Demons Beside You

Chapter 687 - Brewing

Chapter 687: Brewing

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“Mr. Talist, the situation is really bad now. The police has important evidence, including the transfer record, audio recording, and tainted witnesses.”

Talist’s personal lawyer looked at him.

“What? What’s going on?”

“The accuser is an Asian man. He called the cops and requested compensation of one million dollars.”

Chen Zhao’s face popped up in Talist’s mind.

“Mr. Talist, I need to ask you some questions now. Only you and I know about this conversation. No third person will know. Did you send those people or not?”

Talist’s eyes flickered. He hesitated and still couldn’t give a straight answer.

“Mr. Talist, this affects the final result in court,” the lawyer said.

After a pause, Talist nodded. “Yes.”

“What exactly did you do?”

“They’re from the drug squad and they’d worked with me many times before. I had them go to the Asian’s house and put a bag of drugs there. If the Asian fought back, they could shoot him directly.”

“Okay, I understand.” The lawyer thought for a moment and nodded. “The evidence is really bad for you now, Mr. Talist. You should get ready to settle this outside court before it starts discussions or the procuratorate gets involved.”

Talist’s expression grew even uglier and he clenched his fists.

“There’s no other way? If you can help me win this lawsuit, I can pay you even more money. Don’t make me surrender to that Asian.”

“They have the most direct evidence. If the evidence is revealed…”

Talist’s expression changed. If the evidence was revealed, then his company shares would be affected drastically.

Those shareholders would devour him.

“Help me contact that Asian right now. We can settle it. As long as he cancels the accusation, I can pay him double the amount of money.”

“What if he refuses to compromise?”

“Find someone to take him out!” Talist said through clenched teeth. “No… Kill the people beside him first. I remember he has a pretty girl. Find some people to go and take a video.”

Neither Talist nor the lawyer realized there was a poisonous snake curled up in the shadows of the room.

“Kate, I have an audio recording and a video here. Can you find a TV channel to broadcast it?”

“Huh? You finally decided to uncover supernatural powers?”

Chen Zhao rolled his eyes. He knew that Kate was interested in the supernatural world.

However, Kate was concerned about Chen Zhao and she didn’t have any evidence, so she never mentioned it.

“It’s not supernatural stuff, but I’m sure you’ll be interested.”

Chen Zhao sent the audio and video to Kate.

When she got it, she opened the folder to see some audio recordings and videos.

David walked over, putting a hand on Kate’s back.

“Kate, it’s so late. Why aren’t you sleeping… Huh, Chen sent you a file? F*ck, he’s secretly sending you stuff. Does he like you?”

Kate elbowed David’s crotch. “You *sshole, do you know what you’re saying? He’s your friend.”

“Fine, fine, I’m just kidding.”

Kate opened the video. It was Talist’s conversation with the lawyer.

After Kate and David finished the video, David lost his temper.

“What police station is that *sshole at? I’m going to go kill him.”

“Sit down. This has nothing to do with you. Ignore it.”

Kate opened another video. It was the testimony of a bearded man with a police emblem.

David was furious. “That bastard Chen! Why didn’t he notify me as soon as he ran into this problem?”

Because of last time, David always felt like he owed Chen Zhao.

Kate glanced at him. “He knows that you’ll have this kind of reaction, so he didn’t tell you. Otherwise, who knows what you’d do?”

“But I know now.”

“This case has already been set. If you attack this Talist personally, things will change. You better not do anything stupid.”

“So I can’t do anything now?” David asked, frustrated.

“I can do it. Did you forget what my job is?”

Kate was now the queen of journalists in L.A.

She didn’t give herself the title. Other journalists had given it to her.

The first time that sent her to the headlines was the night she was attacked by the Mexican gang at sea.

Apparently, a film company had bought the rights and turned it into a movie that would screen in July.

That event made Kate quite famous in her field.

It also turned her from a nameless news writer into a famous reporter.

But what really shot her to fame was that hotel hostage event.

The crime organization had held hundreds of people hostage and Kate had recorded most of it.

This also won her the honor of Newsman of the Year.

Almost all media and reporters in L.A. had to be friendly with her.

She may not be rich, but she was about as powerful as a politician.

In fact, even politicians didn’t dare to offend her.

Kate immediately took out her phone and called other media people.

“Hey, Juan, give me ten minutes of your noon news tomorrow.”

“Kate, I’m not in charge of that. Tomorrow’s news has already been determined.”

“Fine. Seems like you don’t want breaking news. That’s okay.”

“What? Wait… You have breaking news again? Okay, okay… I’ll let the producer know.”

After arranging with the TV channel, Kate called a friend at another channel.

One, two, three…

She also called L.A. Times, her old employer.

Even though she wasn’t the news editor anymore, her word was probably more powerful than the editor.

In addition to the set paper every day, the L.A. Times would also print extra if there was breaking news.

When Kate called the executive, he agreed quickly.

Thousands of bombs exploding at the same time was incomparable to all of them exploding at the same time.

While Kate was preparing, Chen Zhao was also carrying out his plan. “Johnny, come to my house tomorrow afternoon. Come no matter what else you have going on.”

“Can you tell me why?”


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