Devil’s Son-in-Law

Chapter 105 - Aura Fruit! New Source Of Aura

Chapter 105: Aura Fruit! New Source Of Aura

Athena watched the departure of the wyvern and covered her hot cheeks. There were both shyness and happiness in her heart. She felt her body was extremely light at the moment and her mood was unprecedentedly exhilarated.

She turned to see Dodo’s peeking from the gap between his fingers and the onion-head’s mouth was still snickering. She suddenly raised her voice, “Slime! What did you see?” “Nothing!” Dodo quickly closed the fingers that he transformed and desperately shook his onion-head, “Dodo didn’t see anything!”

Athena looked doubtful and a greatsword appeared in her hand while she approached the slime slowly.

“Dodo really didn’t see master and mistress hugging nor did I see mistress blushing…” Dodo felt Athena’s murderous intention, so he nervously bounced backward while saying incoherently.

When those words were said, Athena, who was embarrassed and furious at the same time waved her greatsword while she walked toward Dodo, making slime scared witless.

The entire green leaf forest echoed with Dodo’s voice begging for mercy and the shy and the happy scream of a young girl who felt emotionally satisfied for the first time.

In the Xilang mountain range, Chen Rui flew all the way to Town Leia on Mengda with the help of the magic map.

After 200 days of training in the surfy sea, his Star Power had made a tremendous improvement in terms of both quality and quantity. Basically, he had mastered the mysterious power of surfy sea. Athena’s power was equivalent to a middle-stage Higher Demon that was half way into the peak of Higher Demon, so she was slightly superior than him. However, under the attack of the force of surfy sea, she almost lost.

The gains from the surfy sea training was not just that. The damage of <Aura Blade> and <Aurora Shot> were improved to a certain extent. <Aura Blade> became more concentrated and sharper. If it were the previous <Aura Blade>, it was impossible to cut Athena’s greatsword that she concentrated her strength on.

The battle with Athena basically gave Chen Rui an accurate measurement of his current strength. He probably was the strongest middle-stage Higher Demon; he should be able to win against all ordinary middle-stage Higher Demon comfortable. For those who were at the peak of Higher Demon, with the strength he obtained at the surfy sea along with <Aura Blade> and <Aurora Shot>, he should still be able to rival.

When Chen Rui left the Dark Moon City, he just broke through the Alkaid state. Her battle record included barely killing the early-stage Higher Demon, Mikas; after 20 days of training at the dark rainforest, he defeated the two early-stage Higher Demons, Sully and Yagus: after consuming a full set of eternal black potion and trained in the surfy sea of the training ground for 100 days, he killed the badly injured middle-stage Higher Demon, Culia: after 200 days of training, his Mizar state’s strength finally stabilized. He could evenly-match with Athena.

About a year’s time, he only increased by one small level, which was equivalent to the strongest of middle-stage Higher Demon. Chen Rui felt that it was a bit slow.

It seemed that it was exactly like what Paglio said, the training difficulty multiplied as one advanced to a higher level. If it were the Alkaid state, he would’ve reached the breaking point much earlier. His experience value was only a little more than 60%. If he advanced to the next level, he was afraid that the progress would be even slower.

However, if Paglio was actually here, he would definitely scold the human for being insatiable. An ordinary Higher Demon needed at least 20 years to go from early-stage to middle-stage; then, another 100 years to reach later-stage from middle-stage. Even a talented Great Demon like Arux took 100 years to train from early-stage Higher Demon to the peak.

Athena belonged to a Great Demon with mutated bloodline. The mutated bloodline often had incredible potential and talent. Also, many strengths and understandings could be obtained directly from the hereditary bloodline. Her potentials, even among the Great Demon with mutated bloodline, was also an outstanding presence. During the previous Sky Battle, even Joseph as the opponent couldn’t help but admire by describing her as a “genius.”

Surely, the royal families were the kings in the Demon Realm. Not only they had powerful bloodline power, they basically didn’t have the potential limit of the ordinary demons. However, an example like Princess Royal, Shea who was at least a Great Demon King level at her 20s, it was still considered quite rare. There might be some unknown mysterious from within.

In the status bar of the Super System, the stardust in the transparent human body became more delicate, and they were sparkling with soft golden light. When flowing, it was like a smooth river flow. When Chen Rui’s control his Star Power, the movement of this “flow” would also change. For example, when the surging force of the surfy sea was exerted, the stardust would turn into a stormy ocean; when the <Aura Blade> was used, the stardust would become a sharp and rapid torrent…

Each of the movements could express the strongest effect of his Star Power, which was one of the wonders of the Mizar State.

Chen Rui suddenly remembered the fruit trees that he planted in the galaxy garden. He had been focused on training in the training ground for the past few days and had forgotten about this thing. After entering the galaxy garden, the initial places where the fruit trees were were empty, leaving only 5 hallucinating trees and the devil fruit tree.

Where did the aura fruit tree go? Did it disappear when it withered?

Then, he saw the pivotal fairy flew to him gradually with a basket containing a red fruit in her hand.

Only 1 fruit? As Chen Rui was puzzled, the notification sounded: 50 fruits from the aura fruit trees have been harvested. Transfer to the storage warehouse?

50? It seems that in the pivotal fairy’s basket, only one of the same fruit will be shown.

Chen Rui was calmed and confirmed the transfer. At that time, the waste ores that converted half were placed in the green leaf forest, so the storage was empty. It was more than enough to store some fruits.

The fruit in the pivotal fairy’s basket disappeared immediately, but she didn’t leave. A prompt sounded again, “You can buy more seeds and reserve some energy dust and warehouse space for long-term caring mode.”

It turned out that there was such a convenient function. From the conversion of waste ores, there was a huge pile of energy dust that he couldn’t finish. Chen Rui spent 25,000 auras to buy 50 seeds and placed in the pivotal fairy’s basket along with a huge amount of energy dust. Then, he confirmed the long-term caring mode. The pivot fairy bowed and went to an empty space. She began planting. Soon, 5 aura fruit trees were germinating. Then, the pivotal fairy returned to the tiny tree at the center within the mist to rest.

Chen Rui took out a fruit from the storage and looked at it curiously. The fruit was about the size of a goose egg. It was red and round like a gem. It exuded a special faint vibe, which seemed to be auras.

An aura-spilling fruit? Try it first!

Chen Rui opened his mouth and bit it. He felt that his mouth was full of fragrance and the fruit melted instantly in his mouth. It tasted very delicious. After eating one, his aura had increased by 2000. 50 fruits were 100,000. For him who had a lot of waste ores now, 100,000 auras wasn’t much. Yet, no matter how huge amount of the waste ores were, it’d finish eventually, whereas this aura fruit was an endless renewable energy.

The methods to obtain auras before this were limited. The speed of <Automatic Absorption> was too slow; the passive ability, <Damage Absorption> required receiving of damages; the most important source was by converting special magic materials, but it’d be gone after converting, especially it was rather unfortunate for those rare materials. Now, with the galaxy garden, he could produce auras himself, which was equivalent to solving the most fundamental energy problem of the Super System. What’s more, the galaxy garden could be further upgraded to raise the yields and plant numbers further. Besides, more plant seeds might appear.

After solving the most vital aura source problem, Chen Rui was really excited. With the help of the magic map’s “GPS” function, he flew toward Town Leia.

Town Leia and Mountain Xilang were quite far apart. Even flying directly in the sky, Chen Rui spent nearly a day to reach. When the map showed that it was close to Town Leia, he stopped flying to avoid catching attention. He left Kegu at a deserted forest in a mountain and ordered it not to wander. Then, Chen Rui left a huge amount of food and continued by walking.

Town Leia was once two historic, confronting fortresses. Later, when Sakya the Great ruled the Fallen Angel Empire, the fortresses were demolished as a symbol of friendship between the Fallen Angel Empire and the Dark Shadow Empire. The area in between the borders was built into Town Leia which both empires shared.

By convention, the mayor of Town Leia was rotated between the Fallen Angel Empire and the Dark Shadow Empire, each with a term of 50 years. However, since the death of the Lord of Midnight Sun in the war with the humans 300 years ago, the mayor position of Town Leia had been re-elected by the Dark Shadow Empire until now. Prince Obsidian also didn’t send anyone to take over, seemingly seeing it as a price to exchange peace from the Fallen Angel Empire. In other words, it was giving away territory for peace.

The Dark Shadow Empire didn’t take advantage and start a war. They seemed to be satisfied with the control of Town Leia; it was also a declaration for friendliness. In reality, it wasn’t so simple. Even if the Sakya the Great and the Dark Shadow Emperor was in a friendly relationship, things had changed, and it was impossible to maintain.

Besides, there was no eternal friendship between nations but only eternal interests.

The current Empress of the Dark Shadow Empire, Catherine the Great was known for her beauty; she had the title of the first beauty in the Demon Realm.

However, before being recognized as the first beauty, she had another title, which was the first sage of the Demon Realm.

Catherine was the princess of the Dark Shadow Empire. After her father died, several brothers killed each other for the throne and the civil war continued. The two foreign enemies, the Fallen Angels and the Bloody Empires were eyeing on them; they were ready to invade at any time when they were weak. When the Dark Shadow Empire was faced with both internal and external troubles and it was at the brink of its empire destruction, Catherine who had always been low-keyed, stepped forward. She settled the chaos fighting for the throne and succeeded as the empress.

At that time, the Lord of Midnight Sun of the Fallen Angel Empire was still on the throne, and he constantly had conflicts with the Bloody Empire. Both countries had the intention of conquering the Dark Shadow Empire. However, Catherine was able to sway between the two countries with superb political means, making both the Bloody Empire and the Fallen Angel Empire dared not to act recklessly. Both empires were afraid that the Dark Shadow would fall into the other’s side. In this way, the Dark Shadow Empire, as the weakest empire, became the winning factor for the Fallen Angels and Bloody Empires. Then, under the leadership of Catherine, they gradually recovered and developed.

After the death of the Lord of Midnight Sun, the Bloody Empire once wanted to send their troops to the Fallen Angel Empire. Catherine knew that after the Bloody Empire conquered the Fallen Angel Empire, the recovering Dark Shadow Empire would face the same result sooner or later. Therefore, she contributed to the peace negotiations among the three empires. In the negotiations, Raizen’s attitude was very tough, but Catherine made a stance of cooperating with the Fallen Angel Empire while secretly pressuring Raizen.

If the strength of the Bloody Empire was 4 points, then the Dark Shadow Empire was 3 points and the Fallen Angel Empire was 2 points. If it was one-on-one, the Bloody Empire had no opponents. However, if two-on-one, the Bloody Empire’s winning probability was small. Raizen considered it over and over again. Finally, he decided that he didn’t want to be attacked from both sides, so he agreed to the peace agreement.

In other words, the key person who led to the temporary peace of the three empires wasn’t Prince Obsidian but the beautiful queen. The Fallen Angel Empire was like a buffer point, which could effectively contain the powerful Bloody Empire, thus ensuring the survival and development of the Dark Shadow Empire.

Catherine wasn’t without ambition. Controlling Town Leia was equivalent to controlling the throat of the Fallen Angel Empire. She could launch attacks at any time to occupy the Dark Moon and used it as a springboard to gradually occupy the entire territory of the Fallen Angel Empire. Yet, for now, the timing was far from mature.

That was the first sage of the Demon Realm, the first beauty and the highest authority of the Dark Shadow Empire, the “Lust” Royal Family, Catherine Asmodeus the Great.

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