Devil’s Son-in-Law

Chapter 1087: Phoenix Vs The Holy Dragon

Chapter 1087: Phoenix Vs The Holy Dragon

The glimpse when the veil was lifted was too breathtaking. Bortuli felt that he had never felt so possessive of any woman. He prided himself on his eyesight. Although this woman is not like an ordinary person, she traveled alone with her children, and there are no guards by her side, so she should not be a noble. Even if she is powerful, it is not a big deal.

In this Dragon Horn City, with ‘my dad is the city lord’, there is nothing I , Bortuli. Lakne can’t get.

Not only that, the capital upstart, royal magician Sir Lavdino also wants the necklace on the little girl. Even for this, my father Vajoron will give his full support… Right, if I hold this little girl hostage, I will definitely be able to bring this beauty into submission obediently.

At this moment, he heard the woman’s word ‘ignorant’. His whole body seemed to have fallen into the ice cold abyss. From his body to his soul, he was torn apart by a terrifying power.

Passersby saw Bortuli standing still, then he shivered and trembled. Sweat, snot and tears flowed uncontrollably. One could faintly smell the stinky stench coming from his lower pants.

The royal magician, Lavdino, was taken aback. Seeing the mysterious woman who had left with the little girl, he knew that something was amiss; he might have offended the wrong person.

Bortuli was the son of the city lord who accompanied him out for sightseeing. If there was something wrong, not only would he lose face, but also it was difficult to explain it to City Lord Vajoron.

Most importantly, Lavdino was determined to get the fire element gem. He shouted loudly, and he instantly appeared behind Catherine, launching a fire toward Catherine.

The people nearby were repelled by the huge force. The closest hawker who sold cotton candy flew out, and the black crystal coins in his hand also fell to the ground.

Many people could not help exclaiming when they saw the flames emitted by the magician flying toward the woman holding the child.

When the flame was about to approach, Catherine suddenly looked back. Lavdino felt that the powerful flame power under his control seemed to have encountered a mud wall; it disappeared in an instant – She just glanced at it!

The power of this glance didn’t stop there. The charged spirit power in Lavdino’s mind imploded, causing a strong recoil of magic power in his body. He spat out a mouthful of blood.

Such terrifying power! Who is this woman?! Lavdino was startled and glanced at the black crystal coin that the hawker next to him dropped on the ground. He was shocked, and he immediately activated some kind of special alert.

At this time, Bortuli’s guards had already rushed toward Catherine. Catherine did seem to move, but the guards seemed to be thrown away by some intangible force. They fell to the ground far away and could not get up for a while.

Now was the time when the defense was tight, and the vigilance force was several times more than usual. Soon, a large number of guards came.

Catherine didn’t want to be entangled with these people. Her figure flashed, and she was about to shift away. However, after shifting twice, she only moved tens of meters away as if the space was limited by some kind of force.

Catherine’s eyes were set on 2 figures. 1 was a mustached middle-aged man with a sharp face and body; the other was a silver-haired young man with a high brow bone and gloomy brows. The young man was the one who activated the ability to limit the space just now.

“Who are you? What is your purpose for coming here?” The mustached man looked at Catherine for a while. He obviously felt the unfathomable breath, so he looked very cautious.

“I’m just a passerby. Those 2 ignorant guys took the initiative to provoke me. I’ve been merciful.” Catherine said lightly. These 2 should be dragons. The middle-aged with a mustache’s strength is the peak stage of the Kingdom level whereas the strength of the silver-haired young man is slightly above me.

Although she was not afraid of these 2 people, she was afraid that Duoduo would be implicated, and this kind of battle would only expose her identity as a demon. If she could avoid conflict, she did not want to fight.

“Teacher, be careful!” Lavdino reluctantly said in the distance, “This woman is the Black Death Follower!”

When the surrounding people heard the words ‘Black Death Follower’, they panicked and fled. The Black Death Follower had been very active recently, causing many terrorist incidents around the world. Even the 2 emperors of the Holy Empire encountered several assassinations.

“It turns out that you are his teacher. Let me first state that I’m not the Black Death Follower. If you want to provoke me, you must consider the consequences.” The power of Catherine gradually radiated, “My principle is that people you don’t offend me, I won’t offend anyone; if anyone offends me, I will fight to the death.”

The breath of the Demi-God surprised the silver-haired young man slightly, and the mustached middle-aged man was even anxious like facing a great enemy.

“Teacher, don’t listen to her sophistry!” Lavdino held something in his hand, “This is the coin she used just now. I can clearly sense the dark breath on it!”

The currency of the human world was similar to the Demon Realm, both of which were based on crystal coins of the same weight and texture. The currency of the human world was usually engraved with the king’s head or the badge of the royal family. The crystal coins without any marks could also circulate.

A slight difference was that the crystal coins of the Demon Realm contained dark element breath, which was difficult for ordinary people to find. Lavdino had a special sensing talent, so he immediately sensed the abnormality.

The mustached middle-aged man was Lavdino’s teacher. Hearing this, he glanced at the silver-haired young man and asked for his opinion!

“Even without that coin, as a family of the holy dragon bathing in light.” The silver-haired young man said coldly, “I can clearly feel the incomparably rich and dark breath that you have been trying to hide. With our strength, there’s no point in quibbling. If you don’t want to surrender, then…”

With that said, the silver-haired young man seemed to become blurred with overlapping images in the eyes of the people in the distance. They were separated by some special space.

At the same time, the silver-haired young was covered in silver light, and an armor quickly took shape. He activated the [Armor of Faith] so quickly. Obviously, he wanted to go all out to take down Catherine as quickly as possible.

“Mommy! This is a bad guy! Beat him!” Duoduo clearly felt the man’s hostility and clenched her fists.

Since the surrounding space was locked by that special force, Catherine could not escape. Catherine knew that this battle was inevitable, so she snorted without showing weakness. Black and red flames burned instantly on her body, and a full-body armor appeared in the flames. It was black with red dots; elegant and solemn with star-like brilliance.

This was the star armor of ‘Wisdom Goddess’. Since it is unavoidable, I shall with all my strength.

Even outside the space, the mustached man sensed the terrifying power of both sides, and he was secretly horrified. He quickly activated his magic power to setup a protective enchantment.

The silver-haired young man looked at the full-body armor on Catherine’s body, and he felt that the powerful breath that burst out was no less than his own. He was slightly surprised, then he sneered, “It’s flashy but impractical!”

Generally speaking, Demi-God’s [Armor of Faith] was a half-body armor, which was the most suitable energy form to exert kingdom power. Only the Pseudo-God was a full-body armor.

This woman has obviously just advanced to the Demi-God. After equipping the [Armor of Faith], the breath she emits can actually keep pace with my breath of the intermediate stage of the Demi-God.

The silver-haired young man waved his hands at high speed, and countless white threads appeared around Catherine’s body. In the blink of an eye, the white thread kept spinning and wrapped her into a white cocoon.

The spinning light cocoon stagnated suddenly, and a crack split open on the cocoon. The shape of a huge wing emerged from it. As the wing waved, the entire light cocoon was torn apart.

However, the light cocoon that was torn apart did not dissipate, but it turned into countless golden lights. The power was several times stronger than the previous white threads. They flew toward Catherine.

The silver-haired young man showed a contemptuous sneer on his face. He trained in both magic and martial arts. The white threads just now were just a tentative attack. The real killing move was the current [Golden Brilliant Flash]. A powerful blow combined with a huge light element, which was equal to the perfect combination of magic and power. It was the nemesis of the dark element power.

He was confident to use this move to completely defeat the opponent, but the sneer immediately solidified on his face. The moment the golden light touched the wing, it began to weaken rapidly, like a snowball approaching the fire. It was turned into nothingness in the end.

The image of the wing gradually faded, revealing the hand covered by the armor. It was Catherine’s right hand, and she was still holding Duoduo with her left hand.

The silver-haired young man’s pupils contracted, and there was no longer contempt on his face. He clearly sensed that the light element power of [Golden Brilliant Flash] just now encountered some kind of extremely restraining strange force. It was not dark elements, but another force.

The strength of this woman can no longer be measured by the surface level. She is definitely a formidable enemy and must not be underestimated. Perhaps… only that little girl is the only weakness.

While thinking, the silver-haired young man suddenly had a warning sign. He flickered his body and disappeared in an instant.

Almost at the same time, a huge foot had stomped on his original position. The force of the blow was so great that the entire sealed space trembled slightly.

This was a tall body that should be made of some kind of metal, showing a dark golden light. Judging from the power of the kick just now, it has the level of Demi-God at least.

[Immortal Dark Gold War Puppet]!

The war puppet was a powerful talent of the Asmodeus Royal Family. The power level of ordinary puppets was fixed. For example, golden puppet was at the Demon Overlord, silver puppet was at the Demon Emperor, and so on. However, some royal families with mutated talents could let the power of the puppet increase with their own growth.

Catherine’s war puppet talent was not a mutated skill, but she had the strongest [Immortal Dark Gold War Puppet] in history which could easily exert a power equal to or even beyond her own strength. With it, it was equivalent to an extra powerful helper of melee combat type.

Seeing the metal giant rushing toward him again, the silver-haired young man turned into a silver giant dragon and sprayed dragon breath at [Immortal Dark Gold War Puppet].

[Immortal Dark Gold War Puppet] didn’t attempt to dodge. The dragon breath hit the center of its chest, causing a large transparent hole. However, [Immortal Dark Gold War Puppet] didn’t seem to be affected. It still charged toward the giant dragon and punched.

The giant dragon was knocked off. If this was not an independent space, he had already collapsed a large area of ​​houses. Before the [Immortal Dark Gold War Puppet] continued to pursue, he had stabilized his center of gravity and rushed toward [Immortal Dark Gold War Puppet] again.

Amidst the roar, 2 huge figures were in a scramble.

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