Devil’s Son-in-Law

Chapter 1083: A Certain Ignorant Dragon

Chapter 1083: A Certain Ignorant Dragon

Chen Rui informed the 3 girls who were having an enjoyable time in the game room. Then, he kept Python in the Tower of Glory, activated the [Star Gate], and entered the Ghastly Floating Land.

During this time, he had been paying close attention to the situation of the spiritual link. Fortunately, none of the links of the relatives and friends who entered the Ghastly Floating Land was ineffective, that was to say, everyone was well.

In a flash, Chen Rui had released Python from the Tower of Glory.

Python looked at the island floating in the air in the distance. Above the island, there were wisps of mist-like things floating. With her eyesight, she could naturally see that it should be some kind of undead creature.

“This is what you call very dangerous…” Python suddenly thought of something or felt something, and her next words stopped abruptly. Her facial expression changed suddenly. Except for the battle of the Holy Light Mountain, it was the first time her reaction was so dramatic in front of Chen Rui.

“This is…” Python’s voice trembled.

Chen Rui noticed her shock, “It seems that I don’t need to explain more.”

Python turned her head with undisguised shock on her face, “How could you easily enter this place? This… forbidden place of oblivion!”

“As far as I know, this place should be called the Ghastly Floating Land.” Chen Rui smiled slightly, “As for the way to enter, didn’t you just come out of the Tower of Glory?”

“This is close to the core of the ‘final point’. Although the Tower of Glory is a rare space artifact, it is impossible to travel through this level of space! No one can do this! Not even Satan and Michael! Unless you target a special period, use the accumulated power of sacrifice and cooperate with the secret technique, then only you can barely open the outermost entrance!”

“And it’s only been a few seconds since I entered the Tower of Glory just now!” Python’s scorching gaze fell on Chen Rui’s face, “How did you do it?”

“You can understand it as the ability derived from another ‘universe’. In the vast universe, everything is possible.” Chen Rui drew a light door in his hand, “Actually, you have seen this ability before. I used it to get away when I first fought Michael.”

Python was startled. She remembered this light door vividly. At that time, she wanted to use it to escape, but this light door refused everyone except Chen Rui, including her and Michael. At that time, if it wasn’t for the space power left by Chen Rui’s activation of the Tower of Glory that enabled her to find an opportunity, she would have already died on the Holy Light Mountain.

After all, Python was not an ordinary person, so she quickly regained her composure, “This is the real forbidden place, restricting the power above Demi-God. Even if it is a fusion, my soul power is suppressed at the peak stage of the Demi-God’s Level. That is to say, no Pseudo-God’s power can be used here. But my current body is at the Kingdom Level, which is indeed a very suitable training place.”

Chen Rui finally understood why when Satan and Sariel were trying to win the silver box, they would send a corresponding team instead of going in person. It turned out that the power of Pseudo-God was actually limited here.

Chen Rui remembered that he used a snake pattern badge to summon Satan’s avatar. Now that he thought about it, the badge was somewhat similar to his holy projection orb. It disappeared when the power was exhausted. Even if Satan had some kind of secret technique of projecting an avatar, it was not possible in this space.

When Chen Rui came here for training with a group of relatives and friends before, due to training needs, he never tried the power of the [Pole Star Transformation], but he used it as a trump card just in case. Looking at it now, luckily he was careful. Otherwise, if the [Pole Star Transformation] failed, the consequences would be unimaginable.

At this moment, 3 swift figures appeared in front of them. In the blink of an eye, those wandering spirits were quickly slaughtered.

After those figures eliminated the wandering spirits, they rushed toward Chen Rui immediately. Python didn’t expect that there were other people here. She usually disdained the strength of those people, but now her body only had the power of Kingdom Level, so she could not ignore it.

However, she soon noticed Chen Rui’s determination, so she immediately let down her guard calmly.

“Chen Rui!”


3 voices called out at the same time. It was Roman, Isabella, and Paglio. Chen Rui set up the star point where the meeting place was. When talking to Python, he activated the special calling item. The 3 of them happened to be nearby, so they rushed over quickly.

Yo, leader… um, dear Sir Uncle. I see beautiful women around you every time, and it’s a new face?” Roman whistled and winked.

“Poor fellow, your jealousy and admiration are almost written on your face.” Paglio said unceremoniously, “I have seen this woman. She is the lamp spirit imperial guard commander of the Fallen Angel Empire, Manlace.”

“Lamp spirit?” Student Nephew’s words to provoke dissension suddenly rotted in his throat, and he added reluctantly, “Maybe Sir Uncle will change his taste on the people near him?”

“Miss, have we met before?” Isabella naturally saw the woman beside Chen Rui at first sight. She had seen this maroon lamp spirit more than once, but the woman’s intuition told Isabella, the ‘Manlace’ in front of her seemed fishy like she was a different person.

“Your intuition is right, Ms. Yini.” Python smiled slightly, “Remember your Golden Estate’s close sister, Sally?”

Sally was the pseudonym Python used for Zola and Isabella when she ‘visited’ the Golden Estate.

Isabella suddenly understood and seemed shocked, “It’s you!”

“Madam Aunt, this is…” Roman sensed the abnormality in Isabella’s reaction and asked in a tentative way.

“You should ask your Sir Uncle.” Isabella glanced at Chen Rui. Her smile clearly flashed with knife-like cold light, “I don’t know when did such an existence actually become my ‘close sister’?”

“Ms. Yini, I just have some kind of agreement with this sir.” Python smiled indifferently, “So, in theory, we can only become another kind of close sister.”

The title of ‘sir’ made Isabella understand something, and she said with a smile, “Ms. Sally, please take care of us in the future. I hope we can become real friends.”

Python nodded lightly.

“Sally? So it’s not the lamp spirit?” Student Nephew’s eyes lit up. “Beautiful lady, is there anything I can do to help you?”

“Don’t embarrass yourself with your strength. Didn’t you notice that Ms. Sally’s strength is at the peak stage of the Kingdom Level?” Master Poison Dragon also came over to show his hospitality, “My name is Paglio, and I’m only one step away from advancing to Demi-God. I hope to make progress together with Ms. Sally in the future training.”

“I don’t have much interest in people who are too weak.” Python smiled lightly. “Within 1 month, whoever’s strength is lower has to promise to do one thing.”

“Anything?” The poison dragon’s eyes flashed.

Chen Rui on the side was speechless. Isn’t this guy getting married to Little Betty soon? Why is he still behaving like this?

He also saw Isabella’s wink at the same time – Well, no pain no gain, so let’s give this guy an unforgettable experience.

“Okay.” Python showed a strange smile. Anyway, this kind of training to restore strength is very boring. It would be nice to have an ant to play with.

“Okay! Deal! Some weak guys better not join together ignorantly.” Master Poison Dragon winked at Student Nephew in a demonstrative manner, not knowing that the ignorant trash was himself.

A few hours later, the group of relatives and friends who participated in the trial received news of Chen Rui’s arrival and returned to the assembly place one after another.

Zola finally advanced to the peak stage of the Demi-God, which surprised Python, who had once been in contact with the fairy dragon.

Catherine who was at the early stage of the Demi-God had also been completely stabilized. The rest had their own harvests. The most unexpected thing for Chen Rui was Guradam. The corpse necromancer had made astonishing progress in the study of the wandering spirits. He merged his own soul with the wandering spirits, becoming a true wandering spirit.

This wandering spirit was no joke. Not only he was not attacked in the group of the wandering spirits, but he also had the mutated devour ability, which could devour low level wandering spirits to continuously grow.

It was precisely because of this special attribute that Guradam often took the lead as a scout to find a suitable group of the wandering spirits, then the trial team selectively sent people with corresponding strength to the training. This could avoid the danger of being caught in a siege to a large extent.

The 1-star enhancement of the current corpse necromancer had not yet been completed. If it was all completed, plus the power of the devour, there would be a great leap in his strength. Unfortunately, the soul essence buried somewhere in the life box had a considerable limit on advancement, so he couldn’t achieve qualitative progress by relying on devouring external forces. However, it was enough to be pleasantly surprised that he could even advance in a small realm.

Zola was surprised to learn Python’s identity from Isabella. But when Ms. Fairy Dragon heard Sister Yini mentioning the betting agreement between the poison dragon and the peak stage of the Pseudo-God, the hidden blackhearted attribute immediately flashed.

Next, Ms. Fairy Dragon not only did not remind Paglio, but instead hinted that she could consider helping the poison dragon break through to the realm of Demi-God as long as he provided the corresponding wealth as a reward.

After ‘coincidentally’ arrived and became the witness of both parties ‘by chance’, Ms. Yini smiled and watched Zola and Paglio reach an agreement. The smile fully demonstrated the charm of the Devil’s Snare Flower – Obviously, Paglio would have an unforgettable experience, more precisely a painful lesson. Perhaps after this time, the idea of ​​messing around with ladies would subside a lot.

Her best friend Little Betty would probably be happy when she learned about it too.

Chen Rui didn’t know that the 2 madam wives had tricked the poor poison dragon again. He told everyone about the experience of the Dead Sea.

Then only everyone knew that Chen Rui’s experience was so full of ups and downs these days. After experiencing the terrifying battle of life and death, he unexpectedly defeated the avatar of Despair Lord Dillosro, destroyed the main altar, and won the betting agreement with Satan. Therefore, he postponed the decisive battle for 10 years and rescued Olypheus as well as others at the same time.

The bad news was not just Vesilna’s death, but also the crack of the Water Elemental King’s elemental heart.

“I will definitely find the Phantom Ice Spring to help Lambost repair the elemental heart.”

“Phantom Ice Spring?” Zola said thoughtfully.

“Do you know where it is?” Chen Rui’s eyes lit up.

“I don’t remember now…” Ms. Fairy Dragon replied dazedly.


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