Devil’s Son-in-Law

Chapter 116 - The Eye of Incubus! Delia’s Shock

Chapter 116: The Eye of Incubus! Delia’s Shock

Chen Rui was no longer that fragile guy who just fell into the Demon Realm. He had experienced countless trials and challenges of life and death in the training ground and actual combat. So, his willpower had long been strong and firm. Although due to his suppressed strength and the influence of the strange power of Delia’s eyes, he involuntarily spoke, but it was still the same answer.

“My name is Richard.”

“I’m from Town Leia and…”

Delia felt the tenacity of Chen Rui’s willpower. She sneered and the blue right eye gradually became darker; the power of that temptation became more powerful. Chen Rui felt that his consciousness was dragged deeper and deeper by a strong force toward the dream-like vortex. His willpower was also weakened in this sinking process. However, he still clenched his teeth and persisted while sweats kept falling from his head.

I can’t lose!

I must not lose!

Delia’s right eye had completely turned black and the magic light in the entire hall became dimmer. Within Chen Rui’s mind … “Boom!“, his soul seemed to have left his body. He was completely trapped into the creepy nightmare. It was like a fully stretched bow’s string that finally snapped.

Although Delia collapsed Chen Rui’s defense, she couldn’t help but be surprised. This guy’s strength had already been suppressed, but she never thought that his willpower was so strong that it could fight against the Eye of Incubus for so long! Besides, even if she had completely overwhelmed his consciousness, she couldn’t glance at his thoughts in his brain smoothly for a while. It felt like a vast ocean with an unapproachable horizon.

“Hmph! There is nothing that can resist the prying eyes of the Eye of Nightmare! Let’s see what’s your most memorable memory first!”

The glow in Delia’s right eye shone even brighter. Under the influence of that power, Chen Rui’s initial boundless consciousness gradually brightened up, but it was still very weak. Delia fully activated her Eye of Incubus, only then she could barely gather these rays little by little. Sweats were falling down her head. With her Demon King-level strength, she actually felt so strenuous.

The light gradually expanded and turned into a scene of a man and a woman hugging.

The man and woman hugged each other tightly before they slowly separated. The man was facing away and only showing his whereas the woman’s face couldn’t be seen clearly. With the full force of the Eye of Incubus, the scene slowly became clearer.

Although Chen Rui was muddleheaded, he still felt something peeping deep into his heart. His scattered consciousness tried to resist but the power of the Eye of Incubus was strong and special. In the end, his final resistance was still broken down entirely.

At that moment, a voice in Chen Rui’s head sounded, “Found an unknown mental force. Convert into aura?”

Under the dizziness, he subconsciously confirmed, “Yes!”

In Delia’s eyes, the scene of the embracing man and woman including the face of the woman became clearer. When she saw the woman’s face clearly, she was extremely shocked. At that moment, the entire scene suddenly changed. The scene became boundless red clouds. These fire-hot red clouds contained terrifying energy that could destroy the world.

Delia’s black Eye of Incubus suddenly reflected in red. Her soul that dived into her opponent’s consciousness was torn and devoured by terrible power that appeared from all directions. She screamed, took a few steps backward and her right eye was actually bleeding.

Immediately after, blood also spat out from her mouth and her veil was instantly red.

Delia covered her right eye that was painfully hurt; she looked disbelieving.

The Eye of Incubus was one of the Leviathan Royal Family’s powerful blood talents. It had an incredible power and in the Demon Realm, it was called… the “Devil’s right eye”. It was unexpected that the man in front of her could counter and reflect the Eye of Incubus when his strength was suppressed!

Even the “nemesis” of the Eye of Incubus… the “The Eye of Evil” of the Belphegor’s bloodline power was incomparable to this strength.

Chen Rui’s consciousness finally recovered. Looking at Delia in front of him, who suffered a huge loss, he knew that it must be the miraculous effect of the Super System’s converting power. It was a pity that his strength hadn’t restored, so he couldn’t escape or resist. It seemed that his opponent would definitely revenge or torture him.

Delia covered her eyes. She didn’t attack Chen Rui out of anger, but looked at him coldly.

After a long time, she suddenly asked.

“Who are you to Athena?”

Chen Rui startled as he realized that she still managed to peep into his heart just now. — Wait! Athena … Delia … Could it be …

Demon Realm had many people with the same name. Although Chen Rui had some doubts, he didn’t let his guard down. Perhaps, his opponent acquired Athena’s name from his conscious and used it to get more information.

Chen Rui thought for a moment and shook his head, “I don’t know any Athena, but I know a guy who is lustful and addicted to gambling and alcohol. Also, he looks quite languid. Do you know him?”

Delia’s body trembled, but she recovered her calmness almost immediately, “I don’t know this person.”

“He gave me this.” Her reaction reassured Chen Rui. He lifted the shackles forcefully and a diamond-shaped gem appeared in his palm, exuding a special coldness.

“Ice crystal!” Delia took the gem into her hand. “Hmph! Stop testing. That bastard doesn’t have this thing. What is your relationship with Athena?”

This is so coincidental. It’s really that Delia!

Chen Rui once imagined that Delia should be a warm and generous woman with a personality similar to Athena. He never imagined that she’d be Madam Black Widow. Besides, the identity of the Envy Royal Family… perhaps Athena didn’t know either.

“It really is you, Delia.” Chen Rui took a sigh of relief. No matter what, there was a little more hope to survive. “Since we’re friends, can you help me remove this shackles first?”

“The friend I recognize is Athena, not you. Even if you are Athena’s man! However, her taste doesn’t seem that great…” Delia said harshly with a rather cold tone as if Athena was her enemy instead of a friend.

Athena’s man? I like that title a lot and we’re basically almost there already. Chen Rui could see that despite her bad attitude, there was no more hatred in her eyes but a cold temperament.

“Taste is really subjective. There is a saying where everyone has their own liking. What I want to know is what did you see in my mind just now?” That was Chen Rui’s most worrying question.

“Hmph! Don’t be nervous. I only saw the scene where you were hugging Athena. This is your most memorable event. It seems you still have a little conscience.” Delia loosened the hand that was covering her eyes and coldly said, ” I didn’t expect your talent to be so unique that it could counter my Eye of Incubus and hurt me. Also, your space bracelet had been confiscated and there wasn’t anything extra on your body. Where did you get that ice crystal?”

“Since I’m Athena’s man, I still need to be somehow capable.” After Chen Rui heard Delia saying that she only saw that scene, he was relieved.

There’s no way to truly know someone’s heart.

Even if Delia was a friend of Athena, he wasn’t sure that he could be safe. So, he pleasingly said, “It was a misunderstanding just now. If I offended you, please forgive me … However, I truly met Roman. Just not too long ago, I still didn’t know the thing between both of you that time.”

Roman’s name made Delia’s tone even colder. “That bastard has nothing to do with me. I am Madam Black Widow from the capital and the widow of the finance minister.”

Widow? No wonder that languid, gambling-addicted bad guy has a preference for married women and even prioritize widows! They are such a perfect match. Chen Rui secretly criticized.

“About 3 months later, some bastard will go to the Silent Night Wetlands. This is what he told me personally.”

Delia wanted to say something, but was silent again. Chen Rui didn’t care about participating in the gossip of this pair of strange man and woman. He said, “Athena is now assisting Princess Shea ​​at the Dark Moon Estate. I have a very urgent matter and need to return to the Dark Moon Estate in 10 days. Delia, can you let me go?”

“This pair of gold crystal shackles is a magic item of a lady inside. I can’t unlock it. Your belongings are also in her hands.” Delia shook her head and said, “We were rushing toward Town Leia and you suddenly appeared in front of the carriage which almost shocked the horse carrying the carriage. Then, the Lady came out and ordered to bring you into the carriage and locked you with gold crystal shackle. After her training is done, she will interrogate you in person. Your injury is very serious; you have been unconscious for about seven or eight hours for now.”

“Carriage? I was in a coma for 7 to 8 hours?” Chen Rui smiled wryly. It seemed that he was extraordinarily unlucky that he was teleported by “Dark Will” to the front of a running carriage. “Where am I now?”

Delia nodded slightly, “We’re still in the carriage. This is also a magic item of that Lady. It is very powerful. Without her permission, even my strength has reached Demon King-level, I still cannot go out. It is truly fascinating!”

Chen Rui was taken aback. This huge hall and the rooms inside were actually in a carriage!

This isn’t a piece of space equipment but an actual living space! It’s the tiny seed that contains a saint’s home in the novel! Demon Realm actually such an amazing magic item!

“Who is that Lady? Where are you going?”

“I don’t know the Lady’s true identity either. I only know that she is a noblewoman of the Dark Shadow Royal Family. Her whereabouts have always been mysterious and she is greatly valued by Her Majesty Catherine.” Delia shook her head, “I was ordered by Empress Catherine to escort the Lady to Town Leia for something.”

Town Leia! Chen Rui thought of the “good things” he did in Town Leia and immediately realized: Delia and this Lady are the envoys that the Dark Shadow Empire sent to Town Leia to pick the devil pomeg!

The problem was that Town Leia was in a huge mess. The town’s mayor, Old Kander was poisoned to death; the devil pomegs were all eaten by him. Certainly, the fruit’s core was still in the Galaxy Garden. Delia and her party were destined to return empty-handed.

What he did in Town Leia was too big. Besides, Delia was just a friend of Athena and didn’t have a close relationship with him. So, he couldn’t disclose it. He had to slip away as soon as possible.

“The Lady spends most of the time on the road training behind closed doors. I am just her subordinate in this operation. Although we don’t have much contact, she gave me an unforgettable feeling. Later, when she interrogates you personally, don’t reveal that we know each other. Once you pass this test, I’ll find a way to get you out.”

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