Demons Beside You

Chapter 686 - First Signs

Chapter 686: First Signs

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“Do you really want to die here?!” the bearded man shouted again.

He was in the most dangerous spot. If any conflict were to break out, he would be the first to die.

He clearly did not want to die. Now, he was already regretting his decision.

Who would have thought that the innocent looking task would turn out to be so tricky?

They only had to enter this Asian’s house and place a pack of drugs under his sofa. Everything would then be much simpler.

Never had he thought that the sheep was actually a wolf in disguise.

Moreover, Chen Zhao’s identity was far more complicated than he had imagined.

Not everyone was willing to risk their lives for something.

Therefore, when the first person dropped his gun, cowardice spread like a disease.

Such a confrontation was extremely stressful in the first place.

Firing and dropping the gun were only a thought apart.

When Chen Zhao returned to the house, he actually saw Fali holding a gun.

“Fali, what are you doing?”

“I… I thought that… I might be able to help if there’s a gunfight.”

Smiling, Chen Zhao patted Fali’s head and took the gun away.

“Where did you get that from?”

“A gun shop. I have a gun license.”

“Alright, go back to the room with Alyss. We still need some time.”


When Chen Zhao walked out again, Gaia was interrogating the intruders.

No one in the Supernatural Organization was more professional than Gaia in interrogation.

After a while, she managed to find out literally everything.

Gaia passed the recording pen to Chen Zhao, who listened to the confession.

“Is this enough to sentence Talist?”

“No. If they can’t provide any direct evidence, Talist can simply claim that he doesn’t know them and he’s being framed.”

While Gaia was not an actual lawyer, she was not unfamiliar with all this.

“Which means the confession in the pen is useless?”

“Not entirely.” Gaia shook her head with a smile. “Since we don’t have evidence, we can create some.”

“How?” Chen Zhao asked, puzzled.

Gaia lifted the bearded man before Chen Zhao. Then, she took the man’s phone and threw it before him. “Call Talist and tell him that it’s done. Ask him for money.”

Talist’s phone rang and he picked it up.

“Hey, is everything completed?”

“Yes, Mr. Talist. I put 10 kilograms of drugs under his sofa. Now he’s being brought back to the station. When will I receive the money?”

“Don’t worry, I’ll transfer you right now.”

After hanging up, Talist said to his assistant, “Transfer half a million to this account.”

“Sir, all the bank cards I have have been canceled. I can’t make a transfer.”

“Why?” Talist had kept a few anonymous credit cards with his assistant for unspeakable transactions.

“Mr. Tony has been using those accounts. He has been spending a lot and not paying in time, so all the accounts are now frozen or restricted,” the assistant said. “I just received the news today.”

“What a bastard.” Talist knew what his son was like.

He had actually caused all the cards to be frozen. Talist gritted his teeth, but he had to pay the money.

“Take this card.”

“Sir, this card has your name on it. Are you going to transfer the money with this?”

“Yeah, that person’s safe. We have cooperated many times already,” Talist said.



“Yes, Sir.”

Talist rubbed his forehead. He was not in a good state.

Suddenly, he shivered.

“F**k, what have I done?” Talist sprang up from his chair and rushed outside. “Quain, return me my card.”

Am I too old? I actually used my own card!

Whether that person was safe or not, this was too dangerous.

“Sir, here’s your card.”

“Have you made the transfer?”


“Can you cancel it?”

“Sir, you’re a super VIP of the bank. It takes a second to complete a 500 thousand transfer.”

Talist’s face darkened. Now that the transaction was complete, he could not cancel it.

Forget it, it’s not the first time he worked for me.

Just then, the assistant’s phone rang.

He picked it up. Slowly, his expression turned awkward.

“What happened?”

“Sir, it’s from the hospital. Mr. Tony destroyed a piece of medical equipment and injured other patients and doctors. The hospital is asking for compensation. They’re going to sue Mr. Tony.”

“Asshole, he can’t even stop making me worried while in the hospital. Pay them a bit more and ask them to withdraw the case.”

“Sir, the hospital is asking for compensation of 12 million dollars.”

“What?” Talist jaw dropped, his face filled with disbelief. “What exactly did he do?”

“He charged into the observation room and smashed an expensive machine.”

“F**k, f**k! Why do I have such a son?!”

“Ready the car, I’m going to the hospital.”

Talist stomped the ground in anger. It was 12 million.

It was not like he could earn many millions in a year.

Just then, they heard a housekeeper scream in the forecourt.

“What’s happening?”

A housekeeper ran toward them. “Sir, the garage’s on fire!”

“What? Why?”

“It’s Mr. Tony’s car. He had some flammables in the trunk. They exploded and caused the fire.”

Talist almost collapsed on the ground. “Go and extinguish the fire, now!”

There were over 20 cars in the garage, including his favorite one. It was a custom-made car from Rolls-Royce.

That car alone was almost as expensive as the others combined. If all the cars were destroyed, he would lose 60 million, or even more.

The housekeepers could not go near the garage at all. They had no choice but to call the firetruck.

However, the firetruck could not enter the garage due to the narrow path in the manor.

Finally, under the stares of dozens of people, the garage and the cars were turned to scraps.

“F**k, f**k, f**k! Why doesn’t that asshole die?!” Talist was drowning in pain.

Suddenly, a car drove in from outside and a few people alighted.

“Mr. Talist, we are from the FBI. This is an arrest warrant. You’re suspected of contract killing, frame-up, and attempted murder. We’re arresting you.”

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