Devil’s Son-in-Law

Chapter 115 - Winning the Bet

Chapter 115: Winning the Bet

A large amount of white smoke came from the fracture of the skull gem, and it actually cried like a living person. The faces of the two Barnacles turned pale; they cried as they held their heads. They even dropped the weapons in their hands. The two bodies gradually merged into one, but the figure continued to fluctuate; he seemed extremely unstable.

The scythe pierced into Chen Rui’s shoulder disappeared, leaving only the pole on his chest. He didn’t hesitate and condensed all his Star Power despite serious injuries. As he screamed, <Aura Blade> was launched continuously resulting in countless strikes within a few seconds.

The light on his hand gradually disappeared and the Star Power that Chen Rui burst out was almost exhausted. He panted heavily. If it weren’t for the characteristics of <Astral Form> and <Damage Absorption>, he would’ve been dead from the injuries. He grabbed the pole of the scythe, clenched his teeth and pulled out the scythe with blood splashing around. He had exhausted his Star Power with the barrage of attack. He felt weak, couldn’t stand still and finally fell to the ground. He reluctantly moved his body, drank a bottle of healing potion and finally stopped the bleeding.

The white smoke gradually dissipated while Barnacle’s body also stopped fluctuating. He asked with the last of his strength, “How do you know…”

The answer left Barnacle speechless, “I guessed.”

Chen Rui was so seriously injured that even a smile affected the wound. His eyes flashed with colorful brilliance: I win the bet for this battle!

“I don’t accept this…” Barnacle said a few words. Subsequently, his body suddenly split into several sections and fell to the ground.

Chen Rui understood why Barnacle couldn’t accept the fact. As a Great Demon of ordinary blood at Higher Demon level, it was difficult enough for him to barely grasp the power of Demon King. It was an extremely rare experience. However, he died here, and he was killed by an opponent weaker than him.

This battle was won mainly because of luck.

Chen Rui was literally gambling just now. The first time he saw Barnacle used <Cloning>, it was during the battle with Paulo and Larks. At that time, the situation was very critical, so Barnacle had no time to conceal and the skull gem shone at that time. Paulo and Larks didn’t pay attention but Chen Rui, as a bystander, acutely discovered that. When the arm of Barnacle’s clone was cut off and the two bodies combined, the skull gem shone again. After the clone that lost an arm combined with the original body, the damage was actually voided.

Chen Rui was already sure that Barnable’s <Cloning> was related to the gem at that time. Just now, when Barnacle was trying to activate his <Cloning> skill, he intentionally spun his scythe to cover up the gem’s light, which reaffirmed Chen Rui’s thought.

However, plans couldn’t keep up with the changes. Chen Rui’s original intention was to destroy Barnacle’s <Cloning> skill. He didn’t expect after the skull gem was destroyed, Barnacle’s injuries were still beyond his expectation. Thus, he made a spontaneous decision to kill this even with his heavy injuries.

If only Barnacle’s weapon were damaged, then Chen Rui would’ve to activate the “Dark Will’s” <Teleportation>. Since he somewhat broke his opponent’s most powerful skill, he’d have more confidence in the subsequent battle.

A breeze blew toward him and Chen Rui felt a little dizzy. The strength that relied on his will gradually dissipated after defeating his enemy; he could no longer focus.

The injuries this time were heavier than the battle with Mikas outside of Dark Moon back then. After advancing to the Mizar state that time, it was mainly the wound his chest and some traumas. Now, it was both internal and external. Besides, he lost a huge amount of blood. Even if he drank a healing potion, it could only stop the bleeding, but couldn’t replenish the blood.

Chen Rui’s vision began to blur gradually and a strong sleepiness struck continuously, leaving him no strength to even hide Barnacle’s corpse.

The place where he fought Barnacle was very close to the main road. The sky was bright already. Thus, if he stayed there, he’d definitely be found by someone. Not only was he in the Demon Realm, he was also in the unfamiliar Dark Shadow Empire. So, he didn’t expect he’d have the luck to bump into any kind demon.

The moment before he went unconscious, Chen Rui activated… “Dark Will”.

Exhausted. I’m very exhausted.

When will this danger end, so I can live a truly peaceful life?

Is my wish now still the same as before… going back to the Earth?

It seems like I haven’t felt actual sunlight for a long time in my memory…

Is there also warm sunlight on the Earth in this dimension?

Within the blur, he seemed to see Athena.

A painted face that was a little funny with a bright light behind her.

It turns out that sunlight is always around.

Wherever she is, warmth follows.

Wherever she is, sunlight follows.

Not knowing how long it had passed, Chen Rui opened his eyes.

His first reaction was surprise.

All of his limbs were bound with a translucent, dark gold shackles. It faintly displayed a series of complex symbols, as if it was naturally-formed texture. That should be some kind of refined magic array. This pair of shackles had special power which suppressed his Star Power, so he basically lost his combat power.

Actually, even if he wasn’t shackled, with Chen Rui’s injuries, his strength had greatly weakened. He tried using his strength and found out that the magic shackles restricted his Star Power, but couldn’t restrict his Aura skills, such as <Analytical Eyes> and <Camouflage>. His appearance still maintained the appearance of “Chen Rui on Earth” under the effect of “<Camouflage>”. However, he didn’t know how much auras were wasted during the coma.

Chen Rui remembered after beheading Barnacle and before passing out, he activated the <Teleportation> of the Dark Will to avoid being found. However, this time the goddess of fortune didn’t take care of him. Instead, he was possessed by the god of misfortune as he was discovered and imprisoned.

To make things worse, the escaping ring, “Dark Will” on his left hand’s ring finger was gone!

This is a huge trouble.

Chen Rui carefully examined his surrounding. Currently, he was in an enclosed hall with bright magic lamps installed on the walls on both sides. He couldn’t tell if it was day or night. There were two veiled maids beside him. When they saw him waking up, one of them said, “Sally, this guy is awake. Go and report to Madam Delia.”

Sally assented and immediately turned toward the inner hall. <Analytical Eyes> showed that the race of the two maids were Great Demon and their strength was at Higher Demons.

These two maids were in human form, which meant they were Great Demons with mutated bloodline. Besides, they were both Higher Demon even though their identities were just maids!

Chen Rui sat up and probed, “Excuse me, where is this place?”

The maid said coldly, “Don’t bother speaking nonsense; you don’t have to ask any questions. When madam comes in, you just have to answer honestly, then perhaps you can save your pitiful life.”

What kind of demon is this madam? Even her servants are mutated Great Demon at Higher Demon level!

Chen Rui was completely unfamiliar with the Dark Shadow Empire. Now that the Dark Will fell into the hands of his opponent and his strength was suppressed, he had to think of surviving first.

Soon, he heard footsteps and a woman appeared before Chen Rui’s eyes.

The woman was slender and her skin was fair. Her blue hair was tied as a bun at the back of her head. Her face was covered with a veil and only her beautiful blue eyes could be seen. Her tight-fitting clothes that weren’t revealing managed to fully display the important, curvaceous part of the body. Every actions of her exuding an alluring charm.

The data shown in <Analytical Eyes> was: Envy Royal Family; Comprehensive Strength Assessment: C; Physique: Unknown; Strength: Unknown; Spirit: Unknown; Agility: Unknown.

Envy Royal Family! Demon King-level powerhouse!

The ruler of the Dark Shadow Empire was the Asmodeus Family… the “Lust” Royal Family, such as the first beauty Catherine Asmodeus the Great rather than the “Envy” Royal Family with the family name of Leviathan!

Like Roman’s “Sloth” Royal Family, the “Envy” royal family that once ruled an empire was long gone. It seemed that this madam was a descendant of the Envy Royal Family. She attached to the Dark Shadow Empire for survival.

“Madam.” The maids bowed.

“Emma, ​​put him on a chair. Then, go in to protect the madam with Sally. Remember, unless the madam comes out by herself, you can’t leave or disturb under any circumstances.”

Emma assented and pulled Chen Rui up onto a chair. Then, she bowed and walked to the back of the hall.

After Emma entered, the madam’s eyes fell on Chen Rui.

“Do you want to die quickly or being tortured slowly to death?” A slightly husky voice sounded. Along with the charming temperament, it gave a special sexiness. Yet, the meaning from the words sent chills down the spine.

Chen Rui smiled bitterly. She just seemed so polite to put me on the chair, now her first sentence is to take my life?

“I want to live.”

The madam suddenly laughed, but within her sexy laughter, it was filled with coldness and hatred.

“Let me introduce myself. My name is Delia. Many people in the capital address me as Madam Black Widow. Do you know about the black widow in the Demon Realm? When it comes to the males, even if they are mates, the female black widow can still eat them without hesitation. Therefore, I generally don’t like to keep men alive.”

Chen Rui knew he hadn’t met her before, so he didn’t understand where did the inexplicable hatred came from. Does she hate all men? Vicious and cruel. She’s indeed like her name, Madam Black Widow.

Demon King-level strength was indeed scary, but the hatred was even scarier.

Chen Rui was secretly shocked, but he didn’t have the time to think about that. His priority now was to survive from this strange, terrifying woman.

Survive first before thinking about other things.

“Yet, you’re lucky today because I’m in a good mood…” Delia’s eyes regained a touch of flattery. “So, now, be honest then perhaps you can really survive. “

Now, he had no choice. Although Chen Rui always had thousands of strategies in mind, he couldn’t use them for the time being; he had no choice but to nod his head.

“Your name.”

“Richard.” The name was nothing more than a variation of his name, Chen Rui as he didn’t dare to simply use the name, Aguile.

“Where did you come from? What were you doing?”

“I came from Town Leia, and I wanted to go to the capital city. I ran into a fight on the way, so I was being hunted and went into coma. After I woke up, I’m here.”

Chen Rui answered carefully. He felt that Delia’s voice became gentler and more intimate, as if a vortex filled with temptations. He knew that it was dangerous to enter into the vortex, but he couldn’t resist; he was gradually trapped like a moth flying into flame.

At this time, within Delia’s lake-blue right eye, a strange light was slowly glowing.

Chen Rui knew something was wrong, but his words had started to be free from his will. He gradually fell into the rhythm of his opponent.

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