Devil’s Son-in-Law

Chapter 1088: The Dragon Valley Tragic Duo

Chapter 1088: The Dragon Valley Tragic Duo

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After all, the giant dragon transformed by the silver-haired young man was much stronger. Soon, he suppressed the [Immortal Dark Gold War Puppet]. However, the special attribute of [Immortal Dark Gold War Puppet] was ‘immortal’, which also made the holy dragon suffer a lot.

At this moment, the metal giant disappeared suddenly. The holy dragon was a little surprised. He returned to his human form and locked his eyes on Catherine again. However, he was even more surprised, because the [Armor of Faith] on Catherine also disappeared.

The holy dragon’s first reaction was that the enemy was exhausted, but then he denied it himself. Obviously, this woman still has a lot of power left, so why…

The answer was revealed immediately as the little girl shouted happily, “Daddy!”

Immediately afterward, the space sealed by the holy dragon trembled violently and collapsed.

The holy dragon was startled. Before he could react, his face had already been caught by a terrifying force.

He clearly felt so close to death for the first time. As long as those 5 fingers exert force, his head and even his entire soul would be shattered. Even if the holy dragon had a powerful self-healing power, he would still die.

From the beginning to the end, the holy dragon had no resistance; he was completely suppressed by the power.

This woman actually has such a terrifying companion! Wait, the little girl called him ‘daddy’ just now?

Damn, my whole body can’t move, even my soul seems to be frozen by some kind of destructive breath. Even if I want to activate the secret technique to summon the Royal Majesty Dragon Emperor, I can’t do it!

Just when the holy dragon fell into despair, a voice sounded in his ear, “Stanwell, you should thank Royal Majesty Pagris and Aunt Meria. Otherwise, you will not live to hear this sentence.”

This familiar voice shocked Holy Dragon Stanwell. It seemed as though his head exploded with a ‘Boom’.

It’s him!

Although his face has changed, this voice… That can be wrong!

If it is this person, then even summoning the Royal Majesty Dragon Emperor will not help.

This voice was his greatest disgrace. Being called ‘brother-in-law’ almost made him and his sister Loraine the laughing stock of the Dragon Valley.

The owner of this voice offered the benefits that the Dragon Emperor Pagris could not resist, and he abruptly reversed the disadvantage of the Great Elder Meria, making Meria’s position unshakable. Consequently, his dream of becoming the great elder was shattered.

In Stanwell’s heart, he hated and feared this person. He secretly made up his mind to train hard, break through the bottleneck of strength, and wash away the shame as soon as possible.

However, after witnessing the battle at the canonization ceremony of the Holy Child in Holy Light Mountain, Stanwell no longer had any revenge intent even if his strength had recently broken through to the intermediate stage of the Demi-God, because this person was capable of fighting against the 3 archangels, Raphael!

Raphael is 1 of the strongest peak stage Pseudo-God. Even Dragon Emperor Pagris is vulnerable in front of him. Yet this person actually fought against Raphael for so long, and almost made Raphael suffer a loss. In the end, he blatantly escaped from the Holy Light Mountain, the lair of the 3 archangels!

Even Raphael could only watch him escape helplessly.

The news of the canonization ceremony was sealed, and all the guests were warned not to leak. They only claimed that the Holy Child ‘Arthur’ had been poisoned by the Black Death Follower and died tragically at the canonization ceremony. Thus, it set off the big action of eliminating the Black Death Follower. However, the Black Death Follower is not easy meat. They also frequently launched various counterattacks.

In any case, the powerful strength of ‘Arthur’ Pseudo-God is beyond doubt.

It seemed that in the Dragon Valley back then, he didn’t even bother to fight

me as an ant. Even in front of the Royal Majesty Dragon Emperor, he deliberately hid his strength! Stanwell clearly remembered the shocked expression in the Dragon Emperor’s eyes when he reported this to the Royal Majesty Pagris.

I didn’t expect to encounter this terrifying ‘Arthur’ again!

The woman whom I offended and that little girl… Dear Dragon God! Why have you abandoned your most faithful believer!

Stanwell’s mind was full of shock and confusion. Even when Chen Rui let go of his hand, he still had not reacted. His face was still horrified until Duoduo’s voice sounded, “Daddy beats these bad guys!”

“With daddy around, these bad guys dare not move.” Chen Rui smiled at Duoduo, “Catherine, how did you get into conflict with them?”

Catherine glanced at Bortuli who was protected by the guards not far away, then he glanced at Lavdino, who was already frightened. She said indifferently, “It’s very simple, this royal magician wants to snatch your daughter’s necklace, and the so-called city lord’s son… tried to kidnap your daughter’s mommy. I just casually taught them a lesson, then they called 2 dragons for help. They even said I was the Black Death Follower.”

Stanwell who barely recovered his composure, felt 10,000 alpacas flashed past his mind when he heard Catherine’s words. – Damn, these 2 ignorant trash idiots provoked a ​​Demi-God powerhouse except anyone else! And behind the Demi-God powerhouse is this damn Pseudo-God!

Oh? That’s what happened!” Chen Rui glanced at Stanwell.

Stanwell felt that the killing intent around him immediately surged. It was not only toward those 2 idiots but also toward him. He couldn’t help but feel a chill in his heart.

“Wait! This is a complete misunderstanding! We are here to protect…” Stanwell gave the mustached middle-aged man a fierce look to ease the fear in his mind. He gritted his teeth and said, “Pelin! You bastard! Your good apprentice!”

Pelin was also an acquaintance of Chen Rui. He and Stanwell were the tragic duo of the Dragon Valley. Zola escaped the marriage with his sissy son back then. Nonetheless, the other son, Little Anderlu, gave Chen Rui a good impression.

Although Pelin didn’t know who the couple were, judging from the fact that Stanwell was subdued just now, plus his angry tone, they must be something he couldn’t afford to offend. He originally only accepted this apprentice based on the advice of the Royal Majesty Dragon Emperor to further strengthen the cooperation with the Dragon Bright Empire. In addition, the magic aptitude and talent of Lavdino were recommended by Lex the Great, so he accepted him as his apprentice. Unexpectedly, he had caused such a mammoth disaster.

Bang!” Pelin launched an attack, not against Chen Rui, but against Lavdino. At this moment, Lavdino felt that all the magic power in his body had collapsed, and there was a sharp pain in his lower body as if he had lost a certain of his male function. He couldn’t help screaming, but even his voice had lost. He could only bend down and twitch on the ground like a fried shrimp.

Lavdino was a bit wronged to become a eunuch. He didn’t covet Catherine’s beauty, but he just took a fancy to the fire origin fragment worn by Duoduo. But now, apart from pain, he felt more about fear. He already understood he offended the wrong person – Someone that even the 2 super-level elders of the Dragon Valley were afraid of!

At this time, he was somewhat envious of Bortuli, who still hadn’t regained consciousness. The ignorant were fearless.

“My esteemed sir,” Pelin bowed after making a decisive move, “First of all, I would like to express my sincerest apologies to sir and your family. Although I don’t know the whole story of this misunderstanding, after all, I made a poor judgment in accepting such an unethical apprentice. He not only wanted to snatch madam’s treasure, but he also framed madam as the Black Death Follower. I’m willing to compensate sir for all losses. As for that Lavdino, he will no longer be my apprentice and can be disposed at sir’s will.”

Chen Rui saw that Pelin wasn’t lying, “Catherine, is that so?”

“Almost.” Catherine nodded.

“In this case, you should call me.”

“I just can’t get used to it…” Catherine looked at the dismantled parts in Duoduo’s hands, “Your precious daughter seems to be more interested in it.”

“Daddy, look! Duoduo is amazing!”

Chen Rui was chatting and laughing like no one else was around, but the 2 dragon elders next to him were silent; they didn’t even dare to take a breath.

“Stanwell, have you been to the Flaring Sun Volcano?”

“I have!” Stanwell replied quickly.

“Very good.” Chen Rui nodded, and he suddenly frowned. The nearby streets were surrounded by a large number of troops.

The leader who came on horseback was the Dragon Horn City’s city lord, Vajoron. Immediately, guards reported to him the ‘culprit’ who injured Bortuli. Unfortunately, these guards’ eyesight was too weak to judge the situation of the battle just now and could not see the level of power represented.

Seeing the tragic state of incontinence of his only son with tears, snot, feces and urine, Vajoron couldn’t help being furious. Seeing the identified Catherine and Chen Rui, he waved, “Catch them!”

“Wait a minute.” A voice sounded in the distance.

Vajoron’s rage was instantly extinguished by half when he heard the voice. He quickly jumped off his horse.

The army slowly made a way, and a team of extremely well-equipped knights appeared in the rear. These knights were all dressed in gold and silver armor, exuding a powerful momentum. At a glance, one knew that they were the elites of the elites.

Among the knights was a middle-aged man in a pale golden robe, riding a pure white warhorse, with a crown on his head and a long sword across his waist. There was a supreme majesty in his eyes.

“Your Majesty! Why did you come in person?” Vajoron hurriedly took a few steps forward and bowed, “These suspicious characters are probably the Black Death Follower. They are very dangerous. My son, Bortuli, was severely injured because of trying to stop their plot… “

It turned out that it was actually Lex the Great who came to the Dragon Horn City to inspect the legion!

It was said that Lex the Great encountered several assassinations of the Black Death Follower previously. No wonder Stanwell and Pelin were here. They came immediately upon receiving the warning from Lavdino, mistaking Catherine for the Black Death Follower and causing a fight to break out.

The arrival of Lex the Great was supposed to be a semi-secret situation. The people only knew that a VIP was coming, but they didn’t know it was Lex himself. But now, Lex didn’t hide his identity anymore, and he showed himself directly.

Vajoron said a few words, only to find that Lex the Great completely ignored him. Instead, he focused his gaze on the ‘Black Death Follower’, looking very strange.

“Your Majesty…”

Lex the Great waved his hand. Vajoron didn’t dare to say more and stepped back.

Then Lex the Great jumped off his horse and walked toward the ‘dangerous people’ step by step. The golden knights and the silver knights behind him quickly formed a circle to isolate the army brought by Vajoron.

Lex the Great walked into the arena step by step and activated an enchantment item. Vajoron only felt that his vision became blurred, and he couldn’t hear the voice. Could it be that His Majesty is familiar with those dangerous people? Then Bortuli… An ominous feeling began to arise in Vajoron’s mind.

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