Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain

Chapter 47 “Pri, Princess!”

Chapter 47 “Pri, Princess!”

“Pri, Princess!”

Mark was bewildered and called me out loudly. But when there was no answer back, this time he chattered to Eckliss.

“….What, what’s wrong, Eckliss!”

Perhaps he felt unusual coming to me, he looked around asking for help.

A superior stepped forward again. This time, other articles also joined forces.

“Eckliss, stop it. It’s an order!”

“Yes! I, I was just a little too much. I’ll apologize…”

Quaduk-. But Mark finally couldn’t talk. This is because Eckliss, who grabbed the back of his head, quickly pulled him toward me.

“Kk, kkk, kkk!”

Embracing the blinding Mark in his arms, Eckliss began to strangle him dreadfully. Mark’s suffocated eyes opened wide.

“Eckliss! What are you doing? Stop it!”

The knights called him in full of astonishment, but Eckliss remained adamant.

Even though they saw a slave strangling his colleague, none of them rushed forward. Even though there was an order from me, but a great deal of life was leaking out of the slaves had ignored.

“Oh, no…”

Meanwhile, Mark’s tongue stretched out of his mouth. The saliva ran down his chin. Dirty fluid soaked the strangling arm, but Eckliss didn’t budge.

“Princess! You can’t do this!”

The knights, who were watching their breathless colleague, eventually boiled their knees in front of me.

“We’re sorry. I’ll report this to the leader without fail, and all of us will volunteer to receive a reasonable punishment.”


“Dear Princess, murder is strictly prohibited within the Knights of Eckart!”

I poked at my ears, wondering where the dog was barking. It was something I learned from Leonard yesterday.


When Mark’s eyes finally turned upside down.


I raised my hand and ordered him to stop. Eckliss, who seemed busy strangling him, immediately unfolded his arms as if he had waited for my hand.


“Kuh-hyuk, boo-hoo! Huh-ok, ha……ha……”

A man who fell on the floor grabbed his neck and coughed violently.

I was inwardly surprised as I looked down at it with an expressionless face. Because I didn’t know Eckliss would immediately fulfill my orders.

‘I thought you’d try to kill me this the whole time.’

Of course I didn’t mean to kill Mark. It was an order issued with the determination to use a ruby ring on his left hand. After you’ve strangled the bully, I won’t be offended by using the controls.

However, Eckliss’s unexpected departure from Mark was immediate. I put my orders before my personal opinion. I was more than satisfied with it.

“Didn’t you say that if the real princess come back, she will kicked out the fake and can’t take care of him?”

I glanced around the frozen area. The expression of the knights, which had already been hardened, became more rigid in my words.

“But would it be faster for me to be kicked out, or would it be faster for you to be fired?”

I laughed as if I were joking around, stretching out the end of my words. It was then.

The Dukedom has -5 reputation due to deteriorating relations with the neighbors.

A system window popped up before my eyes. Unfortunately, fame has fallen. But the knights were not the targets, so it was none of my business.

I turned to the real target.

“Eckliss, come here.”

He came up to me immediately.

“Let’s go.”

I held Eckliss’s wrist slightly with his unarmed hand. And led him out of the military field.

[Favorability 32%]

It was still an inorganic look, but the rising favorability was just like a shaky dog’s tail.


When I went to the front door of the mansion with the Eckliss behind me, the butler who was waiting with the carriage welcomed me.

“You are very beautiful today.”

“Are we ready to go out?”

“Yes, I have prepared a carriage with defensive and tracking magic. You’ve already got the escort…”

The butler glanced sideways at the Eckliss behind me and continued.

“I’ve assigned you a magician of the Mabuman Clan. In case of an emergency, we’ll teleport you to your mansion.”

Like Vuinter, the wizards did not reveal their identities well. Therefore, the price used was very expensive. It’s rare for a royal family to use a wizard as a horse when going out.

‘Are you sure you’re a duke?’

I was delighted with the treatment that was getting better, but I pretended to be insignificant.

“Good work, butler.”

“And this……”

Whether there was anything left, the butler took something out of his arms and handed it over.

“The Duke told you to have a good time because it’s been a long time since you went out.”

It was a blank check. I looked at it in surprise, not knowing that the Duke would care so much about yesterday.

“If you knew I was on my way back from throwing a bomb at the military field, you wouldn’t give me something like this…….!’

I hesitated whether I should take it willingly. It was the butler who instigated me like that.

“Take it, miss. You haven’t even called the merchants these days.”

“…yes, well.”

I can’t help it. I gave up my hesitation and gladly accepted it.

“Tell him I’m very grateful.”

“Of course.”

I turned around and walked to the carriage that stopped. Eckliss, who had been standing without saying anything until then, suddenly followed me.

Standing in front of the open carriage door, I reached out to him silently. He just stared at my hand.

Maybe it’s because he’s been left unattended for too long since I brought him here. Eckliss didn’t seem to even think about escorting me like a real escort.

“Fool, this is when you have to escort Lady.”

I winked at him. Then the gray eyes shook slightly once.

“…but I’m a slave.”


I corrected his words immediately.

“You’re my escort now.”


“Then what should we do now?”

I gently waved before him. It was a left hand with a ruby ring stuck in it.

Suddenly, Ecklis smiled quietly. He held my hand, and leaned slowly.

He kneeled on the floor with one leg bent, and even the butler did an amazingly perfect job. And looking through my eyes, he said.

“Please crush my leg and get on to the wagon, Master.”

“Lady, can I take you to the dress shop first?”

WhenEckliss already sat on the wagon, the horseman asked.

“No. Go to the arms dealer.”

I answered indifferently, with my chin resting on the window frame. Soon the carriage started. The magic is on, the ride was as good as a car. I was looking interestingly out the window that passed by quickly.


Suddenly, I heard a small murmur from across the seat. I turned my head and met Eckliss, who was staring at me.

He looked at me with unknown eyes and opened his mouth again.

“… …why haven’t you been looking for me all this whole time?”

It was an unexpected question. I looked over his face, wondering if he was blaming me for something like today, but I couldn’t figure out what he was thinking.

“are you upset?”

I asked openly. In that case, he intended to apologize. But…

“You promised.”


“I hope you will come to me often as a hard-trained award.”

Oh, I managed to swallow the groans that burst.

I forgot why I didn’t find him. The memory of the rainy day, the eerie.

“…I’ve been waiting for you every day.”

Not knowing what I was thinking, Eckliss muttered in a whisper. Would it be because of the mood if the expressionless face just now looks a little sullen?

I tapped on the window frame and picked an excuse that didn’t find him.

“I’m so disgusted.”


“You lied to me, Ecklis.”


His eyes were round. Except for the look of a dead body, he looks so fine that I thinks he’s a well-made doll.

“You said no one was bothering you, but you had this on your pretty face”

I reached out my hand and stroked his cheek. He flinched noticeably and bit his upper body backward.

As if embarrassed, I smiled briefly, looking at the fluctuating gray eyes compared to other times.

“At that time…”


“It was really not there.”

Eckliss made an excuse in a rather hasty tone.

‘there must be quite.’

I inwardly denied his words. You wielded a sword as if you were going to kill someone, and nothing happened. The more I saw him, the more awkward he was.

“Anyway. You didn’t tell me about this first, so the prize is invalid.”


“Shh. I’m here to give you another prize, so don’t whine and wait a little bit.”

I tried to appease him by blocking his retort.

Eckliss’s cheeks blushed faintly, perhaps because my words, “Don’t whine,” were shameful. And…

[Favorability 33%]

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