Devil’s Son-in-Law

Chapter 119 - Silent Night Wetland

Chapter 119: Silent Night Wetland

The lady put on a very cautious expression… she cautiously took the fruit from Chen Rui’s hands. For a long time, she gave Chen Rui the impression of being a dried-up well that doesn’t have a ripple as if nothing could really shock her. Even if it was a black potion, her response was also relatively flat.

But when she saw the fruit, even through the veil, Chen Rui could feel how shocked and touched she felt.

This crimson fruit was naturally the aura fruit from the galaxy garden. Chen Rui initially thought of letting Athena have a try to see if there were any magical effects, but unexpectedly the first revelation was actually to this mysterious woman.

“What fruit is this? Where did it come from?” The lady’s excited emotions calmed down instantly, but Chen Rui could tell that the value of aura fruit was definitely not lower than the devil pomeg fruit. He never expected that people from the Demon Realm could use aura.

“This is called Jiu Tian Xuan aura fruit. It has the same special energy as the devil pomeg, and it is of higher quality. It is an ancient xenograft planted by my teacher, and is very effective for training, but there are only a dozen or so left in the teacher’s space.” Of course, Chen Rui would not tell the whole truth. In fact, there were forty-nine in his warehouse, and there were five trees in the galaxy garden.

“Jiu Tian Xuan aura fruit?” The lady seemed to be searching her memory for relevant information. Unfortunately, she found nothing.

She certainly couldn’t find it because even the name was made up by Chen Rui on the spot.

Chen Rui knew that the lady was still suspicious. Another aura fruit appeared in his hand. He opened her mouth and ate it. The overpowering fragrance and the rich aura finally led the noble lady to nod and ask, “Is this fruit like the devil pomeg that it must be consumed within a specified time? Is there any secret method required to maintain its effectiveness?”

Since it was never tested, Chen Rui did not know how long an aura fruit can be kept fresh in Demon Realm. He was afraid that the noble lady would get suspicious, so he replied, “Yes, the only way to keep it fresh is to put it in this Magic Pouch that the teacher set up.”

The lady returned the aura fruit to Chen Rui, putting it back to the “Magic Pouch”. She didn’t speak anymore, instead she was deep in thought.

After a while, the lady finally spoke up, but not to Chen Rui, “Mrs. Delia, please come over here.”

Delia immediately went to the yard. “Miss, is there anything you need?”

The lady took out a magic scroll and gave it to Delia, saying, “Mrs. Delia, Her Majesty Catherine bestowed upon me the responsibility for all matters related to this expedition. I now authorize you to immediately ride a carriage to Town Leia to deal with the matters that followed the turmoil. This is a power of attorney signed by Her Majesty saying that you can resume the role of the mayor and rectify the town defense. Please make sure to take control of the situation within one day.”

“Roger that.” Delia took the power of attorney and asked hesitantly, “Miss, what about you? Here is not too far from Town Leia.”

The lady glanced at Chen Rui. “Sir Richard and I suddenly have urgent matters to attend to. There is somewhere we have to go.”

Chen Rui was taken aback. What urgent and important thing? Why didn’t I know?

Delia was also taken aback. Wasn’t she supposed to allow “Richard” to carefully deal with this, then she would come up with a plan to help him getting away? Why does the lady suddenly decide to take “Richard” away?

“This Richa…”

“Mrs. Delia, this is my decision. Please implement it.”

The lady’s calm tone conveyed an odd prestige, which was not something that could be possessed by ordinary leaders. Even with Delia’s Demon King level powers, she could not resist her, only saying, “Understood.”

“Thank you for your service.” The noble lady nodded slightly. He did not see any movement, but the view in front of Chen Rui suddenly changed. The yard and the hall were all gone, and he was inside a carriage. Although the carriage was rather spacious, but it could not be compared with that courtyard from just now.

The noble lady put away the magic house tools and stepped out of the carriage. Chen Rui knew that he could not object and willingly followed her.

“Dear Mrs. Delia, do not worry about me. I will miss your wonderful Eye of Incubus, and… that wonderful body. Maybe one day I can taste more wonderful parts of Madam Black Widow,” Chen Rui said with a smile when he saw Delia staring at her.

After saying those words, two high-level demon maids suddenly stared angrily at him. How was the captive dare to tease the madam.

“Hmph! If you end up in my hand next time, I won’t treat you as courteously as the lady. I hope you survive until that day.” Delia was also a wise person. She knew that Chen Rui was afraid the noble lady would doubt her, so he deliberately bid farewell coldly. She bowed to the lady and ordered the coachman to drive the carriage.

“If it weren’t for Delia’s previous injuries, I would have thought that you two were friends.” The noble lady watched the carriage leave, deeply gazing at Chen Rui, “However, do you really want Delia? Perhaps I can help you.”

“It was just an exchange of words before leaving. That Eye of Incubus almost made me suffer a lot.” Chen Rui shrugged with a look of fear on his face. “What’s more, that woman self proclaims to be the black widow. I don’t want to be the male counterpart that gets eaten by her. So there is no need for the Lady to fullfil the latter condition or promise. I don’t know where we are going for the important matter?”

“Smart people should not ask such questions.”

As soon as the words came to an end, the lady suddenly clasped his shoulders. Chen Rui felt like a cloud rising in the mist. The surrounding scenery faded away in lightning speed, making him feel a bout of intense dizziness. He was secretly rendered speechless by the lady’s powers.

This speed even surpassed Paglio. Of course, provided that the seal was not broken.

The lady grabbed Chen Rui and galloped for a while, leaping into a forest and stopping. She listened closely for a while, and Chen Rui faintly realized that someone was following them.

A gentle humming suddenly came from behind the lady’s veil, and she suddenly disappeared entirely. Only Chen Rui was left in the forest. If he still had the “Dark Will” and could use it, Chen Rui would activate the teleportation without hesitation and leave this dangerous, mysterious lady. Unfortunately, the real ring was still in the hands of the lady, and there was still over ten hours before its next use. Even if he immediately unlocked the gold crystal shackles on his hands and feet, judging from the lady’s powers, he would not be able to escape.

Some time was required to convert the gold crystal shackles, and this was certainly not the best time. It was a trump card of his in order to escape. Before this, these shackles was a good cover instead.

A moment later, the lady immediately appeared next to him. Seeing that Chen Rui had no intention to escape, she said lightly, “You really are smart.”

“I initially wanted to ask who was following us, or if you already got rid of them, but thinking about it … I’m the so-called smart guy, so I didn’t ask much.” “You have already asked,” a faint smile seemingly appeared behind the veil, “However, you definitely cannot get the answer. Sorry, you can have a break now.”

Before Chen Rui had time to protest, he felt a strong impact on his head, and he immediately fell unconscious.

When he opened his eyes, he was already in another place surrounded by a large ​​shrubs. The ground beneath his feet was soft and moist. A thin white mist was in the air; visibility was very low.

The lady’s calm voice spoke up, “You’re awake? Your mental strength and physique are quite special. No wonder the Eyes of Incubus of the Leviathan Family have suffered before you. And your injury has recovered quite quickly; a serious injury like that is completely healed.”

“Should I first thank you for your compliment, then object to how you knocked me out?” Chen Rui rubbed his head hard. “Is it already afternoon? In the case, I was knockout for… one day?” “No, it will be three days soon.”

“Three days?” Chen Rui was shocked. I actually fainted for three days! Then there is only a little more than a week before Arux’s War Contract expired, but for now, I should try to survive first. This noble lady is at least a Demon King-level powerhouse, and the Dark Will is in her hands again, it will be very difficult to escape.

“Now, please give me Jiu Tian Xuan aura fruit.”

“Miss, how many do you want in total?” The lady replied, “It’s about the same as devil pomeg… probably about ten. Can you give me that much?”

Without another word, Chen Rui handed the lady an aura fruit. The lady didn’t expect him to not bring up any conditions. She hesitated briefly before accepting it. She already covered her body in a pale gray cloak. She turned around and ate the fruit.

After eating the fruit, the noble lady sat down. A light smoke emitted from her cloak. Chen Rui suddenly felt as if her energy had weakened.

After a long time, the lady stood up.

“Whether your teacher is a Demigod or not, what is certain is that he is definitely a grand master of botany. Although this Jiu Tian Xuan aura fruit is somewhat different from the devil pomeg, but in a sense this works more effectively for me.”

Chen Rui smiled slightly. He already confirmed that this noble lady was ordered to come and consume devil pomeg herself. Her identity was likely to be a royal talent cultivated by the Dark Shadow Empire Royal Family, and she might even be the future successor of the empress.

“For the remaining time, you will provide me with a Jiu Tian Xuan aura fruit every hour… or a maximum of two hours. After the final fruit, I will unlock the gold crystal shackles for you, and then I will return the ‘Dark Will’ to you. Do you think this is alright?”

The noble lady knew that after eating this one, she would still need the other party to continue providing it later, so she took the initiative to list some conditions.

“I don’t seem to have any other choice.” Chen Rui knew that she definitely needed more than one aura fruit. Just now he gave it to her willingly, but he also had a follow-up plan. He shrugged his shoulders. “However, I don’t want to receive any more mimicry-related games!”

“When the time comes, I will hand over all the fruits honestly, but my life cannot be guaranteed. So I will change the orders. I get Dark Will first, and in exchange for unlocking the gold crystal shackles, then I will give you the last fruit.”

The lady pondered and agreed to this request.

“Then, in exchange for the Jiu Tian Xuan aura fruit I gave you just now, can you tell me where this is?” A touching smile seemed to appear behind the veil. “Remember when we first talked, didn’t Sir Richard come here… with the ambition of becoming a demon hunter?”

Chen Rui immediately reacted. He said hoarsely, “Silent Night Wetland!”

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