. Lady, please forgive me for not telling the truth earlier. Since I just woke up and was shackled, it was inevitable for me to be vigilant.”

The noblewoman nodded, “Then, where are you going? I am familiar with capital city, so perhaps I can help you.”

Chen Rui knew nothing about the Dark Shadow Empire’s situation. In the face of this visitor from the capital, he obviously couldn’t muddle through. However, he had a flexible mind and quickly rephrased, “Actually, I am a demonic beasts hunter, and I has some knowledge on hallucinating potion and poison. My destination this time isn’t the capital city but Silent Night Wetland. There’s a wyvern nest there. I want to use drugs to trap one or two young wyverns for sale.”

At that time, Delia came in and whispered to the noblewoman. Chen Rui could guess even if he covered his ears that it was about the incidents at Town Leia.

“Madam Delia, thanks for your hard work. Your spirit has been badly damaged. Take this bottle of potion and take a good rest in the room first.” The lady’s words were very polite, but it brought an irresistible meaning. After Delia took the potion, she glanced at Chen Rui and walked out of the yard.

Although she was already aware of the great changes in Town Leia, the noblewoman seemed to be okay, and she told Chen Rui, “Go on.”

Continue to “fabricate”? This calmness made Chen Rui a little bit frustrated. He had to make a slight description of the Silent Night Wetlands that he obtained from Kegu and Mengda on the Silent Night Wetlands and wyvern nest. Then, he talked about the recipe for hallucinating potion and poisons, which sounded as if they were true.

“Are you done? So, let me first say a few words. Then, you can continue. Okay?” After the noblewoman waited quietly for him to finish, she sighed slightly, “You are very quick-witted, but you don’t have enough long-term planning. Surely, this might be due to the lack of time. I’m only asking you two questions. After you captured the wyverns, which merchant do you intend to trade with? What is the price?”

Chen Rui was speechless for a while. He really had no idea in this regard. He had been trying to direct the attention of this noblewomen to potions, which he was more familiar relatively. The noblewoman also showed interest but now he knew that she wasn’t moved at all.

“Next time, you have to choose a more familiar profession as an excuse, so you’d have fewer flaws.” The noblewoman patiently pointed out his flaws. “If you are a scout or a spy, I have to say that you really don’t qualify. Therefore, you shouldn’t be a spy.”

“Now let’s talk about the incident in Town Leia.”

Chen Rui’s heart tightened. The mysterious noblewoman waved her hand and a chair appeared at the back of Chen Rui, “Please sit.”

Such “courtesy” made Chen Rui even more uneasy, but he still sat down.

The noblewoman continued, “The changes in Town Leia surprised me. The devil pomeg tree was destroyed; the mayor, Kander died; the defense team captain, Ross died; the Scarlet Guards were almost obliterated. We can… look at this as an interesting plot. Now, I’ll assume that you are the one behind this plot. Don’t be nervous. I’m just assuming. There’s actually a lot of loopholes in this plot. The reason why it is interesting is because of the effect it ultimately achieved. The difference in time and the grasp of timing were amazing. Even if someone finds something wrong, they would still be lead by the the serious consequences. For example, the mayor, Kander’s biggest weakness is the devil pomeg tree. Although there are some details that I can’t figure out, I’ve to praise you for doing such a good job.”

“Miss, I am not …”

“Don’t worry. I’m just assuming only. You are just a demonic beasts hunter who is proficient in medicine. You came out of Town Leia and accidentally landed in front of my carriage, then you were captured innocently. How can the incidents at Town Leia be related to you?”

As the noblewoman spoke, Chen Rui’s heart became heavier – It seems I’m really unlucky for falling into this woman’s hands. Not only is her strength horrifying, but her intelligence is even more terrifying. He usually admired Shea’s imagination, but in front of this mysterious woman, that was just like a child’s play.

“Next, let’s make further assumptions.” The lady saw Chen Rui’s serious expression and she seemed to smile slightly behind the veil. “Why is the Scarlet Guards launching a riot? I don’t know much about Town Leia, but I’ve seen relevant information at the capital city. The Scarlet Guards is actually a force of the Red Spirit Estate. The purpose is to restrict the west route of the Dark Moon Estate under the order of the Regent Obsidian of the Fallen Angel Empire. I can’t think of any reasons for the Scarlet Guards to take the devil pomeg fruit. Even if the devil pomeg is extremely important to someone in the Red Spirit Estate; even if they have a secret method to maintain the fruit’s effectiveness that would’ve been ineffective after leaving the fruit tree for 5 minutes, such suicidal behavior is really not worth it. Is the fruit’s value really worth to disobey the order of the regent and even to become hostile toward my Dark Shadow Empire? “

Chen Rui’s back was already cold sweating. He just found out that devil pomeg fruit would be ineffective after leaving the fruit tree for 5 minutes. Fortunately, he picked and ate them one at a time. It seemed that as the noblewoman said, the plan that he thought was a complete success actually had such an obvious loophole.

“Who will be the biggest beneficiary from the destruction of the Red Spirit Estate?” Chen Rui almost couldn’t sit still for the noblewoman’s subsequent words, “I think … it should be that miserable Princess Royal at the Dark Moon Estate. I can’t help but feel a little admire to Princess Shea now. Under such adversity both internally and externally, she still managed to recruit talents like you.”

“I don’t have anything else to say for the time being.” The noblewoman extended her white-jade-like hand with a black ring in her palm, “Now, I want to hear your explanation, the Dark Will’s owner, Mr. Richard.”

The terror in Chen Rui’s heart was beyond description: This woman’s IQ is simply terrifying! Is it because the birds of a feather flock together. The Dark Shadow Empire not only have the first sage as their empress, but they also have such a wise noblewoman in the royal family!

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