Devil’s Son-in-Law

Chapter 107 - Dungeon

Chapter 107: Dungeon

Before the imp took out the dagger, he saw his dagger was suddenly in the dark elf’s hand. Then, the dagger was easily twisted into an iron scrap by the dark elf.

Cary didn’t know that he was unlucky. As he wanted to turn and run away, he heard the other party said faintly, “If you dare to run, I will put this ball of thing into your throat.”

Cary was shocked. Thinking of the dark elf’s speed and his opponent’s scary strength, he immediately paused and turned around fearfully. He cleverly offered his coin bag, “Sir’s strength is comparable to the strongest demons. Cary was as blind as a bat; I actually offended sir. Please accept Cary’s apology.”

Chen Rui took the money bag and opened it to check. There were a few purple crystal coins and a bunch of white crystal coins. Then, he looked at the nervous imp and asked, “These money is too little; it’s far from enough to buy your life.”

“It is possible to keep you alive, but you have to tell me, who is coming to the Town Leia after two days and what are they here for? Don’t try to deceive me. If the news I heard from others is more accurate than what you said, then I will always come to you at anytime, Town Leia’s celebrity, ‘Cary’.”

The imp shuddered; he was extremely regretful. He really wanted to slap himself for blabbing just now.

It was too late to regret now. To save his life, Cary quickly replied, “Report sir. I don’t know the exact news, but I only heard it from an imp servant in the mayor’s house by chance. It seems to be a noble from the capital city, but I don’t know what’s the purpose.”

“I am very dissatisfied with this answer.” Chen Rui shook his head, “It seems that you have to provide some valuable information in exchange for your life. I will give you five minutes.”

As Chen Rui said, he pinched the iron mass with force and suddenly, it stuck together and became an iron block. Cary was scared witless; he quickly told many latest information and rumors out like a machine gun.

“Wait!” Chen Rui suddenly interrupted the imp when he heard something. “You said that the mayor’s young wife cheated with a guy called Lennon?” The imp saw Chen Rui’s interested look, and she quickly continued.

Old Kander from Town Leia was lustful; he prefered the lastest than the older. He had already married 35 wives. His favorite was the latest 35th “wife” named Nalini, a Great Demon.

Nalini was young, beautiful and knowledgeable, and she was a famous beauty and talented woman. She was an unmarried couple with a Great Demon named Ross. Ross was the vice captain of the Town Leia guard which was equivalent to an estate’s deputy sheriff. However, in order to be promoted and make a fortune, Ross gave his fiancee to Old Kander who had been ogling on Nalini’s beauty. Under the influence of drugs, Nalini was possessed by Old Kander and became the 35th wife. Ross was also promoted to the captain of the Town Leia defensive team. Female Great Demons were known as the most loyal woman in the Demon Realm. After being betrayed by Ross, Nalini’s heart was broken, but she didn’t succumb to Old Kander. Instead, she retaliated with a foreigner named Lennon. As a result, Old Kander discovered it and that Lennon disappeared immediately.

Things weren’t over yet. Old Kander found out that his family’s secret treasure ring, “Purple Flame Heart” actually disappeared. Nalini admitted that she had stolen it.

Old Kander interrogated and tortured Nalini due to his wrath. Yet, Nalini refused to confess the whereabouts of the ring. Therefore, he had to lock her up in the dungeon under his mansion, living a painfully and miserably life.

Purple Flame Heart ring? Chen Rui’s heart suddenly moved. He suddenly recalled that the “infatuation ring” that Lennon gave him to promote the intimacy between men and women had a purple gem engraved.

“What does the ring look like? Is there any special function?” “There is a special magic engraving on the silver ring and it’s centre has a round purple gem. Yet, I don’t know about the specific function.” The imp described. “The mayor once set a huge reward for the whole town. Unfortunately, there’s still no news until now.”

Chen Rui affirmed that the “infatuation ring” was the mayor, Old Kander’s family treasure, Purple Flame Heart. Nalini indeed gave it to “Lennon” also known as Roman. Roman didn’t value the ring heavily in his eyes and gave it to Chen Rui somehow. Yet, Chen Rui suddenly felt that Roman was really a jerk. Since he was cheating with Nalini, why didn’t he take her away, but he left her here to face such inhuman torture!

In order to shift Cary’s attention, Chen Rui asked a few other questions. Subsequently, he nodded, took out the coin bag and threw it to the imp, “You didn’t let me down after all.This is your reward!”

“Thank you for your gift, sir! Can I leave now?” The imp quickly bowed, but his heart was secret mumbling, It’s my money anyway!

“You can leave.” Chen Rui showed a smile that scared the imp, “Remember, we’ve never met today. If you can’t control your mouth, I will make you shut up forever.”

Cary quickly nodded. He didn’t dare to say any more nonsense. Fearing that he might raise the opponent’s murderous intention again, he hurriedly left the scary place.

Combining the information from Cary and Yach, Town Leia’s tight security was before Nalini’s accident. As the Old Kander’s once favorite wife, Nalini should know some insider’s information. It seems that it’s necessary to go to the Old Kander’s mansion. If possible, I’ll help Roman do a good deed to help the poor lady.

The mayor’s mansion was very easy to find, which was the biggest mansion in the town. The security wasn’t particularly strict. It was expected that no one from the town would dare to touch the tiger by its butt. Of course, except for a disobedient wife-con.

Culia once revealed that the background of the Old Kander wasn’t simple. Even a Demon King-level powerhouse like Roman had to be cautious. Besides, in an unfamiliar environment like Town Leia, breaking through directly was impossible.

However, even the strongest fortress could be breached from the inside.

The next evening.

In the backyard of the mayor’s mansion, there were many busy servants. As tomorrow was the mayor’s birthday, he invited those with status and power in the entire town to feast.

A one-eyed imp servant was holding an axe chopping the firewood. Cutting wood wasn’t the work of this one-eyed imp. However, this little guy named Bentley was often bullied and forced to work because of his weak strength. One of them was the centaur that chopped firewood. Thus, everyone was used to it.

No one doubted him at all.

However, the centaur who was responsible for cutting wood was very happy. It was the mayor’s birthday tomorrow and it was the time with biggest workload. He never thought this imp would actually take the initiative to take over the chopping task. Since imp was so tactful, he could hold back on his effort in the future.

At that moment, there was a succubus maid in front carrying a basket with food that she needed to deliver to the dungeon. However, as the dungeon was creepy and scary, the succubus seemed reluctant.

“Ouch!” Suddenly, the imp was hurt by a hardwood. The axe fell off his hand and landed 2 meters in front of the succubus maid. The succubus maid was shocked and shouted, “Bentley, you bastard. Do you not have eyes!”

The imp quickly apologize. The succubus was heading to the dungeon initially, so she looked unhappy. She could take advantage of the situation and vent her anger now. She didn’t accept the imp’s apology until he offered to compensate by delivering the meal for her. Then, the succubus was happy and handed the basket to him. Without even saying thank you, she turned and left.

A sense of smugness flashed past the imp’s eyes flashed as everything was going according to his plan. Even if the succubus wasn’t willing to let him deliver the food, he had other ways to deal with it. However, now that everything was smooth, those backup plans were obviously not used.

Bentley was obviously Chen Rui after <Camouflage>. The true Bentley was subdued as soon as he came out of the mayor’s mansion.

As Bentley, who was a servant knew limited information. Chen Rui thought for a long time and decided to risk disguising as Bentley to sneak into the mayor’s mansion.

The <Camouflage> skill was indeed magical as he could actually disguise as an imp, that had entirely a different body type. However, with the example of being seen through by Roman, Chen Rui was very cautious; his wordings and behaviors were exactly like how Bently behaved. Surely, no one detected him. Under usual circumstances, no one would of course pay attention to the most inferior servant.

After a day of scouting, Chen Rui had figured out the location of the dungeon. He immediately carried the food and imitated the imp’s jumping motion to go to the dungeon’s entrance.

The guards of the dungeon were two centaurs. They saw the imp from afar, then one of them frowned and asked, “Why isn’t it Tasha?” Imp said with a dejected voice, “She met me and forced me to send food on her behalf.”

“So it’s like that.” The centaur guards knew that the one-eyed imp was known to be bullied by everyone. So, they just looked away and said, “Go in.”

Chen Rui walked to the gate of the dungeon and a damp smell came to his nose. He saw a long ladder straight down. The light became darker inside, and even the magic lights along the way looked creepy. Chen Rui deliberately shuddered.

The two centaur guards saw his timid look and smiled at each other, “Useless guy. The prisoner is at the innermost of the dungeon. Walk slowly and don’t pee in your pants!”

“Haha!” “Unfortunately, it’s wasn’t Tasha the slut, if not we could’ve molested her.”

Chen Rui jumped down the stairs and heard the mocking laughter of the two centaurs getting further away.

No wonder the succubus, Tasha was reluctant to come here. Being harassed by the two guys at the entrance was still a small deal because this place was truly ghastly. He creeped out inexplicably as he walked in.

Walking down the long and winding stairs, under the dim lighting of the magic lights along the way, he could see many skeletons in the cells. Basically, he couldn’t feel any living thing in here.

At that time, Chen Rui heard moans from the front and immediately walked faster. Surely, as the centaurs said, in the innermost cage, he saw a woman lying on the ground with shackles on her limbs.

The woman’s hair was disheveled and her robes were ruined. She was lying on the ground, motionless. There was only a soft moan from her mouth.

Chen Rui’s hearing was very keen now. He could tell that the intermittent moans weren’t a cry but a curse. Although the voice was weak, the voice from the bottom of her heart gave him chills.

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