Demons Beside You

Chapter 685 - Trouble Comes Knocking, Framing

Chapter 685: Trouble Comes Knocking, Framing

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“And who are you?”

“I’m the father.” Talist looked at Chen Zhao and said, “Your woman hurt my son.”

“You should find out why your son got hit.”

“I know my son,” Talist said. “I know he’s a good boy. Perhaps he did something wrong earlier, but I don’t think the woman beside you should have been so violent.”

“You should be glad your son is still alive or that I wasn’t there at the time.”

“That is not a wise answer. You are creating a strong enemy,” Talist said. “I can make you lose everything you have right now. Your house will have a new owner and your woman will lay in someone else’s arms.”

Chen Zhao scoffed. “I can make threats too. Plus, not only do I say them, I’ll make them come true most of the time.”

“Seems like our negotiation has failed. Be prepared to be homeless. Goodbye.” Talist chuckled.

“Are you ready too?” Chen Zhao laughed.

“What, are you talking about me?” Talist looked at him.

“Since we’re fighting a war, you should be prepared to lose.”

“You’re saying I’ll lose?” Talist started laughing. “Lad, maybe you don’t know who you’re facing yet. Since I dare to come here, I’ll obviously be prepared.”

“Then, let’s just wait and see.”

Talist was about to get into the car when he felt eyes on him.

He stopped and looked back from the front of his car.

He saw a black wolf beside Chen Zhao. The wolf kept staring at him.

The gaze made him uncomfortable, but he still got into the car.

Fali looked at Chen Zhao with worry. “Chen, sorry for giving you trouble.”

Chen Zhao hugged her shoulders. “You didn’t give me any trouble. None at all.”


“It’s okay. He’s just a conceited old man,” Chen Zhao comforted Fali. “The world isn’t up to him.”

Fali still felt unsettled. She thought that she’d created big trouble for Chen Zhao.

Just then, a few SUVs came over. They all had police sirens on the top.

Chen Zhao felt doubtful when a dozen people came out.

They all wore suits, but they had police emblems on their chests.

“Sirs, how may I help you?”

The bearded man in the front took out his license. “Federal Drug Enforcement. We suspect that you’re creating and selling drugs here. We must search the premises.”

Chen Zhao frowned. Did trouble come so quickly?

“Please show your search warrant.”

The bearded man’s expression darkened. “Now, I suspect you’re a highly dangerous criminal. Raise your arms or else I have the right to kill you now.”

A dozen muzzles pointed at Chen Zhao and his face darkened.

Were they going to act like this?

“Did that Talist send you guys here? How much did he give you?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” The bearded guy obviously wouldn’t admit it. “You two, go search.”

Two members entered the house, but the next moment, they screamed and scrambled out.

Princess blocked the doorway. Her huge figure was honestly too shocking.

The bearded man and his men all pointed their guns at her.

But just then, Chen Zhao acted.

The bearded man cried out. His arm was broken and his gun fell into Chen Zhao’s hands.

All the muzzles pointed at him again.

The bearded man and his group didn’t think that this extra errand would be so troublesome.

Cold sweat beading on his forehead, the man said, “Put down the gun now and I’ll pretend nothing happened. Otherwise, my men will kill you without warning.”

There was too much evil and darkness in this world. Even people who represented justice could fall as well.

“Instead of talking about killing me, you should be worried about if you can leave alive.”

“You think you can escape with me as the hostage? You’re too naïve.” The bearded man’s broken arm gave him pain and his breathing quickened.

“You didn’t do your research before coming. That’s not a good habit.”

The sounds of beasts came from around them. Black-Ma, White-Ma, Obitos, and Snow White started surrounding them.

The officers all panicked, including their guns.

“You still have time to put down your guns. My kids eat people, you know?”

It would be stranger if they put their guns down now.

The more panicked they were, the more tightly they gripped their guns.

Chen Zhao took out his phone. “West, bring your people here. Now! Immediately!”

“Who are you calling?”

“Put the phone down!”

These men came on this mission without permission, so they were extremely scared.

“Someone who can take care of you all legally.” Chen Zhao ignored the guns pointed at him.

They didn’t dare to shoot, so they were all nervous.

Chen Zhao’s eyes were aggressive. He shoved the gun that he’d stolen into the bearded man’s mouth.

Finally, West brought the people over, but when they arrived, they were shocked by the sight.

The cars and their sirens already proved their identities.

“President…what’s going on?” West asked, looking at them from afar.

“I suspect that these people were bought over. They wanted to frame me. Can I kill them?”

“Huh?” West was stunned.

He didn’t know who these people were, but he was clear about Chen Zhao.

Chen Zhao was bloodthirsty. These people seriously had the guts to be bribed to give Chen Zhao trouble.

“President, wait, let me make a call,” West said.

West was on the phone for three minutes. Then he hung up and said, “President, it’s okay now. You can kill them and no one will mention it.”

Chen Zhao took the gun out of the bearded man’s mouth and forced it against his forehead.

“Wait…we can talk.” The guy was about to piss his pants.

He didn’t know who Chen Zhao or the latecomer West were, but judging from their conversation, they seemed to have uncommon identities.

“We’re willing to be tainted witnesses. We indeed took bribes.” The man was sweating profusely. “Everyone, put your guns down. Put them down.”

Some people still hesitated. They felt that things were going toward an uncontrollable direction.

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