Devil’s Son-in-Law

Chapter 1084: Good Egg

Chapter 1084: Good Egg

Zola didn’t mean to tease her man, but she did hear about the key item to resurrect the Water Elemental King before. It seemed like it was when she was still in the human world, but unfortunately, she couldn’t think of the specific details.

Chen Rui knew that it was useless to rush this kind of thing, so he had to let Ms. Fairy Dragon slowly recalled it, but the human world was also a very important clue. He could go back to the human world through the [Star Gate] to find it.

Under the unanimous strong request of Zola and Isabella, Chen Rui did not expose Python’s identity, but he secretly asked Python to show mercy and not kill the poison dragon.

In this way, Ms. ‘Sally’ officially joined the training team.

Python, Zola and Isabella were old acquaintances. When they were at the Golden Estate, the relationship between the 3 was quite close due to Python’s deliberate approach, but after Chen Rui exposed Python’s identity, they immediately became antagonistic. Afterward at the Holy Light Mountain, the 2 women had always maintained a high degree of vigilance against this terrifying enemy. They couldn’t help feeling surreal that they were now comrades-in-arms on the same front.

Python did not deliberately lower her stance to Zola and others because of the contract, but maintained a calmness that was neither humble nor arrogant. In fact, she still attached great importance to the 2 goddesses of ‘that world’, Zola and Catherine, especially the ‘Wisdom Goddess’ Catherine. Perhaps due to the Goddess position, they gave Python a very special feeling.

Although the decisive battle with Satan had been postponed for 10 years, and the current crisis had been temporarily resolved, everyone was reluctant to give up this training opportunity and return. Rather, they decided to continue to stay, strive for a higher level of strength, and comprehend the 2-star evolution as soon as possible to become the real boost for Chen Rui.

Only Catherine was worried about state affairs, so she proposed to go back to the empire first and come only when she was free. Catherine had now broken through to Demi-God and had the status of the Super System. She had become 1 of the main constellations of the [All Star Gods View]. She and Zola were the first 2 to complete the ‘mission’, becoming the target for the rest of the people to catch up with.

Catherine was the empress of the Dark Shadow Empire, so Chen Rui understood her feelings very well. Now that Guradam was a super scout, even without Catherine leading the team, the danger was greatly reduced. Besides, it wouldn’t take long for Python’s strength to break through to the Demi-God level. As long as they were cautious, there was no problem with the trial here.

Chen Rui took Catherine back to the City of Stars in the Blue Lake Mountain Range after arranging the training for everyone.

The current 7 star points were as follow:

1 each at the Storm Island and the top of the Holy Light Mountain. They served as a passage point for the human world.

1 at the Ghastly Floating Land. It was used for everyone’s training.

1 at the Miro Sea Area of the Demon Realm’s Dead Sea, which led directly to the frozen iceland of Lambost.

1 at the City of Stars in the Blue Lake Mountain Range, which was recently set up as a temporary teleportation portal to travel to and from.

1 at the palace of the Fallen Angel Empire, which was used as emergency aid when Satan and Dark Divinity Temple forces appeared.

1 at the palace of the Bloody Empire, which was used as emergency aid when the forces of Satan and Dark Divinity Temple appeared.

As for the original star point at the Dark Shadow Empire, it was changed to the Miro Sea Area at that time, because Catherine herself was training in the Ghastly Floating Land. If necessary, Chen Rui would set a star point again when he returned with Catherine.

Catherine was surprised by the new, upgraded City of Stars. Her first reaction was that the metropolitan could be used as a strategically large base or as a mobile shelter.

Some of Catherine’s subsequent ideas really made Chen Rui feel very ingenious – For example, making use of the soldiers’ ‘formation’ in the human world to greatly improve the combat power of the alchemy creatures. Human soldiers were the best at collective combat. They generally used some kind of magic pattern or magic circle to combine the overall life force and power. This would exert a power several times greater than their own to compete with those powerhouses.

Now in the Demon Realm, with the construction of the college, various academic studies had ushered in the flourishing phase, including the relatively unpopular subjects such as magic array and scroll art. The corresponding items and professions were also introduced in the most popular ‘Infinite Warrior OL’.

The scroll magician and the array magician in the game belonged to life occupations, but they were very popular; no less than mechanic and potioneer at all. The role of scroll magician was very obvious, and it could save lives in critical moments. Meanwhile, the array magician could improve a team’s combat effectiveness. Particularly in the monster siege events, the large-scale formations formed by players who had received the magic array could display the offensive and defensive capabilities that were not available before, and the casualty rate was greatly reduced.

There were still some differences between scrolls and magic arrays in reality and games, but they complement each other. The Demon Realm’s scroll art and magic array art had developed extremely rapidly. Many aspects had been applied to the army which enhanced the combat power of the army.

Although the Demon Realm was now in a period of peace under the 3 empires’ alliance, they couldn’t relax their vigilance. Even if the association of the 3 empires could be maintained forever, the world would not be peaceful. In the short term, there was the concern of the Dark Divinity Temple whereas in the long term, there was the concern of the Abyss. Moreover, 100 years later, there would be a war with the human world.

Chen Rui already knew that the war between the Demon Realm and the human world was actually an inconclusive contest. The large number of soldiers who died on both sides was equivalent to some kind of sacrifice. It seems that there are even bigger secrets waiting to be discovered, and Python has not said it all. Anyway, there are still more than 100 years before it is completely too late. By then, let’s try to break this infinite loop of sacrifice!

If the war between the 2 worlds was a sacrifice, and the Dark Divinity Temple was a personal ambition, Chen Rui would not take chances because of the success of this betting agreement. Nonetheless, he still had 10 years time, so he was confident to surpass Satan in all aspects.

Compared with these, the Abyss was the real problem. Now the 3 main altars had been destroyed, which had greatly delayed the Abyss’ attack on the main plane, but the Abyss would surely not stop there. Judging from the Cloud Rider Empire, the mysterious cult, and so on, the world would face that blood-red destruction sooner or later.

If scroll art, magic array art, including various disciplines and tactics were passed down and carried forward, even if Chen Rui and others were no longer there, the ability to fight the Abyss would be greatly enhanced.

Alchemy creatures had the special attribute of absolute obedience to the commander. If the addition of magic arrays could be successful, they would become the most terrifying war machines, especially those super-level creatures. They might also have the ability to fight those of the higher levels.

Chen Rui told Crystal Phoenix about the corresponding knowledge of the magic array and his own ideas. Crystal Phoenix immediately began to faithfully carry out related research and experiments. After all this was done, Chen Rui returned to Dark Moon City with Catherine, Adeline and others.

The Blue Lake Mountain Range was within the Dark Moon Estate. Chen Rui did not use the Star Ship, but he activated the shifting power and arrived at the Dark Moon after a while.

Now most of the relatives and friends were in the Ghastly Floating Land for training. Athena was pregnant. Kia and others stayed in the palace to take care of her, so the house was temporarily empty. Chen Rui went directly to the Dark Moon palace.

It was already morning. When Chen Rui and others appeared, Athena’s eyes flashed with surprise.

“Chen Rui! Catherine! And Olypheus, Adeline, Lalaria! You’re all back!”

En, you look good.” Catherine looked at Athena, “Although it’s still early, you must pay attention to your diet and safety. Stick to the recipe I made for you last time.”

“Got it, Catherine.” Athena smiled at Catherine and nodded to the shy Adeline.

Athena was the most popular one among the harem troupe, especially now as a mother-to-be. She had a lot of common topics with Catherine. Catherine was the one who noticed her pregnancy, and Athena received a lot of valuable pregnancy experience as well as advice.

Chen Rui was about to go give Athena a hug, but Olypheus took the lead. In the heart of Ms. Black Dragon, Athena was a good friend and a big financier. As early as in the battle of the Dark Moon against Prince Obsidian, Athena, who kept her word, made Olypheus earn a lot of money. She never broke her promise and took care of her on usual days, so she definitely ranked in the top 5 in the chick’s mind.

“Athena! I heard that you are going to be a mommy!” Ms. Black Dragon happily put her ear to Athena’s flat stomach and listened. She nodded like an ‘expert’, “I think it must be a good egg.”

Athena, “…”

Chen Rui, “…”

While it was lively, Chen Rui suddenly sensed the [Fire Phoenix Stigmata] in his arm start to heat up faintly, and Catherine seemed to have some kind of sense as well. Shortly, a happy cry from her daughter could be heard in the distance, “Mommy! Daddy!”

In the blink of an eye, a red light flew over and plunged into Catherine’s arms; it was Darling Duoduo.

The little girl arched in mommy’s arms for a while before she reached out to Chen Rui, “Daddy hug!”

Chen Rui walked over with a smile, took the baby daughter from Catherine, and kissed her. The little girl also smooched several saliva marks on Daddy’s face. However, Ms. Duoduo apparently strategically avoided those piercing beards, and she occasionally tried to eliminate them with her pulling skill.

As Athena looked at the intimacy of the family of 3, she touched her lower abdomen subconsciously, and showed a warm expression on her face. At this moment, Kia’s resentful voice sounded at the door, “Duoduo, you don’t want Aunt Kia when you have mommy now?”

“And Aunt Alice!” Little Princess Loli hurriedly added, wanting to make a name for herself.

“It’s Sister Alice!” Duoduo corrected the loli’s ‘mistake’ in time and turned to look at Kia, “Aunt Kia, Duoduo is hungry.”

“Okay.” Kia frowned and took out a large bag of food from the space ring and filled the entire table. Duoduo immediately jumped out of Chen Rui’s arms and flew to the table.

“Kia, there’s no need for so much.” Chen Rui smiled, “We’ve already had breakfast, and now there’s still some time before lunch.”

“No, this is not for you all.”

Chen Rui was startled by Kia’s words. Then, Chen Rui’s smile froze on his face after seeing the scene in front.

A table full of food was eaten up by Duoduo in the blink of an eye.

“Duoduo, are you alright?” Chen Rui hurried over and hugged his daughter.

The little girl nodded tearfully, and Chen Rui was startled, “What’s the matter? Darling?”

“I’m still hungry…”

TL: Good egg and Duoduo’s dragon stomach? Hmm, did Chen Rui get the dragon gene through the contract before?

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