Devil’s Son-in-Law

Chapter 1142: Qualification

Chapter 1142: Qualification

All the Glorious Knights (Light Knight and Divinity Temple Knight) looked at the 3 figures appearing in the light beams in amazement.

2 men and 1 woman.

All three were wearing pure white robes. The blond man in the middle, with almost perfect facial features, was Michael. The one with black hair and white eyes on the left was Raphael. The one on the right with long silver hair and closed eyes was Gabriel.

3 archangels!

These 3 highest beings, second only to Light God, are all here!

“I thought who it was? It turned out to be a mouse asking for death. How dare you be so arrogant…” Raphael glanced at Python contemptuously, apparently not recognizing this ‘unfamiliar’ woman, and he focused on Chen Rui with hatred. A dazzling brilliance shrouded his body as he was about to strike.

Python’s mouth curled slightly as she silently said 2 words.

The radiance around Raphael suddenly dimmed, and he fell down. He instantly stabilized his body again, then he said movingly, “Deprive might?”

“Python?” Michael and Gabriel sensed the familiar might at the same time, revealing the identity of the ‘strange woman’.

Murder intent flashed in Michael’s eyes, “Very good, I didn’t expect you to dare to come to the Holy Light Mountain. As a tribute to this courage, I will personally end the remnant soul in your body. This time, you will not have the same luck as last time.”

Python smiled without saying a word. She set his eyes on Gabriel. Although Gabriel did not open her eyes, Chen Rui could feel that there seemed to be some kind of hostiliy between these 2 women who should be the most powerful women in the main plane. There seemed to be lightning sparking between their gazes.

“The main purpose of our visit today is to trade.” Chen Rui looked at Gabriel, “Madam Gabriel, 3 years ago, we agreed to trade in the Black Prison Desert. Now I have come as I promised, when can we start?”

“The so-called trade is to exchange the Snow Dallet Trees for the Phantom Ice Spring right? I heard Gabriel say it before…” Michael sneered, “You have the courage to openly appear in this way, but you seem to have forgotten that it’s not a friendly trade between us!”

“There is no eternal friend, and there is no eternal enemy. As long as there are enough interests, friends can become enemies, and enemies can become friends. Since there are interests between us, why is there no trade?” Chen Rui calmly shook his head, “I don’t need to say more about the significance of the Snow Dallet Trees to the Holy Church. As for the grudges in the past… Compared with these, it’s actually just a small matter.”

“Small matter? You don’t deserve to say those 2 words.” Raphael said contemptuously, “You’re just a little mouse who was lucky enough to step into Pseudo-God. What qualifications do you have to negotiate a deal with us! Even Python, in front of us 3 archangels, you can only bow your head and be a servant – If we take you down, we will still be able to get the Snow Dallet Trees!”

“Gabriel, do you think so too?” Chen Rui frowned.

Gabriel had not spoken before. She replied calmly, “I also want to see how different you are from 3 years ago. Since you are the trade party, you must at least be qualified to trade with us. A woman with little tricks of poison is not enough.”

Python didn’t usually have sharp teeth and sharp mouth, but when she met Gabriel today, she showed a sharp edge, “A woman who closes her eyes and pretends to be deep, what do you want?”

“Don’t say that we, the 3 archangels, are bullying you with number advantage.” Gabriel raised a finger, “1-on-1 battle, you can choose any opponents. Within 10 minutes, as long as one of you still stands, I admit that you have this qualification.”

Gabriel’s suggestion made Michael and Raphael nod secretly. Raphael added, “1 more thing to add: not to leave the prescribed battlefield. I’m not in the mood to play hide-and-seek with a mouse who only uses space talent to escape.”

This sentence was clearly aimed at Chen Rui’s [Star Gate]. The 3 archangels had experienced the special effect of the [Star Gate]. Even Gabriel who had ’Saint Fighting Heart’ also could not crack it.

If Chen Rui dodged in the [Star Gate] for 10 minutes and then came out, no one could do anything.

Python and Chen Rui looked at each other, and Chen Rui nodded, “Yes!”

“If you lose your qualifications…” Michael said sensibly, “The Snow Dallet Trees must be handed over unconditionally!”

This was the home ground, the Holy Light Mountain. Even if Python’s soul who barely managed to find a body for fusion, it would be quite difficult to last 10 minutes in a head-on battle.

Chen Rui thought for a while, and he cast a soul contract in his hand, “Since this is the case, we will sign this contract!”

Michael glanced at the contract and raised his long eyebrows. Raphael and Gabriel also expressed surprise. It turned out that the contract did not require the 3 archangels to ‘unconditionally hand over’ the Phantom Ice Spring after the victory of Chen Rui’s side, but an ‘equivalent’ trade”.

The condition for Chen Rui’s side to win was that Chen Rui and Python each persist for 10 minutes!

The meaning of Gabriel’s words just now was very obvious: Either Chen Rui or Python meet the qualifications would do. Chen Rui doing this was equivalent to stupidly sticking his neck out to the enemy to chop. With the strength of Python, there was still a glimmer of hope. If Chen Rui was included, it was impossible to fight head-on against 3 archangels without activating the ‘space talent’.

Although Gabriel closed her eyes, she could clearly sense the contents of the contract, “‘If Party A fails, they will hand over the Snow Dallet Trees unconditionally’… Wait a minute, there seems to be a clause at the back?”

“‘If Party A is successful, the Phantom Ice Spring will be traded with the Snow Dallet Trees. in addition, when facing the most serious public enemy in the future, Party B must unconditionally form a united front with Party A immediately’?” Michael frowned as he galred straight at Chen Rui’s eyes like lightning, “What does this mean?”

Chen Rui looked at Michael without hesitation and said a word, “Abyss.”

Michael’s pupils shrank. After a while, he said coldly, “Hmph! Overbearing concerns! There is no problem with the seal of the Abyss. Even Sosbach’s main altar was destroyed by Raphael.”

Michael didn’t say a word. When that distant day approached, he, the chief archangel, should have become a god, so there was no need to be afraid.

“That main altar, I led Raphael to it. After that… I destroyed the main altar of Quilliana, which was the big explosion of the Mias Empire’s imperial tomb. Not only that, but the Despair Main Altar of the Demon Realm was also destroyed. In that sense, we at least have a common enemy.”

The 3 archangels were all moved. The 3 of them could see that Chen Rui was not just boasting about it. Michael quickly exchanged opinions with Gabriel and Raphael before he nodded and said, “Okay, deal!”

Forming an alliance against the Abyss is just a long way off. The most important thing at the moment is to recapture the 3 Snow Dallet Trees. Since the other party has set up this contract ignorantly, we just go along with it. If it is possible, we shall completely finish them off in this 10-minute battle!

As a result, the 5 people signed their names on this contract. The contract turned into 5 rays of light and entered everyone’s body as it officially took effect.

“The power of the Pseudo-God level is not trivial. In order not to affect those ordinary guys, let’s use this.'” Gabriel showed a model-like arena in her hands, ‘Ancient Arena’, the enchantment item, can magnify the power of the controller and reinforces the enchantment. We can determine the outcome of the battle here.”

With that said, Chen Rui felt that the surrounding scenery had changed into a large arena with a quaint appearance. The Light Knights and the 3 giant leaders of the church had disappeared, leaving only 5 people from both sides.

“You 2 choose your opponent. Since we have 1 more person on our side, the remaining 1 will channel power into the ancient arena to maintain the enchantment.”

“Then… I’ll choose first.” Python’s gaze moved away from Gabriel and landed on another person.

It was the most recognized powerhouse among the 3 archangels, Michael!

Michael had injured Python severely at the Holy Light Mountain. If it wasn’t for the space changes brought about by Chen Rui’s activation of the Tower of Glory, Python wouldn’t even have a chance to escape.

“Me? What an unexpected choice.” A hint of surprise flashed across Michael’s eyes, “Are you sure? Have you forgotten who ran for her life under the Holy Cross Sword back then. If it wasn’t by chance, you would have already been annihilated!”

“Haven’t you heard an old saying? You get up from where you fall.” A light flashed in Python’s indifferent eyes as if the fiery fighting intent was burning.

Michael’s tone was a little colder, “Your choice will make you never get up.”

“I remember someone saying something similar back then.” Python brushed her hair lightly, “It turned out to be his last words.”

Hmph!” Gabriel said this time.

“I’m not an overbearing idiot like Uriel.” Michael’s gaze was even colder, “This will be your last choice in life.”

Python smiled nonchalantly. Chen Rui said, “Since I have to decide who will maintain the enchantment before the battle, it seems that I have to choose 1 of the 2…”

Chen Rui’s eyes darted between Raphael and Gabriel, “Whether fighting or not, a beautiful lady is always pleasing to the eye. Then, Madam Gabriel… or should be called the beautiful Ms. Gabriel…”

Raphael seemed to have expected that Chen Rui would not dare to face him. When he heard Chen Rui say Gabriel’s name in a compliment, he immediately snorted. However, the second half of Chen Rui’s sentence fell into his ears, “Please maintain the enchantment.”

Gabriel maintains the enchantment?

“Another unexpected choice.” Raphael narrowed his eyes, “I promise that I will spend 10 minutes without letting you fall too quickly. You should thank the Snow Dallet Trees, otherwise it will be your last 10 minutes in life.”

“Your last sentence is repeated with Michael’s. Your vocabulary is too poor. It’s just these sentences over and over again.” Chen Rui looked at Raphael and made no secret of his contemptuous expression, “But don’t worry, no matter the victory or defeat of Python and Michael, you have a chance to fight.”

“When I beat you like a dog, I don’t know if you can still be so snobbish.” Raphael suppressed the rage in his mind and said coldly.

“Cut the talk. Let’s start the first round.” Python slowly walked off the grandstand and came to the center of the arena.

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