Devil’s Son-in-Law

Chapter 106 - Town Leia

Chapter 106: Town Leia

Chen Rui didn’t know if there was any special situation, but Town Leia had really strict security. There were checkpoints going in and out, and there were a large number of guards on duty. Besides, there was even protective magic. Thus, Chen Rui couldn’t surpass the defense to sneak in; it seemed like he had to muddle his way in.

As he was completely unfamiliar with Town Leia, Chen Rui didn’t recklessly <Camouflage> into Culia’s appearance to avoid being exposed. He <Camouflage> into a dark elf, Robin who he used to cheat Culia.

Robin was an actual demon. He was one of the subordinates that Chen Rui caught at the mountain foot of Mountain Xilang, and Chen Rui interrogated him for some information.

Chen Rui walked over, and he was immediately stopped. The centaur guard examined Chen Rui. As he found out that it was a weak dark elf, he asked disdainfully, “Who are you and what business do you have at Town Leia?”

Chen Rui was about to speak then a voice behind the guard sounded, “Robin! Why are you here?”

Chen Rui didn’t expect to meet Robin’s acquaintance here; he was shocked just now for fear that he would be exposed.

The one that spoke was another centaur that looked a little silly. The centaur guard turned around to look, “Yach, you know him?”

“This guy is part of the Scarlet Guards.” Yach replied, “He lost and owed me 2 black crystal coins from the gamble previously. He kept on dragging until I’m here in Town Leia, but he still hasn’t paid me!”

Scarlet Guards? Isn’t it Red Devils? Chen Rui was puzzled.

When the guards heard that he was part of the Scarlet Guards, they nodded slightly and waved their hands impatiently, indicating that Chen Rui could pass. Seeing him looking blankly, Yach took him to the side and said, “Aren’t you supposed to be at Mountain Xilang? It isn’t time to rotate the shift now, why are you here at Town Leia?”

“Red Devils…” Chen Rui heard the words “Mountain Xilang” and he understood, so he deliberately seemed hesitant to speak.

“We’re called the Scarlet Guards here!” Yach quickly interrupted, “You haven’t returned to Town Leia for a long time, have you forgotten about me?”

Surely, Chen Rui fully understood. Fortunately, he didn’t speak just now as it almost exposed himself. His luck during this action wasn’t bad as he had someone to “help” at the very beginning.

Chen Rui thought of an idea, then he pulled Yach a few steps forward and took out 2 black crystal coins for the centaur, “Yach, I’ll return this to you.”

The black crystal coins he seized from Silva previously had 30,000 left after purchasing aura materials and giving the old dwarf as fundings for the Cloak Gang’s development. He never had a place to spend. Along with the 20,000 from Culia, there was a total of 50,000. Giving Yach 2 black crystal coins were barely anything.

Yach was overjoyed, kept the black crystal coins and even praised Chen Rui for keeping promises. After the two talked for awhile, Yach asked Chen Rui why was his strength lowered. Then, Chen Rui simply found an excuse to muddle through. The centaur who just recovered his gambling debt was in a good mood, so he actually didn’t suspect.

Chen Rui could tell that Yach wasn’t a clever person, so his identity as “Robin” shouldn’t be exposed for a while. From his association with the blacksmith, Zach and others, he knew that the centaurs love to drink alcohol. Chen Rui intended to get more information, so he immediately invited Yach to drink.

That proposal really made Yach felt tempted; he involuntarily swallowed his saliva. He said, “However, Sir Barnacle instructed us to help the guards.”

It seemed that Barnacle was doing well here that he even arranged for his subordinates to be “auxiliary police.”

“Tell them that you’ll bring some alcohol back for them, they’ll agree.”

Chen Rui gave an idea.

Yach’s eyes brightened, and he went to talk to the centaur guards. The centaur guards looked happy and immediately agreed. The way they looked at Chen Rui was also a lot better; they nodded at him from a distance.

Town Leia was much larger than Chen Rui’s expectation, and it was also far more bustling than the Dark Moon City.

Yach took Chen Rui to a pub called “Hammer”. It was really lively inside. Most of them were lower and middle rank demons like centaurs and liches. There were also several succubus “waitresses” with revealing clothing that walked around serving alcohol; they were harassed by the customers along the way from time to time.

The succubus waitresses were obviously used to it. They sometimes reacted coquettishly, sometimes scolded jokingly, but they could always enchant the other.

The women in the Dark Shadow Empire like to put a veil on their face. It is said to be imitating the first beauty, Catherine the Great. These succubus had voluptuous body. Wearing a veil even added a mysterious temptation. Chen Rui was pulled by Yach to sit at the corner. They ordered a few glasses of alcohol and two plates of meat. The wine glasses here were customized to be big portion to satisfy their customers. Yach drank two glasses and his rough skin began to become faintly red. Chen Rui first made Yach drink more, then he spoke casually to gain affinity. Seeing that it was about time, Chen Rui approached and said mysteriously, “Yach, let me tell you. I actually came back with Sir Culia this time.”

Yach was surprised, “Sir Culia? He’s back again? Why didn’t I see him? Why didn’t the guild get the news?”

“Sir Culia was too fast.” Chen Rui smiled bitterly while shaking his head, “He didn’t have the patience to wait for me.’

“Also, you know the relationship between Sir Culia and Sir Barnacle…”

Yach looked like he suddenly understood and nodded,”No wonder. It was Ruth and others guarding the entrance yesterday. Perhaps Sir Culia purposely told them not to tell.”

“Sir Culia must be laying on the brothel’s owner, Feilian’s body now.” The centaur then revealed a smile that all men would understand, but lowered his voice and said, “Sir Culia usually rarely returns to Town Leia. He might not know that Feilian is seeing a few other guys too. I don’t know what’s Sir Culia ranking…”

Chen Rui deliberately imitated the strange laugh of the centaur and whispered, “This has nothing to do with us, but I heard that Sir Culia rushed back for another important thing and he didn’t want Sir Barnacle to know. I spent almost all of my savings to please Sir Culia to come along from Mountain Xilang. Don’t tell anyone else! Come here tomorrow night, I will invite you to drink again.

When he heard that there were more alcohol to drink tomorrow, Yach immediately promised, “Who wants to stay at such nasty place like Mountain Xilang anyway? Ordinary members like us have to stay there for at least a year if there wasn’t any special action. How can we compare ourselves to those leaders that can come back every few months? Rest assured, I won’t tell others.”

“The most pitiful was Sir Yagus, who is always possessed by Ms. Sully; he couldn’t come over even if he wants to.” Chen Rui replied with a gossip he overheard from Mountain Xilang.

“I don’t know if when they are intimate, would the poor Sir Yagus still be suppressed beneath as well?” Yach smiled pervertedly, but he didn’t know that the two could only be intimate in another world.

“By the way, Robin, you’ve been in Mountain Xilang for a long time, so your memory isn’t good. Let me introduce you to a few nice places. The succubus there are sultry and charming. I’m sure you’ll be satisfied.” Yach mentioned a few inns with an understanding look, then whispered, “The day after tomorrow is the birthday of the mayor, Old Kander. Usually, it’s the liveliest time of the town, but in a few days time, someone important is coming to Town Leia. It seems to be about dealing with some important matters. Thus, the whole town is in a state of martial law during this time.”

“Martial law?” Chen Rui came to interest suddenly.

“Yeah. Yesterday, the mayor, Old Kander also gathered the leaders of the town’s large and small forces again to discuss. On the one hand, it is an invitation to the birthday party. On the one hand, it is also to warn these forces to not cause any troubles at this time. Otherwise, they will be severely punished. Our leader, Sir Snowden and Old Kander are good friends. After the town hall meeting yesterday, Sir Barnacle ordered us to assist the guards, so you should remember not to wander around.”

“I understand.” Chen Rui looked grateful, but he was scheming in his heart: It turned out the superior is coming to “inspect”, no wonder they are so careful. The day after tomorrow is the birthday of Old Kander… This is a great opportunity. It seems that the original plan has to be changed a bit. If it succeeds, it will have twice the effect with half the work.

However, the current information was too little. He needed to know more details of the situation.

Chen Rui asked Yach a few more questions and confirmed that he couldn’t get anymore information. He immediately finished his drink and left a black crystal coin, “Keep this for yourself to buy and drink alcohol. Sir Culia instructed me not to leak the news that he came back, so remember not to slip it out! I’m going to the few inns that you mentioned to take a look.”

Yach quickly took it and held it tight as he was afraid that Chen Rui would change his mind. Seeing Chen Rui left, there was a smug smile on the centaur’s face, “I was afraid that this stingy dark elf won’t pay the debt and slip away. I never thought he really has changed. It seems that the horrific place really made him crazy.”

“Since I know his secret, I don’t have to worry about not having alcohol to drink anymore!” Such a good thing, the clever Yach would surely not tell anyone.

Chen Rui was walking while thinking about how to obtain more information from the inn, then an imp in front suddenly stopped him, “Sir dark elf, you don’t look familiar. Is it your first time here in Town Leia?”

“Do you need an experienced tour guide?”

Chen Rui examined the imp and his strength was only at F. He looked genuine, but his eyes were, but his eyes were constantly looking everywhere. Chen Rui wasn’t a rookie who just arrived the Demon Realm. This imp was most probably having a bad intention. These seemed to be quite a lot of similar deceitful characters in his Cloak Gang.

“Okay. If you do it well, I have a huge reward.” Chen Rui smiled slightly and deliberately took out a black crystal coin to show off. It almost blinded the imp’s eyes – Black crystal coin? This weak guy actually has black crystal coin? I’m truly blessed by the demon god today; I actually meet a fat sheep! Fatter than the Demon Realm’s fattest fat sheep!

“My name is Cary, how should I address sir?” “Robin.”

“What does sir want to know? I’m famous for knowing everything in Town Leia. There are no demon or place that I don’t know.”

Chen Rui’s eyes brightened: Everything?

The imp tried to get information from Chen Rui while introducing Town Leia. Slowly, they walked into an secluded alley. Chen Rui pretended that he didn’t know. He acted as if he was listening with full attention and followed Cary into an secluded place.

Cary’s hand secretly moved toward the dagger on his left waist. Then, “Robin” suddenly turned around and sneered, “Now, hand me all the money and items you have!” The imp couldn’t react at first. Hold on. Shouldn’t I be the one robbing? When did the roles change?

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