Devil’s Son-in-Law

Chapter 1082: Soul Fusion

Chapter 1082: Soul Fusion

With the encouragement of Chen Rui, Adeline also joined the game, but the naga girl did not participate in the battle game between Olypheus and Lalaria. Instead, she chose her favorite single-player simulation game. Soon, she was indulged in entertainment.

At this time, it was still a few hours before returning to the Blue Lake Mountain Range of the Dark Moon. Chen Rui thought for a while and released Python from the Super System. Since Python had truly surrendered, there was no need to imprison her anymore in the Super System.

After Python had absorbed Quilliana’s avatar power, her damaged soul was almost repaired. Although her strength was a little weaker than before, she was at the peak stage of the Pseudo-God after all; the strongest ace in Chen Rui’s hands.

Python, who had left the Super System, felt a little like a world away. This was the first time she had breathed free air since the battle at the Light Divinity Temple— If the soul entity needed to breathe.

If it was an ordinary soul entity, it could not survive for a long time in a normal environment, unless it was converted to undead or with the power of some special treasure.

Even the dark element magician Guradam, who was proficient in undead magic, took a huge risk when converting himself into a corpse necromancer. If it was an ordinary soul, it would lose its autonomy and become an undead creature with only fighting instinct after conversion.

Python had a very special soul talent and was extremely powerful. She could survive freely as a soul entity without relying on any external force. In fact, she even coexisted with the destruction origin in the silver box over the years.

However, without the body, some abilities could not be exerted or maximized.

“This is… an independent space? The outside of this space seems to be moving at a high speed… Such a huge interior space is definitely not an ordinary magical item; it is simply a magnificent city.” Python looked around the environment and immediately discovered the mystery of the space of the City of Stars, “What is that kind of giant? It actually has the power of the Kingdom Level. This is the first time I have seen this kind of creature.”

“This is the ancient alchemy metropolitan civilization, and it is also a civilization outside the main plane that I have inherited. That kind of giant is called the titans. It belongs to alchemy creatures and has the talent of lightning and storm. Come with me, we are going to the evolution tank now. You’ll also see more alchemical creatures.”

“The ancient alchemy civilization? It’s amazing.” Python glanced at Chen Rui, “But, even the main plane may not have the kind of universe power that is close to the ultimate.

Sir, are you telling me that the ultimate power is inherited from a small civilization outside this main plane?”

Python was a seasoned Pseudo-God powerhouse with unimaginable experience and scheming. It was easy to use that kind of excuse to deceive others, but it was not easy to fool her with it. In a sense, Python was the first to debunk the ‘inheritance’ lie.

Chen Rui’s eyes flashed, “The real universe is vast and boundless. There should not only be this main plane. Maybe I’m the unlucky person who came here from another ‘main plane?'”

This should be the closest thing to the truth that Chen Rui had said since he came to this world. Unfortunately, Python didn’t understand him.

“With an existence like the ‘Originator’, many things may happen, but I have not heard the records or legends of foreign Gods.” Python’s eyes flashed, “Compared with this ethereal legend, I believe more in some kind of rebirth of soul.”

Chen Rui smiled wryly, “Soul rebirth? I don’t know whether to say you guessed right or misunderstood. Let’s not talk about this. It’s pointless to argue about this topic.”

“Okay, if this is sir’s order.” Python turned her eyes, “Then let’s talk about these strange facilities.”

“What you see now is the evolution tank. These creatures that operate the equipment are gremlin servants. They are the only non-combat force, but their role is more important than a combat army. They can manufacture, repair and operate all kinds of equipment. If the entire alchemy city is a large-scale machine, then they are all kinds of indispensable gears. That cocooned area is the evolution tank. Alchemy creatures are generally unable to train or advance. They can use ‘super evolution’ to reach the next level, but with a considerable failure rate.”

Chen Rui noticed that when he began to speak, Python’s eyes were fixed on 1 thing, and he introduced, “This is the lamp spirit that failed to advance. Her name is Manlace, a special creature that was created by a crazy guy in the ancient alchemy civilization. She cannot be imitated yet. Originally, she should be the most promising one to succeed in ‘super-evolution’, but it has not been successful. The only difference is that although she has experienced many failures, she has not experienced strength regression or physical annihilation like similar creatures. It was just that her soul became weaker and weaker.”

“You just said ‘similar’? No, she’s different.'” Python stared at Manlace’s body closely, “I didn’t expect it to be a soul fusion body, and it is to such an extent…”

“Soul fusion body?”

“This woman still has a trace of her soul left. She should not be directly created like other creatures, but transformed from a real life entity.”

Chen Rui was taken aback by Python’s words. The maroon lamp spirit is actually not the lamp spirit ‘created’ by alchemy equipment! The mad scientist used a real person…

It turned out that from the very beginning, my own thinking was wrong. No wonder when ‘Crystal Phoenix’ analyzed her based on ​​the lamp spirits, she could not decode her.

“This body is so perfect. It’s much more perfect than the body I prepared for myself… No, it is more perfect than my original body.” Python’s eyes twinkled, “Manlace? She will be called Python from now on.”

Chen Rui immediately responded, “You mean…”

“With this perfect soul fusion body, I can truly be reborn.” Python smiled, “If the power you give is as magical as imagined, then not only I can restore the peak stage power back then, even my strength will be further improved.”

“Will her original consciousness completely disappear?” Chen Rui frowned. Although Manlace’s soul power was extremely weak, she had not been truly annihilated yet.

“I will fuse with her soul, which can be understood as… that trace of her soul is devoured by me as a part of me, but she will not disappear completely. That way, I can perfectly control this body. However, her residual memory or consciousness may have some kind of corresponding effect on me. I don’t know if sir can understand this kind of explanation.”

“I understand.” Chen Rui shrugged – No one knows this feeling better than me.

“Okay, let’s start now.” Python’s eyes lit up, “I need sir’s help.”

“What should I do?”

A confident smile appeared on the corner of Python’s mouth, “The origin power of creation…”

Chen Rui nodded in realization. No wonder Python has been trying so hard to go to the Holy Light Mountain to get the creation origin. It turns out she not only covets a higher level of power, but it is also for her own rebirth. For this, she had already prepared a body that is suitable for soul fusion. No doubt she has foresight.

The soul power of Python was much stronger than that of Manlace. With the assistance of the origin power of creation activated by Chen Rui, it did not take too long to successfully integrate the soul of Python with the body of Manlace.

‘Manlace’ who had always been closing her eyes slowly opened her eyes. Chen Rui felt that her temperament had changed suddenly. Although the facial features were still the original maroon lamp spirit, her whole body exuded a special seductive breath, which made one involuntarily attracted. At the same time, one also felt trembling and fear like she was some kind of deadly poisonous flower.

‘Manlace’ looked at her hands and smiled, “It’s a perfect fusion. This body actually has so many extra abilities. Its potential is beyond my imagination. Great!”

With that said, ‘Manlace’ waved at Chen Rui, and a ray of light covered him. Of course, this kind of light would not do any damage. On the contrary, Chen Rui was surprised to feel that his soul power had risen out of thin air. The soul buff was not something that ordinary buff magic could achieve, but a brand-new skill. This should be caused by the buff magic talent that Python integrated with the maroon lamp spirit.

“In addition to the ability of buff and debuff, there is also the talent of elements.” Different lights kept flashing in ‘Manlace’’s palm. She stretched her limbs for a while and made several feint actions, “It seems that the melee combat ability is also quite outstanding, which makes up for some of my previous weaknesses.

‘Let’s use Manlace as the last name. From now on, my name will be ‘Python. Manlace’.”

Race: ??

Comprehensive Strength Assessment: S++

Physique:S+, Strength: S+, Spirit: S++, Speed: S

[Analysis]: Indestructible attribute, powerful magic body, element buff, melee combat mastery, sex skills mastery, ??, ??, ??.

The question marks displayed in the [Analytical Eyes] should be the result of the analysis that had not yet been determined. It seemed that after the fusion, a very wonderful change had occurred. The only thing that had not changed was the level of strength.

“Your strength…”

“Wait a minute.” Python narrowed her eyes, “Although this ‘Manlace’ was transformed into a lamp spirit by that guy named Doruda, the original trace of her soul has not disappeared, and many memories have been preserved. It’s just that she can’t resist the controller’s will. Because you saved her, she has a special kind of gratitude for you. Even… she wants to repay you in some way, but unfortunately, you hadn’t seized the opportunity. “

Only then did Chen Rui know that the maroon lamp spirit still retained a trace of consciousness before being transformed. Seeing Python’s suggestive smile, his old face couldn’t help but blush. He said embarrassingly, “Let’s discuss your strength.”

“With all due respect, as a powerful person approaching the peak stage, a powerful controller and superior,” Python shook her head and sighed, “What you have shown is simply unqualified. First of all, your words and actions cannot make people feel as awe as it should be, let alone anything else.”

“I just want to be myself.” Chen Rui thought for a while, “Could it be that after putting on a shell of strength, the me inside is no longer me?”

This sentence made Python silent for a moment, then she changed the topic, “About strength…”

With that said, the breath on her body began to skyrocket. The power of the original peak stage of the Demon Overlord broke through to the Kingdom Level in an instant. Moreover, it was still rising, reaching the peak stage of the Kingdom level in the blink of an eye.

“Due to the special attribute of fusion and the limitation of this body, my soul power is temporarily suppressed below Demi-God. I urgently need training now to improve the extent of fusion of my soul and the strength of my body, then I can gradually return to the peak stage.”

“Veronica should have taken you to the training ground before, where the time law is 1,000 times longer.”

“That’s a wonderful thing, but it’s not enough.” Python nodded. “The fastest way is through actual combat.”

Chen Rui’s mind moved, “If you want to fight, I have a very suitable place.”

TL: Maybe Manlance’s soul will cause her to fall for Chen Rui?

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