Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain

Chapter 49

Chapter 49

The arms dealer handed me the handle with his index finger and thumb and urged me to hold it. I couldn’t believe it was easy to turn sword like a baby’s toy.

I asked, still with a doubtful look.

“Then it doesn’t mean that those who don’t have magic can’t use it.”

“The long-trained knights are bound to operate mana little by little. Otherwise, you can’t use the magic sword.”


He also made it obvious that he didn’t know much. I quickly turned the subject around with a dry cough.

“…I don’t know if Eckliss has magic.”

“Don’t worry, miss. I’ve been selling weapons in the capital for decades. I assure you, that slave…..”

While he was talking in a sly manner, he changed his words in a hurry at the sight of my eyes.

“…not…, but the spirit of the escort was great. I’ve been running the arms dealer for 30 years, but I can’t believe I’ve ever seen someone who’s been spouting such a horrible aura.”


“Yes, of course!

I was itching to brag, ‘He’s going to be the Sword Master,’ but I held back.

“In fact, this sword is so rare that we’ve been trading on the black market for a very high price. But it’s also too expensive, and knights usually look for fancy swords first.”

The arms dealer whimpered, “My poor baby.”

“Although this sword doesn’t have any special enhancement magic, it is made from a rare minareal. How the hell they make it, was made of steel from the mines of the extinct Dwarfs a long time ago.””

“Is it good?”

“There is still no way to make it same. It’s their secret.”

‘This is good one’’

I didn’t understand the half, so I just nodded silently.

“In addition, when it gets smaller, the size of the mana engraved on it becomes smaller. Even if you’re in a place where you’re not supposed to be armed, no one will notice you’re carrying a sword.”

“… even in a palace, for example?”

The arms dealer nodded and looked around for no one, then whispered secretly.

” That’s perfect for assassinations.”

It was too much. In common sense, who would assassinate with a small, growing sword, other than a poison or a citation?

I didn’t show up my though. Because I liked the sword itself very much.

‘You can’t show it to anyone else, but you can always have a sword.’

I actually thought of a small type of dagger, but I thought this would be better. If Eckliss is anyway, it will be used as a weapon as soon as it is lifted, whether it is a magic sword or a toy necklace.

“Well, I’ll take this.”

“Thank you, miss! I can’t believe my baby finally found such a worthy guest!”

The arms dealer immediately asked with tears in his eyes.

“Do you want to send this to the mansion together?”

“No. Give it to me now.”

After a while.

As I was about to leave the arms dealer, I suddenly stopped walking on the glistening thing that caught my eye.

“What is this?”

To be sold at the top of the weapon, it looked quite glamorous and elegant. There were letters carved inside a circle as small as a token, and there were glittering jewels in between. It was the first time I’ve seen it.

“Oh, it’s a kind of amulet.”


“Yes, it’s a hunting competition soon. It is the most popular product among women these days to give as a gift to lovers and family members who participate in hunting.”

“……Really? What effect does it have?”

“The magic is automatically activated in case of an emergency because we have a magic stone embedded in the original sheet.”

“What kind of magic?”

“That depends on the order. Most of them are defensive magic, but some teleport to a safe place.”

“Oh, that’s good.”

“These days, detachable magic is built in, so you just have to stick it anywhere on your body.”

The merchant, who recognized that I’m listening with an exciting face, immediately threw the bait.

“Would you like to take a look?”

I nodded. Not long after I came out of the top, I had Eckliss’s necklace and three colorful amulets of gold, silver and bronze.

“Did you have a good time?”

Instead of the reticent Eckliss, the horseman rushed in and took a shopping bag in my hand. It was an amulet. I hid a present for Eckliss in my inner pocket.

“Where shall I take you now, miss?”

“I heard there’s a quiet lake on the west side.”

“Oh, you mean Lake Calia. I’ll take you there.”

The carriage left without a sound.

Actually, I was thinking of buying a lot of new dresses and accessories since I came out, but I was already tired because it’s been a long time since I went out. I wanted to go back to the Dukedom, but I still have a present to give.

‘I should give you what I promised.’

I was going to put an end to the grief and resentment accumulated in Eckliss’s mind today.

“Miss, we’re here.”

Soon after, the carriage stopped.

I got off the wagon with the help of Eckliss. He naturally stood a few steps back. It was to fulfill his duty as an escort.

“Please take a walk with me. Wouldn’t it be lonely to walk alone?”

I looked back at him like that and reached out my hand gracefully. Eckliss hesitated for a moment and then slightly caught the edge of my hand. It was such a feeble force that I didn’t even feel like I caught it.

I kicked my tongue and I clasped the hand first. I felt his twitching fingers. I glanced sideways and saw him bow his head down. Unfortunately, however, the favorability remained unchanged.

We held hands and walked along the well-made promenade for a long time without a word.

We finally arrived at the Observation Deck built on the lake. It’s a place like a dating spot, but there weren’t many people because it was daytime on weekdays.

He laid his arms on the railing and watched the view of the lake for a while. There was a gentle breeze from a far accompanied by the scent of water.

I glanced back at the man who stood there, neither looking at the scenery nor trying to talk to me.

“Are you feeling better?”

The gray eyes that were facing to the air moved toward me. As if to what he was saying, he was wondering.

“You’ve had a bad day since this morning.”

Eccles did not answer immediately. In the end, he answered my question, “Huh?” as if he was reluctantly making excuses.

“…it wasn’t a big deal”

I asked as carefully as I could because I had committed a crime.

“How many more things like this have happened?”

“It’s the first time.'”


I called him out like a sigh.

“Don’t try to trick me with a blatant lie. I told you, make everyone admit you staying at the mansion.”


“I’m not going to scold you for not doing it right now. It’s beyond your control, so I’m coming forward.”


“Does Leonard take the lead in harassing you?”

Eckliss looked at me with a strange look and silenced. I was getting more and more upset.

“Tell me how Leonard has been doing to you. I’ll figure it out myself.”


Eckliss, who had been silent until then, tilted his head sideways.


“What can the master do to the Knights?”

I lost my words for a moment. It seemed sarcastic about what you could do with your subject, but there was no expression on your thin face like a wax.

“No matter what, nothing will change now that I’m a slave, Master.”


“If it’s for me, just pretend you don’t know. Because I don’t care.”

I was embarrassed by the unexpected answer. However, the hidden meaning behind it was not immediately understood.

‘I’ll stick with you, so don’t make me get kicked out for nothing.’

Unexpectedly, he may have adapted to the Dukedom’s mood faster than I thought. And that’s how much you know about the princess’ position.

[Agreed 33%]

I glanced up over his head. Only 33 percent. It has barely surpassed the basic level of favorability given at the start of Normal Mode.

Eckliss was a tough opponent even in normal mode, where the difficulty was easy. I thought it was because Penelope had a little loyalty……

Now I get it. His original personality.

‘Was the truth just a close tug-of-war for one’s own survival?’

Seeing the favorability of over 30 percent, I seemed to be feeling better without even realizing it. After the morning incident, frankly, hope has swelled.

At this rate, I thought I would be able to see the ending quickly, and I felt funny when I was dragging myself to the arms store.

“…yeah, you’re right.”

I don’t know how hard the reality is.

I replied in a weak voice.

“Now you know. My position in the Dukedom.”

Why didn’t he think that while I was weighing all the bread for him, he was also measuring whether I was a lifeline or a rotten rope?

“I don’t have the power to dismiss you right now.”


“As long as you’re a slave, there’s no fundamental solution to bullying.”

There wasn’t much I could do, as Eckliss pointed out. You can go to the Duke and say that bullying is rampant in the knights, but you have already put the wrong button for the first time.

“A duke who’s not happy with what I’ve brought would never care about the bullying of slaves…’

I gave up the idea of trying to calm him down.

“But I’ll keep you on the knighthood.”

I gazed at him with a blank face, and my brain was as arrogant as usual.

“Your sword must be worth a little bit to catch the Duke’s eye.”


“So bear it even if you’re sad. Note, keep training and improve your skills.”


“Sometimes I’ll go and play with you like I did today.”

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