Devil’s Son-in-Law

Chapter 1141: Visit the Grave

Chapter 1141: Visit the Grave

Holy Light Mountain.

Today was the official opening day of the pilgrimage. The White Cliff’s teleportation plaza was packed with throngs of devotees.

Looking at the Holy Light Mountain, which reached into the sky in the distance, the believers all had pious expressions on their faces. Some even worshipped after walking a step.

The Light Knights stood neatly on both sides of the passage and the plaza. It required a special Devotion Badge to enter the White Cliff. Generally, only believers who were recommended or had donated a certain amount could have this badge.

The function of the Devotion Badge was not as simple as teleporting through the magic Gate. There was also one of the most important functions, which was to reflect the degree of devotion to the Light God. Badges without faith would be detected by special detection items, which made spies infiltrating into the Holy Light Mountain inescapable, even enemies with super strength.

In the crowd of believers, the Light Knight soon discovered 2 special beings.

1 male and 1 female.

There was nothing special about the appearance or breath of these 2 people. They were just 2 ordinary people. If one just looked closely, their appearances seemed to be a bit vague. They always give people an ambiguous impression.

The reason why the Light Knights really felt strange was that these 2 people did not have any pious expressions or movements. Instead, they seemed to be indifferent as if this holy place of the Holy Church was just an ordinary place for peddlers and pawns. Moreover, they didn’t hide the ‘indifference’ at all.

The magic detection item showed that there was no Devotion Badge on the 2 people at all. No one knew how they passed the magic teleportation portal.

They walked forward like this, and the believers were left behind by a lot due to prayers and other reasons. The 2 of them were particularly eye-catching, but they continued to walk forward without bothering much. Even if they noticed that there were already a large number of Light Knights mobilizing behind them, they still remained the same.

The Light Knights had seen quite a few spies who had infiltrated the Holy Light Mountain, but this was the first time someone swaggered in like this.

This is a contempt for the Light Knight, and a contempt for the entire Holy Light Mountain!

After pulling the distance from the believers behind, the Light Knight Leader, Reis, gave an order, and the Light Knights who had already been in ambush immediately got into action, surrounding the 2 of them.

However, a strange thing happened. When the Light Knights rushed over to surround them, they found that there was no one in the encirclement. The 2 were still walking in front of them as if they were just 2 phantoms.

After such encounters, Reis finally felt that something was wrong. Up until now, the other party hasn’t even looked back. The strength of these 2 people is probably far beyond the level that we can match. No wonder they have such an attitude.

However, this is the Holy Light Mountain. No cultist can be so blatantly blasphemy!

Reis sent out an emergency signal without hesitation. The Light Knights at the sentry in the distance became alert too. The situation was immediately transmitted to the Heavenly Thunder Hall.

The current master of the Heavenly Thunder Hall was the ‘lightning swordmaster’, Zamindar who was also the commander of all Glorious Knights. After receiving the emergency signal, he immediately sent someone to report to Pope Vantis while he himself led the Divinity Temple Knight elites to the place where the enemies appeared.

When Zamindar arrived, the man of the 2 people suddenly stopped.

“Why?” The woman asked and stopped.

“Nothing.” The man looked at Zamindar in front of him, “I ran into an acquaintance.”

“Your ‘acquaintances’ here… should be quite a few right.” The woman smiled lightly.

“A little more than you.” The man also smiled.

“You 2, please stop.” Zamindar didn’t sense any special breath on the 2 of them, but the more so, the more cautious he became, “May I know why the 2 of you came to the White Cliff?”

“Worship the mountain(it means to visit the grave and pay respect to the death).” The man thought for a while, “This term may be a little unpopular. You can understand it as… a trouble-looking visit.”

“I have to say, the courage of the 2 of you is admirable. This is the first time I have seen a ‘guest’ who dared to intrude into the Holy Light Mountain head-on provocatively.” Zamindar said calmly, “But this feat also ends here. The Holy Light Mountain is the highest favored place of the Light God and cannot be violated. If you give up your resistance now, there may be a way out.”

“As expected of the apprentice of Glorious Swordmaster, you speak and behave like a general.” The man smiled, “Sir Zamindar, we are actually old friends. You really don’t know me?”

“Old friend? Now is not the time to bring out a relationship, let alone I…” Zamindar’s words came to an abrupt end because he saw that the man’s ordinary face had changed. The originally vague facial features gradually became clear and became a familiar face: a handsome young man with blond hair.

“This face, this voice, Sir Zamindar should have an impression?”

“It’s you!” Zamindar’s facial expression changed drastically. He would never forget this face – Arthur. Roland, the third prince of the Dragon Bright Empire!

No, he shouldn’t be the real Arthur! But a mysterious powerhouse that rivals the 3 archangels!

It was this person who played the entire human world. First, he pretended to be the third prince of the Dragon Bright Empire and deceived Cardinal Gralin’s trust with tricks and methods. He also unbelievably deceived Sir Raphael, 1 of the 3 archangels, and was chosen to be the ‘Holy Child’ candidate for the next pope.

In the canonization ceremony of the Holy Child, this person cracked open the spirit gathering magic circle of the canonization ceremony in front of all the guests and rescued a mysterious girl who was imprisoned. The so-called strongest Demi-God 8-winged angel Camael was as fragile as a baby in front of him. Even the peak stage of the Pseudo-God, Archangel Sir Raphael who came later could not take down this person, letting him take the girl away calmly.

The church issued the highest gag order on this incident. Even the rulers and kings who participated in the hall were not allowed to reveal the slightest bit. They only said that the Holy Child was poisoned by the Black Death Follower and died abruptly at the canonization ceremony, but those who witnessed the battle at the great hall that day would not forget the thrilling scene.

I just never thought that this most wanted man would appear in the Holy Light Mountain today!

Zamindar raised his hand and stopped the movement of the Divinity Temple Knights. Since it is that person, then all the people here together could not be his opponent. Attacking blindly will only cause more deaths.

“Sir, you came to the Holy Light Mountain like this today…” Before Zamindar’s words were finished, a shout came from a distance.

“Master of the Heavenly Thunder Hall! Take down these 2 intruders soon!” This was a woman’s voice with irresistible majesty.

“Her Holiness Holy Lady…” Zamindar frowned. The last canonization event brought great disgrace to the Holy Church. In the end, Pope Vantis, the top leader of the church, became the scapegoat, and Holy Lady Eudora, who became the Holy Blessing Summit’s controller again, was supported by Raphael, which quickly took over the power of Vantis. Except for the Tribunal and the Heavenly Thunder Hall, the rest of the forces were basically under Eudora’s control. Even Pusmeer of the Star Hall had to avoid conflict with her. Eudora was effectively equal to the supreme ruler of the Holy Light Mountain. It was only a matter of time before she became the next pope.

For the 3 archangels looking down on the common people, which of the 3 temples was the main faction did not matter at all. At present, the 3 archangels had all awakened. It was said that after the next supreme meeting, Vantis would completely step down, then Eudora would become the new the pope. The Divinity Seal Hall would elect a new Hall Master.

Zamindar upheld his teacher Parsali’s principle of neutrality and maintained the Heavenly Thunder Hall’s impartial stance, which also caused Eudora’s dissatisfaction. If it weren’t for the protection of Parsali, who became the super powerhouse, perhaps the Heavenly Thunder Hall would have already changed master.

With the eyesight of Chen Rui and Python, they had seen the figures flying in the sky in the distance. They were the 3 giant leaders of the Holy Church: Vantis, Eudora and Pusmeer.

Although Vantis was at the front, it was Eudora who spoke first.

Since the last incident of the Holy Child Ceremony, the senior management of the Holy Light Mountain had been in a state of high tension. Now, after receiving the highest emergency signal and the report of the Heavenly Thunder Hall, the 3 giant leaders dared not neglect and came personally.

Before long, the 3 giant leaders were already in the sky.

Eudora was about to speak again, and she suddenly saw the face clearly. Her heart couldn’t help shaking as she felt 2 sharp sword-like eyes glancing at her face. Suddenly, there was a strong tremor in her soul. She felt being torn apart by some terrifying power in an instant.

Eudora screamed and fell straight down from mid-air, falling to the ground so badly that she couldn’t get up for a while.

Chen Rui snorted, slowly retracting his gaze.

“If possible, leave her alive.”

This was what Tiffany said to Chen Rui in the Bloody Empire 1 day before Chen Rui came to the human world.

Although it was only a seemingly inadvertent sentence, Chen Rui could feel the great courage that Tiffany had mustered in saying this sentence.

Because of that ‘her’, Tiffany lost everything in her life, including her soul and hope.

If it weren’t for Chen Rui’s rescue and experience in the world of the Super System, Tiffany would be just a walking dead crawling in despair even if she was still alive.

The painful memory that should be torn and shattered, the most painful scar, had now been opened by Tiffany herself.

Because of ‘hope’.

This was the most precious thing that made her stand up again, and it was also the clearest emotion Chen Rui gave her. Even if she was now his wife.

Because of this, Tiffany comprehended the mystery of the 2-star enhancement and became the Goddess of ‘hope’ of the Super System.

If it weren’t for Tiffany’s words, the gaze just now would have completely disintegrated Eudora’s soul.

Vantis and Pusmeer also saw Chen Rui’s face, and they all fell to the ground in shock.

“There’s no need to be entangled with these ants.” Python next to Chen Rui looked around lightly as her eyes flashed, “Since we are coming in a fair manner, those 3 guys should show due courtesy and come out in person to welcome us…”

The next second, a voice full of might filled the White Cliff instantly. Everyone’s soul was buzzing.

“Michael! Gabriel! Raphael!”

Whether on the road along the way or in the Holy Light City under the Holy Light Mountain, everyone was shocked.

Who is he? How dare he calls those 3 names so arrogantly in this place!

Those 3 supreme beings who are second only to God!

With that said, soon, 3 golden light beams projected from the clouds. In the light beam, the 3 figures gradually became clear.

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