Devil’s Son-in-Law

Chapter 1143: Michael vs Python

Chapter 1143: Michael vs Python

“Stupid woman, actually courting your own death.” Michael instantly appeared across from Python, “Courage deserves recognition, but unfortunately you don’t have the Snow Dallet Trees as your amulet. I won’t give you any chance to get away with it again. I will finish you off in no time!”

6 pairs of golden wings appeared behind Michael. With a low shout, the breath all over his body instantly rose to an extremely terrifying level. Python’s hair and clothes were fluttering violently. Under the strong pressure, her body was pushed backward step by step.

The momentum that burst out alone made Python, who also had the strength of the peak stage of the Pseudo-God, unstable. It completely suppressed her.

It seemed that the outcome of this battle was fairly predictable.

“Facing a character like Python, Michael actually became serious.” Raphael shook his head, “It seems that I will need to battle before 3 minutes.”

“It’s a pity.” Chen Rui found a place where he could lean back and sit down leisurely, and he took a sip of the hardcover small bottle of fruit wine, “Whether it is your wish or Michael’s wish, it will be in vain.”

Raphael showed a disdainful expression. He was about to retort when his pupils contracted suddenly. Python’s hair, which was flying backward because of Michael’s breath, suddenly changed direction and fluttered forward.

Michael’s facial expression, who was confident that he could easily win, changed. He felt a powerful force coming toward him and resisted his breath. The 2 forces were actually… even!

The body of Python on the opposite side had already stopped moving backward, and a pair of black wings appeared behind her. A scorching light radiated from her dark red pupils.

“It really seems that the battle won’t end so soon.” Gabriel’s face looked solemn with closed eyes.

In the ancient arena.

The 2 huge clusters of energy were resisting each other. The terrifying lightning caused by energy offset was constantly being triggered around.

If it wasn’t at this arena, which was maintained by the peak stage of the Pseudo-God and was full of enchantment, but in an ordinary geographical environment, it would definitely cause a terrifying collapse no less than a regional earthquake.

The huge arena had only 3 spectators witnessing this fierce collision.

Compared to Gabriel and Raphael’s astonishment, Chen Rui seemed confident and was leaning on the arena leisurely with a small bottle of fruit wine in his hand.

The 2 power breaths that had been in a stalemate for a while suddenly disappeared, along with Michael and Python.

There was a dazzling golden light in the sky. On the opposite side were countless clouds of black mists lingering, and the center faintly revealed a dull red light. The 2 clusters of power collided again. Even the sky seemed to be split.

This was not the simple power breath like before, but a collision of mights.

The golden light could not penetrate the dark red power shrouded in the dark clouds. The black clouds couldn’t cover the golden light either.

Stalemate again.

“This should be Python’s newly merged body. It is actually stronger than her previous body.” Raphael saw the strangeness of Python’s body at a glance, and he said in amazement, “She can actually compete with Michael.”

“It’s not just the body that’s powerful…” Gabriel frowned slightly with her eyes closed, “This is a full frontal confrontation. The strength of this woman who plays poison tricks is much stronger than expected.”

Michael was equally horrified. Just a few years ago, when facing Python who had sneaked into the Holy Light Mountain, he had the upper hand without doing his best. At that time, Python was only a soul entity. And now, the sense of oppression that Python brought him had reached such a level!

This is by no means due to a simple body fusion!

Michael was the chief archangel. He was also the person who believed that he was the closest to God. Furthermore, this was at the home of the Holy Light Mountain where he could still maximize the use of light element power even in this ancient gladiatorial arena.

If he couldn’t defeat Python in 10 minutes, even if only Raphael and Gabriel, plus the ant, saw it, it would be disgraceful.

Michael took a deep breath, and there was a sword in his hand. The fiery red blade and the quillons were in the shape of a cross. It was the artifact, Holy Cross Sword. The sword danced like the sun and slashed toward Python in the mist.

Sun, Death.

This was the feeling of Chen Rui. Even if he was outside the arena, he could sense the terrifying power of that sword.

He had this feeling when he first saw Michael activate the Holy Cross Sword at the top of the Holy Light Mountain, but now Chen Rui was no longer the same as he used to be. There was no longer the irresistible sense of despair, because now he no longer had to look up at Michael.

Even in the normal state without activating the [Pole Star Transformation] or using the [Analytical Eyes], his perception could capture the battle trajectory of the 2 Pseudo-Gods in a special ‘calm’ state.

This technique, which could be called ‘eyes of the mind’, was 1 of the results of 2 years of training.

In this state, he could also freely face the Pseudo-God momentum released by Raphael without the [Pole Star Transformation] transformation, because the biggest enemy was not foreign objects, but himself.

The mind had the most initial and ultimate power. In the past 2 years, he had been exploring and discovering on the go in order to go beyond himself, but unfortunately, he didn’t succeed. He just comprehended the deeper mysteries of the [Purple Pole Star Transformation]. Especially after the fusion with the ‘World of Gods’, he had already touched the highest bottleneck, which was the bottleneck of the entire 6-star evolution.

The small me meets the big me, and I turn into the real universe.

This should be the future direction and the key to breakthrough and evolution.

Chen Rui’s current [Purple Pole Star Transformation] power had become more and more powerful, which was enough to compete with the existence of the peak stage of the Pseudo-God. If one day he could break through the 6-star evolution, he himself did not know what level he would reach specifically.

I don’t know if this day can really come. Maybe it will come or maybe it is impossible to achieve it in my lifetime.

If there is such a day, probably only the huge ‘corpses’ of the Chaos Realm will be the target of catching up.

A dark golden whip exuding black gas appeared in Python’s hand. It was the first time Chen Rui saw her weapon. Compared with the pressure of the Holy Cross Sword, this whip had almost no sense of existence. This was perhaps the most powerful point.


Just like its name, Shadow waved silently like ghosts.

Chen Rui could see clearly in his mind that the Holy Cross Sword turned into the countless lights of death and rolled toward Python with overwhelming force, but Python was like flying a kite, always maintaining a distance from Michael. This combat style was very difficult for Michael to deal with. He had nowhere to exert his power. Many of the Holy Cross Sword’s fierce killing moves were useless.

Time passed minute by minute, yet the battle was still in a stalemate. Michael was naturally reluctant to engage in such a tug-of-war with Python. Seeing an opportunity, his 12 golden wings spread out, and the nearby space was instantly frozen like a mirror.

No matter what secret shifting technique Python activated, she was bounced back as if she was spinning in circles. The distance was suddenly narrowed by Michael.

Michael’s space might!

The Holy Cross Sword shone brightly. Python could no longer dodge at this distance. Facing the full force of the sun of death, she suddenly smiled.

“No matter how deep the memory is, there will be a time where it will be forgotten. No matter how deep it is, it will never be owned forever.”

The red glow of death instantly dimmed, and the solidified ‘mirror’ around her quickly withered like peeled skin and could no longer function.

The might of Python’s [Deprivation] was far more powerful than when she was at the summit of the Holy Light Mountain. Not only the space imprisoned by Michael’s might was greatly weakened, but the power of the Holy Cross Sword as well.

Just at the moment when the Holy Cross Sword’s radiance dimmed, the long whip in Python’s hand was gone, replaced by a pair of black short daggers. The short daggers turned into countless blurred phantasms in the blink of an eye, encircling Michael at a super high speed.

Looking from a distance, the dark red light in the dark clouds quickly eroded the golden light, and the golden light gradually began to fade.

Michael sensed the terrifying offense that was cunning and ruthless. Even if he was proficient in swordsmanship, he was completely suppressed.

When did Python have such a powerful melee combat capability? Even just a few years ago, she was not like that at the summit of the Holy Light Mountain!

It turned out that this insidious and cunning woman had been tempting me into close combat!

With a slight distraction, Michael’s cheek had been scratched with a black bloodstain, and he suddenly felt a numbness. This dagger is obviously poisonous!


I’m actually injured! Injured by the daggers of this loser! Michael was extremely furious. The space around Python was solidified again, and her offense suddenly slowed down. Immediately afterward, Michael shouted, “[God’s Grace Like Sea]!”

Even for the peak stage of the Pseudo-God, it was quite difficult to continuously activate might in an instant, especially when switching might with a different attribute. Nonetheless, Michael managed to do this easily.

The originally dim golden light was instantly radiant, the black blood on Michael’s face quickly dissipated, and his wound fully healed – The seemingly endless sea of ​​light of [God’s Grace Like Sea] swept toward Python.

Python had just dispelled the solidification of the space might. Before she could react, the dark red light shrouded in black clouds was completely engulfed by the sea of ​​light.

At the moment when the light completely engulfed Python, the low female voice sounded through the entire ancient arena. Even the sea of ​​light could not isolate the voice that contained a strange power.

“The real cruelty and poison is human nature; it’s human heart.”

The sea-like light suddenly stagnated, and the end began to turn black rapidly. In the blink of an eye, all the sea of ​​light was dyed with a layer of jet black.

The jet-black sea quickly evaporated into smoke, and boundless black clouds spread across the center of the arena. The entire arena was trembling slightly, and cracks began to appear on the ground.

When Gabriel felt the great oppression in the ancient arena, she increased the channeling of might, and those cracks were restored.

“[God Deterrence Like Prison]!” Michael shouted loudly, and light beams appeared in the sea of ​​black clouds, quickly evaporating the poison power. They were still in a stalemate.

Raphael on the grandstand was secretly shocked. Aside from the melee combat ability, just now Python also switched from the deprivation might to the poison might at a critical period of time, instantly taking the upper hand and suppressing the opponent. If Michael doesn’t have superior strength and reaction, he would have been suppressed.

If I am facing Python now, I’m afraid that I also will be at a disadvantage.

This is the Holy Light Mountain, and it is the most active day for the light element!

When did this woman become so powerful?

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