Devil’s Son-in-Law

Chapter 1086: The Dragon Horn City

Chapter 1086: The Dragon Horn City

Since Duoduo had the fire element physique, this special situation was probably related to the fire origin fragment, so Chen Rui dared not use [Divine Healing] or potion, lest making it even worse. The best way was to find the Fire Elemental King Ogmarton.

Chen Rui didn’t know where the base of Ogmarton or fire elementals was, but there was 1 person who knew: Wind Elemental King Sethtine. Chen Rui met Ogmarton twice in the Cloud Palace of the wind elementals.

Chen Rui explained the situation to Athena and Kia who arrived later. Catherine also contacted Liliz and Frentz through the communication talisman. After rearranging the political affairs, the 2 did not dare to delay at all. Chen Rui used the Tower of Glory to take Catherine and his daughter past the [Star Gate] overnight before they arrived at the Storm Island in the human world.

Chen Rui immediately came to the Cloud Palace. To his disappointment, the Wind Elemental King Sethtine was not in the palace.

According to the elite wind elementals in the palace, the Royal Highness King was invited by the Fire Elemental King a few days ago to go to the Flaring Sun Volcano in the Red Flame Mountain Range to discuss important matters.

The Red Flame Mountain Range was located in the southwest of the human world while the Flaring Sun Volcano was 1 of the main veins in the Red Eagle Empire.

The Red Eagle Empire used to be the largest empire in the human world, ranking the top 3 in terms of territory, but most of the territory of the former empire had become the territory of the neighboring country, the Dragon Bright Empire. This was the result of the painstaking planning and management of several generations of Dragon Bright Empire’s emperors. The original Red Eagle Empire had been continuously divided and weakened. The top kingdom, which once faintly kept pace with the 2 Holy Empires, became weaker and weaker. 10 years ago, it finally became a vassal of the Dragon Bright Empire and completely fell into Lex the Great’s control.

Chen Rui only heard about the Red Eagle Empire when he was the lord of the Golden Estate. Now he was no longer a lord or prince, so these things had nothing to do with him. The only thing he wanted was to rush to the Flaring Sun Volcano immediately, find the Fire Elemental King Ogmarton, and cure his daughter’s ‘sickness’ as soon as possible.

The next morning, Chen Rui and Catherine took Duoduo to the inn in Dragon Tooth City in the east of the Dragon Bright Empire, then they took a carriage to Dragon Horn City in the center.

“Daddy, are you tired?” Duoduo moved her upper body out of Catherine’s arms and kissed Chen Rui’s face. This time, the little girl didn’t avoid daddy’s piercing beard.

“I’m alright.” Chen Rui touched his daughter’s ponytails. Last night, he shifted overnight according to the sea area map. Due to the unfamiliar terrain and the interference of the sea area, they almost went astray. Fortunately, he found the location of Dragon Tooth City later after wasting a lot of time. After all, when sailing at sea, the sandmen were the real navigation experts. Chen Rui himself was just a temporary captain, and the magic map could not be used in this area, so the sea area map was inevitably inaccurate.

Chen Rui’s power consumption was mainly due to maintaining the Tower of Glory, but being able to reach Dragon Tooth City overnight was also much faster than taking a ship.

Duoduo had been in the Tower of Glory last night with Catherine. She was still icy cold and shivering in a semi-drowsy state and had not woken up.

After waking up during the day, her situation was much better, but she would still feel unbearably cold sometimes.

“Daddy, I’ll massage your shoulders.” Duoduo laid on Chen Rui’s body and thumped his shoulders with her small fists.

Wow, Duoduo is so powerful. Daddy doesn’t feel tired all of a sudden.” Chen Rui’s words made Duoduo beat harder, but Chen Rui didn’t make his daughter work too hard. He turned around and hugged her in his arms tightly.

Chen Rui reminisced about the scene when he was ill as a child, his parents carried him to the hospital for treatment. Although his parents’ voices and smiles were very vague in his memory, the warmth of the embrace was so clear, just like him now.

Catherine sensed Chen Rui’s emotions and held his hand lightly; Chen Rui nodded to Catherine. At this moment, their hearts suddenly became one.

Our daughter will be fine.

Family will always be together.

The border city between the Dragon Bright Empire and Red Eagle Empire was the Dragon Wing City. It took too much time to go directly to Dragon Wing City from Dragon Tooth City. According to Chen Rui’s inquiries in Dragon Tooth City, the most time-saving way was to go to Dragon Horn City first.

The second griffon legion of the empire, Thunder Legion, was stationed in Dragon Horn City. As long as he was willing to spend money to get through the connections, he could ride the military griffon to Dragon Wing City.

Those griffons were well-trained, had a strong memory, and could automatically choose the fastest route to get there.

Chen Rui thought that if he could make use of this kind of griffon, with his [Analytical Eyes] and various potion-enhancing abilities, he would definitely be able to reach the Dragon Wing City faster than usual. As for money, it wasn’t within his consideration at all.

Chen Rui hired the best carriage, and it took 3 days to reach Dragon Horn City.

The Dragon Horn City’s security was particularly strict; even entering the city had to be strictly inspected. It was said that a certain VIP came to Dragon Horn City to inspect the legion affairs.

When Chen Rui went to the Blue Glory Empire to marry, he had prepared a lot of things. Coupled with the presence of his family, he easily passed the inspection as a merchant of the well-known chamber of commerce.

After the carriage arrived at the inn, Chen Rui found a hotel to settle down first. When he was about to go out, Duoduo pleaded that she wanted to go out to play together. Catherine knew that her daughter had been in the carriage for a few days, so she had been bored for a long time. How could she be willing to stay here to rest? Furthermore, if she was emotionally unstable, it would be harmful to her ‘condition’. She proposed to Chen Rui that she would bring Duoduo to go shopping while Chen Rui went to inquire the Thunder Legion. After thinking about it, he gave Catherine a magic phone and taught her how to use it to keep in touch.

This kind of magic phone had not appeared in the Demon Realm before. It was the new thing he created in the human world. Driven by the dragons and the church, the magic phones had become popular now. Large places like the Dragon Horn City had dedicated buff signal stations based on magic game signal towers, making the calls clearer.

Catherine was dressed in a robe and veil as usual. She walked on the street with Duoduo in her arms. Although the intense light element breath here was a bit overwhelming for Catherine, who was used to the Demon Realm environment, she was a Demi-God level powerhouse after all. She gradually adapted after some time. On the contrary, Ms. Duoduo didn’t feel any abnormality at all. Instead, she looked happily at all the novelties around her and seemed very happy.

Catherine restrained her breath, making her look like an ordinary person. Although she concealed her true face, her mysterious and graceful temperament, coupled with the cute little girl in her arms, still attracted a lot of attention.

“Mommy, what is that? It smells so good!” Duoduo asked while pointing to a cotton-wool candy made by a vendor.

For Catherine, who came to the human world for the first time, these were also novel things. She shook her head, “If Duoduo likes it, mommy will buy it for you.

“Beautiful lady, lovely little girl, this is a special magic marshmallow. There are 4 flavors. 1 for 3 white crystal coins; 4 for 10 white crystal coins.”

“Give me 1 of each flavor.” Now that Duoduo had the fire origin fragment, she was no longer as hungry as before, but the little girl still liked to eat snacks.

Although Catherine was an empress, she usually traveled incognito, so she naturally had small changes. She took out a black crystal coin to give to the hawker.

The hawker looked a little bitter, “Beautiful lady, this value is too high, I don’t have change.”

Catherine was about to speak when she suddenly sensed some coveting gaze. She looked sideways and found a group of people in the distance. 1 of the middle-aged men was staring closely at Duoduo.

To be more precise, he was staring at the fire origin fragment.

The fire origin fragment at this time had been covered by Chen Rui with a special metal and made into a small lantern-shaped pendant, hanging on Duoduo’s neck.

“Sir Lavdino, did you like that woman?” A young man who looked like a noble laughed, “Although that woman is well-covered, she has an extraordinary temperament. I can see at first glance that she is not of an ordinary identity. But in my memory, there seems to be no such mysterious beauty among the ladies of Dragon Horn City. Would you like me to invite her over to talk to sir?”

“I’m not interested in that woman.” The middle-aged man Lavdino shook his head, but his vision didn’t leave the fire origin fragment, “I have a special sensing talent. The necklace around that little girl’s neck seems to be a very powerful fire element treasure. It’s actually treated as an ordinary toy; what a waste.”

“I see. Something that is noticed by a royal magician like sir is definitely not a common thing.” The young man said indifferently, “In that case, I will let that treasure return to the deserving master to unleash its potential.”

“Thank you.”

“Sir is an honored guest of the Dragon Horn City. I naturally want to do my best as a landlord. It’s a trivial matter, so why be polite.”

At this moment, Duoduo had already taken a bite of the marshmallow with a smile on her face, “It’s delicious. Mommy, you can eat it too!”

With that said, Duoduo lifted the veil on Catherine and fed her the marshmallow. That so-called royal magician was only at the Demon Overlord-level. Catherine didn’t pay attention to these people. She opened her mouth, took a bite of the marshmallow, and smiled, “Yes, it’s delicious, Duoduo is the best. You remember mommy if you have something delicious.”

Although Catherine quickly closed the veil, the young man caught a glimpse of the startling glance, and his eyes suddenly widened. He originally wanted the guards to go, but he immediately changed his mind, “There is such a beautiful woman in the world! Even that Princess Pearl Landbis is considered average! Sir Lavdino, you can’t rob me of this woman. The treasure and the little girl are yours; this woman is surely mine!”

Lavdino’s eyes were fixed on the fire origin fragment. He did not notice Catherine’s face at all, so he nodded casually.

Catherine frowned as she heard it clearly. She was about to leave when she saw the young man walking over, “Beautiful madam, I’m Bortuli, the son of the Dragon Horn City’s city lord. I wonder if I have the honor to invite madam to have lunch? “

“I’m sorry, I don’t have time.” Catherine had heard the conversation of these guys long ago, and she knew that the other party had ill intentions. Now Chen Rui was going to the legion to try to get a griffon. Duoduo’s condition was the priority, so she didn’t want to cause trouble, “My husband will pick me up soon.”

“It seems that you still don’t understand who invited you.” Bortuli continued smiling, “Since I said it, you can’t reject it because I’m Bortuli. Lakne. If you still want to see your children or your husband, just be obedient, or I don’t mind letting them disappear forever.”

“Ignorant.” Catherine’s eyes suddenly turned cold.

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