Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain

Special Chapters 6


“H-how did you…”

I stuttered and slowly walked into the mirror.

I couldn’t tell whether this was a simple dream or the real truth of ‘the mirror of truth.’

A woman with a blank face.

The moment I approached the mirror to take a closer look,


Something popped into my palm.

I looked down at my hands reflexively.

Before I knew it, there was a piece of mirror in my hand.

I recognized at a glance what it was.

‘It’s the piece that Judith brought.’

I mean, how can there be such a coincidence?

After looking down at the piece for a while, I soon lifted it up as if I had made up my mind

I already knew it was foolish to choose to stay here, but I still wanted to see it.

‘Why, how can you still be alive?’

While I was in this world, I didn’t know that I was alive.

‘It would be fine to look over the mirror.’

I slowly pushed the thing I had in my hand onto the face of the woman who was pitifully empty.

The piece fitted perfectly.

Soon after, white light began to pour out from the embedded piece.


It was so bright that I covered my face with my arms, with a little groan.

Beep, beep, beep.

And at one point, the light disappeared and a monotonous mechanical sound rang out in the ear.

I lowered my arm and slowly opened my eyes.

And I was greatly embarrassed.

Before I knew it, I was reflected in the mirror.

I was standing tall in the hospital room.

‘What? What happened? Was I dragged into the mirror? Or… am I back?’


A cool breeze blew from somewhere and brushed against my long hair.

As I walked around, I could see a modern window on one side of the interior open again after a very long time.

I reached out my hand and held onto my flying hair.

Fortunately or unfortunately, it wasn’t back in its original form.

Dark pink hair bending over white pajamas, and two hands that were distinctly different from my original body.

I was still in Penelope’s body.

And in front of me…

Relying on various medical equipment and oxygen respirators, I could see a woman barely breathing.

It was my original body.

“…So you were really alive.”

I muttered as if I was looking at someone else’s body.

Maybe because the soul was long gone, but its dark appearance looked like a dead body.

Beep, beep, beep-.

But when I saw a life support device that showed the heart rate at regular intervals, I realized it little by little.


Even though I had stomach cancer, I was still alive.

As I stared blankly at my original body, I soon took my eyes off and turned my eyes around the bed.

I found it as soon as I got here, but pretended not to know.

On the auxiliary bed beside the bed, my father was lying, crumpled as he was. And the second son of a bitch sat on the opposite sofa, dozing off.

The first son of a bitch didn’t seem to have come.

It seemed like they were taking care of me all night.

But it couldn’t have been.

I shook my head and burst into laughter.

I honestly couldn’t believe it even in the appearance that ‘the mirror of truth’ showed me for a moment, when I was released from Leila’s brainwashing.

‘Whenever you get so anxious because you can’t get caught and killed, now you come and beg for wrong?’ (Seriously can’t tell what she’s saying)

A big breed of dog raised in the yard will laugh at you as it passes by.

I couldn’t do more than that dog in the corner of the house.

‘Do you still care about public opinion?’

I thought with a frown.

While living in another world, I couldn’t know how much time had passed here.

However, there was only one reason for having an illegitimate child half-dead in an expensive single-bedroom bed and gathering together for a show.

Rather than pretending to be poor, it would be easier to just let me die sooner.

My biological father, the second son of a bitch, and my body on the bed.

I looked around with cold eyes, and approached the bed side. When I looked up close, it seemed rather overwhelming to be struggling with a bunch of assistive devices.

‘…What’s the point of being forced to live like this?’

I slowly reached out and touched the respirator covering my face.

I wanted to free myself from the body of this world.

Because, while I was here, I was always tired and distressed.

How unfair it is to be held in the hands of those men until the very end that I cannot even die of my own will.

My hand on the ventilator was so tense.

I didn’t feel any lingering attachment to this life.

It’s just a bit sad to die here without having a handful of happy memories.

‘It’s all right. Now I have a family to go back to.’

I had no regrets, but when I tried to end my life with my own hands, my heart fluttered.

A deep breath.

It was when I was peeling off the respirator by applying force to my hands.

“Wh-who are you?!”

Someone roared loudly.

Surprised, I stopped and raised my head.

Then I stared straight at the middle-aged man, who was halfway up on the auxiliary bed.

“Y-You… h-how did you get in here, huh? What are you doing…?”


“What are you doing to my daughter? Get off of her now!”

The man, who was stuttering after waking up and didn’t understand the situation, quickly rose from his seat.

“Father, why all of a sudden… Wh-wht’s with her? Are you a ghost?!”

The second son of a bitch, who was dozing off on the sofa in the middle of the night, suddenly woke up.

‘What? You can see me?’

I bit my lower lip gently.

I was going to quietly take off the respirator and go back soon after, but this is a disaster.

I thought they wouldn’t be able to see me like when I was checking Yvonne’s past in the mirror of truth.

This is f*cked. You’ll think I’m a foreigner cancer killer who suddenly appeared, right? Or maybe a crazy bitch who escaped from a mental ward…

They couldn’t know that I was their illegitimate child, so I was dizzy when I imagined how I would be reflected in the eyes of these humans.

I was so embarrassed that I was stuck in a tight spot without even thinking about peeling my hand off the respirator.


Then the door of the hospital room opened and the first son of a bitch came in with a water bottle.

“Father, what…”

He seemed to be pausing for a while in a strange standoff between me and his family, but soon, he hardened his face as if he had grasped the situation.

“Who sent you?”

The voice that asked me didn’t contain any warmth in it.

I knew the first guy would do that. Because he was a man who felt like electricity would flow in his veins instead of blood when stabbed.

‘…This is a total mess.’

Three sharp eyes were on me.

When I sighed in my mind and was thinking about what to do.

“Can you speak Korean?”

The first child, who had walked to the table in the middle of the hospital room, calmly asked, putting down the damp water bottle.

And soon after, he replied.

“Well, if you didn’t know, you couldn’t have escaped the guards and made it here.”


“Tell me what they offered you in return. I’ll triple it, or even ten times.”

It was a little surprising. I couldn’t guess why he said that.

‘Was it because you had stocks in front of me?’ (?)

I asked back with a bit of a sourness.

“Well. What do you think I want?”

“Is it because of money? Drugs? Or criminal records?”

“Brother. That bitch, wasn’t she locked up here? There’s a psych ward right next to it!”

At that time, the second child interrupted with an excited voice, as if he had come up with something of his own.

The first child looked back at him for a moment, then said calmly.

“I didn’t get any reports of a foreign girl in the hospital. You, what’s your original nationality?”

Nationality in this situation. Isn’t that a really funny question?

I laughed my head off.

“Is that important?”

My hair shook dangerously over my dying body.

“I have this little girl’s life in my hands now.”

“Crazy bitch, just touch her. I’m not going to let you go!”

“You’d better not do anything that you’ll regret.”

The first and second bastards reacted quickly to my mischievous tone.

In particular, the first one was bitter and gloomy for some reason.

“I don’t care who is helping you from behind. I’ll do everything I can so that you’ll never see the sky again…”


It was then. A loud cry burst out in front of us.

My brothers and I looked back.

“…Stop it.”

There stood a middle-aged man with a strange face dotted with anxiety and helplessness.

My biological father, who dissuaded the confrontation between his sons and the woman who broke into the hospital room, was sweating and biting hard.

“What do you… what do you want? You’re doing this because you want something.”


“You just have to turn over Taesung? No, I’ll just die.” (?)


“If you give me a little bit of time, I’d then die… After that, you can do whatever you want with Taesung, whether you eat it or share each piece of the group, it doesn’t matter. So please don’t touch my child. Huh?”



At their father’s words, the first and second child cried out to him at the same time.

Taesung Enterprise was a company built by my father’s grandfather and the people in these households throughout their lives.

I can’t believe my body is worth mentioning its name. I could hardly understand.

“…I have a question for you.”

When I opened my mouth without taking my hands off the respirator, the man replied hastily, perhaps thinking something had happened.

“Wh-what is it? Ask me anything.”

“What’s she got to do with this?”


“I know you guys didn’t like her. You wanted her gone, didn’t you?”


Did I hit the bull’s eye too hard? The three men looked equally stupid.

The first one to understand and respond was surprisingly the second child.

“I’ve never… I’ve never done that! Not once have I thought of such a thing!”

He screamed as if he was so angry.

I, who frowned for a moment with a stinging ear, soon spoke in a leisurely manner.

“Then, why did you bother me to die like that?”

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