Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain

Special Chapters 5


A fluffy red pupil stared up at me.

‘You can’t fall asleep again, haha…’ (Lol I guess she heard them)

I noded a little depressed as the child seemed to have completely woken up.


“Judy’s mom, Joa.” (?)

The kid rubbing her face in my arms was lovely.

However, I thought I should warn the child.

“But Judith, when you go somewhere, you must tell your mom or dad.”

I made eye contact with the child and asked her with a stern voice.

“Last time that you were secretly playing hide-and-seek with the maids, I scolded you. If you disappear like this again, I’m going to impose a magic ban next time.”

“…You’ll write one?”

The child was smart, so she quickly understood what I was saying and made a dim look.

My heart weakened.

“…I wasn’t angry, I was worried.”

I eventually sighed and hugged Judith tightly.

“Do you know how shocked I was to think someone took you?”

“But… but there was no time.”

“…What? What time?”

“Unng, for telling.”

You didn’t have time to talk.

‘Who taught you all those words?’

The cute excuse made me laugh instead of making me angry.

But I kept my mouth shut.

“No matter how busy you are with your work, you must tell us. Otherwise, your mom and dad will be crying and looking for Judith.”

“You… You look for me?”

“Of course. You want your mom and dad to cry every day and look for Judith?”

“No, no…”

The child cried out in tears.

Then, don’t be silly. She towered over me with her palsy palms, and I felt a strain on my heart. (?)

“…Ah, and why did you break the relics in the basement?”

I managed to keep my composure, coughing in vain, as there was still something left to be warned.

“You can’t do that. Relics are things that you have to save and take care of.”


Judith suddenly stuck her face in my arms as she kept her mouth shut at my scolding.

“So …you have to keep…”


I asked back because I couldn’t hear what he was muttering.

But scaredly, the child raised her head and shouted.

“I’m the only one who’s going to make a noise!” (?)

“Judit, what does that mean?”


But Judith buried her face in my arms again without answering.

Really, I was the one who gave birth to her, but I couldn’t keep up with her thoughts at all.

Judith, who had been flapping her wings for a while and playing with the tip of my hair, soon fell asleep again, exhaling her breath.

I lay the child comfortably in my arms and covered her with a blanket.

She’s a light sleeper, but I didn’t see any signs of sleeping like before. (?)

‘You must have been tired…’

Well, she’s been running around the underground secret space, and also noticed a strange twist.


I was going to call the maids, but I stopped because I was afraid she would lay them down again.

I took off my child’s clothes.

It was the moment when I had just released the button and lifted her skirt.


Suddenly something fell on the bed.

‘Did you bring some magical treasure?’

As I was in a hurry to confirm it, I slowly opened my eyes wide.


It was hidden between the ends of her clothes.

‘It’s a piece of the mirror of truth.’

That fucking mirror I couldn’t break because you stopped me. She shattered it into pieces.

What Callisto said a little while ago came to my mind.

He said that the tomboy hiding in the basement of the Sun Palace had broken the mirror of truth.

Although it was an ancient relic, it has been a long time since it didn’t work, so I wasn’t angry or upset.

Anyway, I was forced to restore what was once broken because of the empty ground.

‘By the way, why’d you hide this in your skirt?’

Since she was a child, she had a lot of peculiar behaviors, so she could play with broken artifacts.

However, she must’ve wanted to hid it since she didn’t say anything to anyone after putting it in her skirt.

‘Well, who knows what’s going on in her head?’

As I looked away, I smiled briefly and put the piece on the bedside table.

Then I carefully opened the hand of the child who was sleeping with her fist clenched.

The pieces of the mirror had been corroded for a long time and were shabby and lumpy, so I was worried that she might have cut herself.

Fortunately, her soft palms were intact without a scratch.

I wet my handkerchief and wiped Judith’s face and feet.

And put on the child’s favorite violet pajamas.

While wandering around, Judith fell asleep quietly without a single toss.

When I also changed into comfortable clothes and lay down next to her, the child dug into my arms like a ghost.

I reached out and patted the child’s wings.

I’ve been looking for her all day, the exhaustion seemed to be raging like tidal wave.

“Every day is a spectacle….”

After discovering the correlation between the bases of the ancient wizards and the hordes of monsters that seemed to be the final destination of my dreams,

At the same time as I married the Emperor, I got to the point where I stepped back from the front line and only asked for occasional advice.

If the duke had tossed it out more, the Ministry of Culture would sit down in a new position and I could’ve recieved the title of the Earl of the white house. (?)

I didn’t think it was too bad, It seemed like an extension of stopping Callisto from marrying.

Sadly, I didn’t feel particularly sorry.

‘The empress is much higher than the count…’

The remark was swallowed up by the fear that the Duke would cry again.

For five years, I achieved everything I could, and whenever I still felt bored, I received a new excavation report.

I was quite free compared to the daily routine of the empresses all the time.

After the baby was born, I was going to focus on parenting…

‘It’s no different from the days when I was beating around the bush.’

I don’t know where this little body is coming from, but Judith continued to explore the palace ever since she could take her first steps.

It was concerning enough to mobilize the soldiers for every single accident.

Hiding in a secret place like today and destroying things that didn’t work were one of the few thing that happened.

“Unng, mama…”

The baby who mumbled while sleeping was really pretty that it hurt my eyes.

I kissed Judith on the cheek, shaking off the worries I had earlier when my heart sank.

“…yeah. As long as you’re having fun, whatever.”

I didn’t want to make her live in a pent-up state not doing what she wants to do, as I and Callisto were in our childhood.

See the world as wide as you can, and one day fly up with those palm-sized wings of yours wide open.

I want to be someone who supports you so that you can climb up even when you fall.

With the man I chose, forever.

Waiting for Callisto to return, staring at the child helplessly, I fell asleep, too.

Suddenly, a bright light pierced my eyes.

‘Is Callisto back?’

It was the moment when I opened my half-sleep eyes.

I stood tall in a strange place, not on the bed in the child’s room.

“What… ha.”

No, maybe it’s not that strange.

In complete darkness, not being able to see an inch ahead, a giant mirror stood out.

‘The mirror of truth.’

As soon as I realized what it was, complaints sprang up.

“No, seems like you’re still not gone.”

When I said goodbye to Yvonne and rescued Vinter, was it not the spirit of all those ancient sorcerers or something?

‘A mirror of truth’ that gives off a glimmer of light in a shabby shape with cracks all over.

It felt a little creepy rather than being good to face it after a long time.

I think it knows that that the one who broke it was my kid.

“Why, again, what’s going on? What do you want me to do about what she did?”

Now that mirror would make me shiver, I got sick and tired of it, and asked all questions with great dissatisfaction.

It was then. The cracked mirror fluttered, and something began to come to mind.

‘Are you… showing me the reincarnation of Yvonne?’

If that’s the case, then it made sense that it appeared in my dream out of the blue.

But, surprisingly, another question arose.

‘What kind of reincarnation is this fast?’

I don’t know very well, but according to the novels and movies I saw in my school days, it took several decades.

‘What makes this world different?’

The cracking was a hit, but unlike other times, the mirror that reminded me of something rather slow on the road, lit up a scene in my bed.

A modern hospital room not seen in this world.

I saw a skinny woman lying in bed connected to various medical devices.

The spot where the mirror piece fell and the made a hole was a part of the woman’s face, so it was impossible identify her.

Nevertheless, I stopped breathing.


It was none other than me in reality.

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