Devil’s Son-in-Law

Chapter 1140: Forgotten Birthday

Chapter 1140: Forgotten Birthday

Lying comfortably on the reclining chair, listening to the voice of his daughter playing in the yard, opening the mouth for the peeled fruit of the beloved little succubus maid; this was the life of an immortal.

Unconsciously, it had been a month since Chen Rui came back.

In the past month, his little life had been so blissful that he almost forgot his mission. Of course, it was only ‘almost’, because next month was the deadline for the ‘trade’ with Gabriel.

Among the 3 archangels of the Holy Light Mountain, except for Gabriel, Michael and Raphael were his mortal enemies; even Gabriel was by no means a good friend. This trip was definitely not a simple trade. Whether or not there would be a conflict, there would be a battle.

Facing 3 ‘archangels’ at the same time.

Right now, it was just a relaxation before the war. If he was just being tense, even the tough bowstring would be in danger of breaking, especially after 2 years of continuous training.

It was not just him who had been tense in the past 2 years. The others were the same too.

As Python said, that kind of ‘surprise’ greatly exceeded his expectations, because there were as many as 18 Gods in the Super System.

Zola – in charge of ‘knowledge’, ‘learning’, ‘research’.

Catherine – in charge of ‘wisdom’.

Isabella – in charge of ‘fraud’, ‘deception’, ‘conspiracy’.

Python – In charge of ‘doom’, ‘calamity’ and others.

Paglio – Plague God, in charge of the ‘plague’.

Adeline – in charge of ‘music’.

Lalaria – in charge of the ‘sky’

Athena – in charge of ‘battle’, ‘war’.

Roman – in charge of ‘chaos’ and ‘disorder’.

Delia – in charge of ‘law’, ‘rule’, ‘order’.

Olypheus – in charge of ‘wealth’.

Dodo – in charge of ‘diet’.

Shea – in charge of the ‘earth’.

Krobelus – in charge of ‘harvest’, ‘wine’.

Tiffany – in charge of ‘hope’, ‘dawn’, ‘light’.

Samuel – in charge of ‘loyalty’, ‘faithfulness’.

Kia – in charge of ‘love’, ‘lust’.

Helen – in charge of ‘sea’.

Before Chen Rui left, only 5 people including Zola had completed the enhancement. In less than 2 years, there were actually 13 more Gods. Many people’s successes were not expected by Chen Rui at all, such as Adeline, Samuel, Kia, Helen et al.

As Python said, strength was not the only path, more important was the soul and piety. Hence, the Corpse Necromancer Guradam, who was far stronger than Kia and others, had failed to succeed so far.

No matter what path, success was by no means accidental. It was conceivable how hard everyone had worked and toiled.

Indeed, I am not alone.

This is the greatest possession and happiness.

“Who are you thinking about? You’re totally lost.” The voice of the little succubus maid interrupted Chen Rui’s thinking.

“I’m thinking of you, my Goddess.” Chen Rui laughed, bit the orange that Kia handed over, and sucked on that white jade finger conveniently.

Kia put her finger in her mouth and sucked it again. It was an indirect kiss. She giggled, “I just barely sneaked into that ‘world’. Your Goddess is someone else, right?”

“What do you mean by ‘sneak’?” Chen Rui shook his head, “You’re a real Goddess who controls love and lust. Although you have not been a Goddess for a long time, the number of believers is astonishing; even Paglio and those guys are jealous.”

“I’m surprised that I can complete 2-star enhancement, thanks to Ms. Python and her guidance. The key to 2-star enhancement is the perception of faith and life. Strength is only one of the factors that promote success. But it is not an absolute reference. Also, thanks to Adeline, your good sister naga is the sixth person to complete the 2-star enhancement after Paglio. Her success has given us a great deal of confidence.”

The shy naga girl image appeared in Chen Rui’s mind, and his heart was warm.

“Miss your good sister again? Hmph Hmph! Forget about Adeline, what we didn’t expect was Helen. Helen had always been quite contemptuous of you, but you are quite capable of turning the enemy into your girl. You have stolen her heart. Honestly, have you been with her in the Dead Sea for the past 2 years?”

“Not again, I don’t want to repeat the same explanation.” Chen Rui scratched the little charming girl’s nose lightly, “I’ve always felt guilty about the Siren’s Heart. In fact, I only stayed in the Soul Song Sea Area for 3 days. In that 3 days, I just listened to her singing from a distance. When I left, I only saw her once.”

As a man who was not stupid, of course Chen Rui would not tell the scene of forcibly kissing the little mermaid princess when they were separated at the end. He was actually just got bitten at first, Then their lips merged…

3 days of singing and Helen’s distressing silver hair really made Chen Rui unable to harden his heart. The 2-star enhancement was a promise for the future, but it was unexpected that Helen had also completed the enhancement.

The consequence of this was that the ‘adultery’ was exposed.

“You just met, and she’s Sea Goddess now?” When Kia handed over another orange, Chen Rui subconsciously took a bite, and his eyes suddenly narrowed with sourness. It turned out that the little maid deliberately didn’t peel the skin this time… Okay, it is the sour taste, understand.

At this moment, Duoduo happily ran over, “Daddy! I won! I’m the champion of the shooting competition!”

“Really?” Chen Rui smiled and hugged her daughter. It was called a ‘competition’, but in fact only 2 people participated. She would either be the champion or the runner-up.

“Little Master Duoduo!” Dodo said with an aggrieved look behind her, “I was the one who won the last shot.”

Although the slime was accustomed to boot-licking, the reward for this shooting game was 3 free consumption coupons for the Princess Villa sponsored by Alice, worth 300 black crystal coins, so the slime was settling the account. The slime was uncharacteristically serious.

“Duoduo, who actually won?” Chen Rui frowned slightly and asked while holding his daughter.

“It’s Judge Sister Alice. She judged that Dodo’s last shot was invalid.” Duoduo said confidently.

Chen Rui glanced at Alice, who was glaring at Dodo, and he understood a bit. Instead of reprimanding her, he just asked her daughter gently, “So, what do you think of Sister Alice’s judgment?”

Duoduo sucked her fingers and thought, “I think…Dodo didn’t seem to have violated the rules.”

“We’d rather have a real defeat than a fake victory. Okay, baby?”

Chen Rui had no experience in early childhood education, but Duoduo had a good mommy. Although she was also a first-time mother, the wise Dark Shadow Empire empress was much better than Chen Rui in this regard, which convinced Chen Rui.

Catherine said that blindly pampering and accommodating would only harm children, so Chen Rui now paid attention to cultivating Duoduo’s good habits and codes of conduct in many areas. He also reminded the harem girls from time to time not to spoil Duoduo, which would affect future growth.

En…” Duoduo nodded in understanding, “I will listen to daddy.”

“Duoduo is so good.” Chen Rui kissed his daughter lovingly, “Look at your sweaty look. Go wash your face with Aunt Kia first. You are a big girl now. You have to wash your face and hand yourself, understand?”

“Duoduo will surely wash until it’s fragrant!” Duoduo smooched daddy’s face and followed Kia to the house energetically.

Chen Rui looked at the poor slime, “Give Dodo what he deserves, Alice.”

Alice pouted and reluctantly gave Dodo the free consumption coupon. The onion, who was crying bitterly just now, immediately burst into laughter while shouting ‘master truly handsome’ with sparkling eyes. He was jumping and cheering away.

“Alice, don’t help Duoduo cheat next time.”

Oh.” Alice looked at the sky near dusk, “Uhm… brother, do you still remember what day it is today?”

“What day?” Chen Rui thought for a while, “By the way, it’s the start time of the Green Shade Estate trade fair. Royce also specially sent an invitation letter. Last time, Betty said that she wanted to go and see what was for sale. Anyway, the trade fair will be held for 10 days. You can go together in 2 days.”

Hmph!” Princess Loli stomped her feet angrily, “I’m not going!”

“Alice?” Athena and Isabella, who were walking and chatting in the yard, came over. Athena asked when she saw Princess Loli’s upset look.

“He! He just…” Alice pointed at Chen Rui angrily, “Forced me to do that kind of thing…”

“Wait a minute!” Chen Rui was speechless, “What is ‘that kind of thing’?”

Athena and Princess Loli had been friends for more than 10 years. Isabella was even more aware of Alice’s careful thinking. The 2 women smiled at each other and did not pursue it. Isabella spoke up with a smile, “What is it that makes our Royal Highness Little Princess look dissatisfied?”

“You are the dissatisfied one!” Alice glared at Isabella fiercely. This female fox with big breasts became more and more hot. Especially after brother came back, she looked radiant and charming. According to the book, it should be the result of being fully nourished by men. The hateful female fox must be pestering brother every night…

Not only the female fox… Athena, Kia, Teacher Zola, and my sister have all been like this recently. I heard that brother went to the Dark Shadow Empire and the Bloody Empire last week to accompany Catherine and Tiffany. Why am I the only one uncared for? Why am I alone?

Especially today… It’s obviously my birthday, okay?

My sister even sent a gift yesterday, but brother actually forgot!

The cheating in the shooting competition was just trying to find an excuse for brother to go to the Princess Villa together for a big meal… just to celebrate for me.

I even reminded him like that, but brother still didn’t remember it!

Even Athena forgot, woo woo woo…

Could it be that I am really destined to commit the fate of the Lone Scorpio, destined to grow old without a companion and be alone for a lifetime?

A figure with white hair, wearing a princess dress and carrying a long sword appeared in Alice’s mind.

Isabella said, “Well, Chen Rui, you should invite Alice to go to the Wawa Beverage Shop for a special black pear juice as an apology. Then bring some back for Athena and I on the way.”

“It’s obvious that you want to drink it yourself! I won’t be fooled!” Alice immediately saw through the female fox’s trick.

Isabella, without the slightest awareness of being exposed, pulled Alice aside and whispered, “Alice, don’t you understand my true intentions?”

Hmph! What intention will you have?”

“Let’s test the new Royal Highness Lord of the Dark Moon. What is at the west side of the Wawa Beverage Shop? It’s quite famous.”

“West, isn’t it the… the Red Fruit Hotel?”

“The Red Fruit Hotel seems to have a nickname, right?”

“Sacred place for lovers?” The eyes of the new Royal Highness Lord of the Dark Moon suddenly lit up.

“The location there is relatively secret, and the clerks pay the most attention to privacy. The environment and conditions are quite good…” Isabella handed over a magic room card, “This is the room card for VIP room No. 208. I have it all ready.”

Seeing the female fox showing a ‘you know it’ gaze, Alice’s eyes brightened, but she couldn’t help but wonder, “Why do you suddenly…”

Hehe, I know today is a certain princess’ birthday, so take it as a gift…”

“Sister Yini!” Princess Loli was really moved. She immediately took the room card – The image of the Lone Scorpio with a sword on her back suddenly disappeared, becoming a happy bride hugged by her beloved prince as they walked step by step into Room 208…

Princess Loli clenched Isabella’s hand with tears in her eyes. The day that everyone forgot, there is still a female fox who remembers it!

No! I will never call her a fox again.

The female fox is my sister!

“Go quickly… Good luck!” Isabella turned her head to look at Chen Rui, “Chen Rui, listen to Alice later. Stroll around with her, and don’t make her angry anymore.”

Chen Rui looked at Athena who smiled and nodded, and he shrugged, “Understood, Madam Yini, Madam Athena.”

Everything went well after that.

Black pear juice.

2 people shared a cup, the standard couple cup.

If it wasn’t for brother’s reminder to use the camouflage magic item, I would like everyone to know that Alice is on a date with brother!

Not just a date… but also, that ‘kiss’ game.

It’s been 2 years, woo woo… I finally kissed brother again.

Then she proposed to go to the Red Fruit Hotel ‘on the way’ to ‘take a break’. Brother agreed! As Sister Fox said, “Listen to Alice later”.

Has my dream come true?

It’s not an illusion, right?

It’s not just kissing, but also…

By the way, according to the book, the first time will be very painful.

Also, I heard that this will make the breasts bigger…

There seem to be a lot of embarrassing poses…

Anyway, from today onward, I will be Duoduo’s real aunt!

The more Princess Loli thought about it, the faster her heart beat. When she pulled Chen Rui to open Room 208 with little thoughts, she was suddenly stunned.

Because the room was full of people: Acquaintances.

Athena, Kia, Duoduo, Zola, Lalaria, Adeline, Isabella, Paglio…

Even sister is here!

Seeing the hateful smile of the ‘kind’ female fox, Princess Loli realized that she had been tricked again.

The image in her mind became that Lone Scorpio who was wearing a princess dress with a sword on her back. The bleak autumn wind on the side rolled up the leaves…

“Happy Birthday to you…”

The birthday song that everyone sang in unison interrupted Alice’s distraction. The female fox pushed out a dining cart with a big 7-tier cake on it. Looking back, Brother Human also had a smile on his face and touched her hair affectionately.

It turned out that they all remembered…

Alice, who had been gnashing her teeth before, suddenly felt warm in her heart and could no longer be angry.

Okay, barely forgive that deceitful female fox…

No! I’ll have to settle with her next time…

Also, next time I must open a room with brother successfully!

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