Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain

Chapter 48 I was astonished by the slight change that I would not notice without careful observation.

Chapter 48 I was astonished by the slight change that I would not notice without careful observation.

I was astonished by the slight change that I would not notice without careful observation.

‘How old is Eckliss?’

Just by looking at his face, he was like a much younger and naive boy.

I thought over the game. I couldn’t remember his age easily because I couldn’t memorize each character’s profile. However, Normal Mode was set to take a year to finish all routes after the return of the FL.

And Eckliss marries the FL after an adult ceremony in an epilogue that comes right after the ending. In this game, adulthood means that 18 years old past their birthday.

Then now Eckliss is…

‘It means you’re at least 17 years old.’

I was originally 20 years old, so I was tailing to seduce a much younger spirit.

‘But why does it seem like I’m being seduced?’

It was when I was looking closely at Eckliss, whose redness had already disappeared.

“Lady, we’re already arrive.”

The carriage stopped. It was time to reward the promiscuous slave.



As soon as he found a carriage with the patterns of Eckart, the owner of the arms dealer jumped out and bowed 90 degrees at the entrance.

“Is this where they sell the finest magic sword in the Empire?”

“Yes, lady! Our shop handles all kinds of rare weapons as well as swords. Just tell me.”

“Eckliss, come in with me.”

I called him, standing by the carriage. He hesitated, as if he had decided he could not go in with me.


When I urged him one more time, he also stood right behind me without further delay.

“Do you have a wooden sword with an enchantment?”

I decided to buy the most urgent thing first. Then, the arms dealer looked like he heard something strange.

“You mean the wooden sword? I have a wooden sword, but I don’t know how to strengthen it.”


I frowned. I was recommended by the butler that he was famous, so I thought he will do a great job.

“Wow, we can make customizations if you want!”

The arms dealer, who saw a disapproving look, hurriedly added.

“But it’s very rare for anyone to go that far with a training wooden sword. “When you have a certain basic posture, you’re usually supposed to use a real sword.”


I coughed in vain, feeling embarrassed. He showed too much of a ‘sword-knit’.

“We don’t have any enchantment magic at the wooden sword, but there are many things that are never broken because they are made of old wood.”

“Just show me around first”

After a while we entered a room with only wooden swords everywhere.

Next to me, I was looking around when I heard the owner talking nonstop. To be honest, no matter how much I look at it, it was just different in color, but it was all from place to place.

“Do you like anything?”

I handed the option over to Eclis. But he shook his head.

“…I don’t know.”

“Is it bad?”

“That’s not it…It looks the same as the ones on the military field. I can just use them, Master.”

“No way!”

Listening to Eckliss’s words, the owner shouted hastily.

“Everything here is strong enough to compete with the real sword! Especially, the paulownia trees that grow in fairy forests are sharp enough to cut rice straws.…!”

No matter how good it was, it was useless if the person receiving the gift was not even choose it.

“I can’t help it.”

I let it out like a sigh, and the owner thought I didn’t like it.

He stopped the act of recklessly taking out the wooden swords.

“Well, then go to the real sword, not the wooden sword.”

“What are you talking about?”


“From here to here.”

I recited from the entrance to the very end of the room with my hands clasped.

“Send them all to the Eckart Mansion.”

It would be nice to buy a lot of strong ones in case they break.

Next was a training suit. Perhaps because he was tall and handsome, Eckliss’s new look was absolutely stunning.

“That’s good.”

I snapped out, looking around him once. An excited arms dealer spat and flattered.

“Of course! These are the best items in the capital city!”

“Do you like it?”

Ignoring the opinions of the parties involved, I asked belatedly because I thought I had too much of my own way. Eckliss stared at me and asked me back with an expressionless

“What about you master?”

“Is master like it?”

Somehow I had a hunch that if I did, I would say no right away.

“I only chose what I liked, and of course I like it. I’m asking how you are, Eclis.”

It wasn’t empty words, so I added with a small smile.

“I don’t have to wear them.”

“If master like it, then I like it, too.”

“Really? So…….”

I was overjoyed at Eckliss hearty answer.

“Send me three of these in all kinds.”

“Yes, yes! Of course! That’s what it is!”

The arms dealer’s mouth opened wide at my words.

“Then, shall we go shopping for the real sword for the last time?”

I clapped my hands lightly and turned around. The arms dealer rushed after me. It was then.

“Master, this is enough for me.”

Eckliss came up with a quick step and blocked my way.

“Why? Sword is the most important thing for knights!”

What I wanted to say was replaced by a rich arms dealer. I looked back at him with a nod.

“There should be sword. Is it because you feel pressured?”

“No, I’d rather…”

Eckliss hesitated to answer.

“……I don’t think I’ll ever use a real sword. I don’t want to keep the gift from my master for nothing.”

“Why do you think you won’t ever use it? After the basic swordsmanship, you’ll also use the real sword in sparring.”

“Yes, yes! You’re right a hundred and a thousand times.”

The owner nodded his head too much to my question.

Eckliss did not hesitate to answer. It’s just like a thunderbolt.

“…slave can’t be a formal knight.”


“So all I need is a wooden sword to train.”

I was so embarrassed that I couldn’t say anything. He knew he couldn’t be a knight, but I was the only one who was under the premise that it would happen someday.

Come to think of it, it’s all because Penelope died that Eckliss became a full-time knight.’

I was in a situation where he was bullied, but I was in a hurry to pay attention, so I couldn’t even think about the game. In order for me to live, maybe Eclipse shouldn’t be a formal article.

Perhaps he thought I was reconsider buying a real sword when I was lost in thought, the arms dealer hurriedly added.

“Wha.., what are you talking about? Still, sword is a must as a guard to protect his master.”

“My body is enough to escort my master.”


The arms dealer was frightened and immediately shut up. In fact, it was so true that I had nothing to say. Considering his brilliant track record, he was like a weapon all over his body.

“…First of all, it’s okay. If you think so.”

I nodded my head in a coolly way. It was also not good to force the burden on those who had already given up.

“I’ll have to look around a little more, so go outside first and wait.”

At my words, Eckliss turned his back immediately. I shrieked at him walking along without even saying hello.

“Who’s your master…..”

As I’ve felt before, Eckliss never stepped forward and set an example unless I pointed out. He was such an impudent fellow for a slave.

“Well, I, uh… do you need anything else, miss? Just tell me.”

The two men asked me, looking at my wits.

“Now that you’re here, let’s go see the Magic sword.”

“Oh, yes. This way, please!”

The arms dealer was pleased with my words. It was worth it because it was the main item for sale.

Certainly the place where the magic sword was displayed was much larger and wider than the others. The number of swords on display was also enormous.

I looked round the swords with admiration. From small daggers to large swords the size of my body, there were many different kinds. But the decorations, cuts, and handles were all splendid and magnificent.

“It’s just too conspicuous, is there anything simple?”

“Then, … Please wait a moment, miss”

Somehow the arms dealer searched the corner of the display case with a grim face.

“How about this?”

After a while, he brought a white box of dust. It was too small to have a sword in it, like an accessory case.

“What is this?”

“The sword of the ancient wizard.”

He unlocked the box with a package of keys. As I was about to feel bad when I saw dust piled up, I became a little interested in the word “Ancient Wizard.”

The arms dealer, who pulled out the lock, opened the door. Inside the open box with a rusty sound of ‘kki-kik’

“What’s this?”

There was a rugged iron necklace, with a tiny sword-shaped ornament, about the size of a sword.

“Are you trying to play with me”

Give me a simple sword, or a necklace with a sword ornament? Moreover, the sword-shaped decoration did not have a single jewel attached to it, far below the aesthetic standard.

I frowned violently. Then the arms dealer waved.

“Oh, no! No way!”

“Then what is this?”

“Here, if you hold the handle of the sword and blow in your mana, the sword-shaped decoration turns into a real sword!”

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