Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain

Special Chapters 7



“Why did you call her every day and be so mean to her as if she were in the corner of the house. Why did you squander the rice she secretly ate like a rat because she couldn’t be full?


At my words, his mouth was bitten.

I asked, looking back on the rest of the men.

“Why didn’t you give a compliment or pocket money to a kid who passed college on her own without going to a single academy?”


“Why didn’t you give a proper room to a kid who couldn’t stand it and live out?”


“She couldn’t endure the damn cockroaches and mold, so she worked three part-time jobs, came back and studied all night. Why didn’t you call the kid who lived like that even for once?”


“I can’t stand it because I’m really curious about it.”

When ‘the mirror of truth’ showed how these humans were regretting,

I was so curious.

Why do you regret all the things you did to me?

Frankly speaking, when I recalled what I’ve been through in that corner of the house, it would be more appropriate for Leila to spit on my portrait than to brainwash me. (What ㅠㅠ)

“…Waiting at the bottom like that and eventually causing her to get caught in a beggar’s disease and then throw her away, was this not what you were hoping for?”

The second son of a bitch used to say ‘a girl like a beggar’ whenever he saw me.

Even though I didn’t say it out loud, my father and the first son looked at him as well.

It doesn’t sound like a lie though. I was really going to die after living like a beggar.

It was as if no matter how hard I struggled to live, I ended up being what they were talking about.


I was just asking questions, but the inside of the hospital room quickly became silent as if it were a funeral.

I turned my head away from those humans that didn’t answer and stared blankly at my original body.

My poor body repeatedly injected and exhaled air by an oxygen respirator.

“…Won’t you let go? If I were you, I wouldn’t want to wake up forever.”


“How much would you want to die if you knew you had to live so miserable until the very end because of their greed?”

The sadness of the terrible end was only for a moment.

Perhaps because I no longer need the attention and affection of these humans, all of this seemed like a comedy.

I took my eyes off my body and spoke venomously towards the three men who stood before me like sinners.

“You know what? Maybe it’s because it’s terrible to see your faces that she’s not waking up.”

“Th-that’s… ”

“Maybe she’s already gone to heaven and forgot all about you, and she’s living a happy life with a new family.”


“So don’t pretend to regret or worry about a dying corpse. Because it’s disgusting.”

Maybe this is a chance given by the mirror.

An opportunity given to me because it felt sorry for my pitiful body in this world, who was dying without being able to say a single word like a fool.

Perhaps because they had nothing to say, they kept opening and closing their lips.

‘I mean, I’m sure you have nothing to say back to me.’

I didn’t want those humans to feel guilty.

Still, the fluttering eyes and the fumbling mouth were funny, so I just laughed innocently.

It was then.


After a long time, my father finally spit something out.

At first, I didn’t hear what he was saying.



“Are you Si… Siyeon?”

But the moment my father pronounced my name correctly, my heart sank.

“You’re… you’re Siyeon. right? Huh?”

My father asked one after another with dubious eyes.

I shut my mouth tight.

‘How did you know?’

To be honest, I was so surprised that my mind went blank.

I never thought you’d recognize me now.

“Father, what the hell are you talking about?”

“What’s wrong with you, Father? How would that crazy bitch be Siyeon?!”

My brothers looked at my father, who was talking out of the blue.

But the middle-aged man shook his head wildly and shouted resolutely.

“Look carefully! She looks just like our Siyeon! Small hairs under the ear, dimples, dots on the inside of the hand and neck!”

At the same time, my brothers’ eyes were fixed on me by the thunderous cry.

The second child’s eyes, which seemed to be searching for me, slowly grew bigger soon after.

“Wha-what… It’s real.”

“What the hell is this…”

The first one seemed to be confused as well.

Then asked the second child, with his eyes shaking violently.

“Are you… are you really Cha Siyeon?”

In this case, I didn’t know how to react, so I couldn’t answer anything and didn’t know what to do.

“Siyeon! Oh, my God, Siyeon. Siye…on…”

Suddenly, the middle-aged man fell down while shouting my name.


Surprised brothers rushed to the auxiliary bed and helped their father.

The situation became more and more chaotic.

Is it because unexpected things are happening one after another?

I felt a little strange. It seemed unpleasant…

‘Shouldn’t I finish it with my own hands?’

I couldn’t figure out what ‘the mirror of truth’ was hoping for to be showing me this.

Until a while ago, I thought it wanted me to end this life completely with my own hands…

‘But you can’t just kill someone in the middle of getting caught.’

If I just leave it as it is, it’ll be out of breath after a while anyway.

I could tell instinctively, maybe because it was my body.

An empty shell that has already been left alone for a long time, that there’s not much time left until it’s dead.

Maybe it was giving me an option for the last time.

Indeed, the ancient wizards may have given me the last consideration before this body died.

Although it was an unpleasant consideration for me, who had already made the choice.

“Siyeon. Siyeon, what… has happened to you, Siyeon!”

While I was looking for a way to escape reflexively by avoiding the humans who were wary of me with strange eyes, I quickly found a bright light source.

‘That’s the way.’

There was a mirror on the sink next to the bed where my body was lying down.

Without hesitation, I turned away from the three rich men.

It was a moment when I was in a hurry to go there, because I was afraid that the light would be turned off and the connection to the other world would be lost.

“Siyeon! Wait, Siyeon! Just one word, let me say one word!”

My biological father called me as if he had noticed that I was leaving.

“Please, just one word, just one word…”

It was a desperate voice I had never heard of while living in the same house for many years.

Maybe that’s why. I paused and looked back reflexively.

At that moment, the middle-aged man came tumbling down from the auxiliary bed, almost throwing himself.

There was no point in stopping the confusion of my astonished brothers.


My biological father, who came to my feet in an instant, surprisingly sat on his knees in front of me. And…

“I’m sorry. I’m sorry, so sorry. This father has sinned to death.”


“But I have never, ever hated you. It wasn’t because I hate you. But because I was clumsy… I didn’t know how to treat you…”


The brothers looked at their father with bewildered eyes.

It was the same for me.

I couldn’t figure out why this guy was doing this to me. Why are you coming now?

It was then. Boom-!

The second guy, who was standing right behind his father, suddenly fell on his knees too.

“No, Cha Siyeon. I was crazy.”


“You, you know that. I’m just an asshole without a mom who didn’t have a tutor.”

I opened my eyes wide.

As if he really believed I was his half-sister, the second one said obsequiously with a distorted face.

Father was a bystander and the first son of a bitch was a sympathizer, but the second son of a bitch was a tyrant.

Always directly harming me.

The guy kneeling in front of me like that felt so unfamiliar, stuttering with red eyes.

“But suddenly you appeared to be good at studying by yourself, and it didn’t seem like our family likes it very much…”


“I did it because I was jealous. I wanted to be friends, but I didn’t know what to do. Oh, fuck.”

He continued his words with a strange curse and wiped his eyes with his sleeves.

“But I never wished you were dead. I never did that. It’s just… that even if you were going, you’d be forced to eat with us…”


“You, you had such a personality. When you were a kid, you always lost well…”

When did I ever do that?

I thought, looking at the face of the second child, who seemed to be holding back tears.

Brother… can I stay with you?

‘I think I’ve done that before.’

Because I’ve always wanted to be a part of this house.

“Didn’t you ever think the method was wrong?”

The answer came as soon as I asked.

“I’ve thought about it countless times. Don’t do that, don’t be a jerk and be like a brother.”


“I’d rather, I’d rather have cancer, but I’m very guilty.”

At the end, he couldn’t make eye contact with me, and bent his head down.

The drops of water dripping over the back of his hand, fisted over his knees, didn’t give me any pleasure.


“…I’m sorry.”

Finally, the first son of a bitch sat on his knee on the right side of his father.

“It’s my fault that I drove you this far. Unlike my father’s instructions, it was me who gave you a single basement room.”

Unlike the second child, he calmly condemned his crime.

However, him groaning several times even between his words, told me the size of the guilt he felt.

“I won’t make excuses. But… If you want to take revenge, do it yourself. I mean get angry and hit me.”


“Don’t hurt yourself, Siyeon. Please…”


Isn’t that possible only when there are enough emotions left?

I was dumbfounded by the ridiculous illusion of the first son of a bitch.

“Why do you think I hurt myself to avenge you?”

I turned and stepped closer to the bed.


The first one stood up halfway, as if he felt that there was something off about me.

Before he could stop it,

I reached out and grabbed the oxygen respirator used on my face at a speed so fast, that all the hesitations so far were overshadowed.

And threw it as hard as I could out of the open window.

“No, no-!”

somebody’s cry And…

Beep, beep, beep, beep-.


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