Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain

Chapter 197

Chapter 197

Finally, we arrived in front of the huge building. "Is this... a temple?"

It was too much to call a temple.

The square-shaped dark gray building with no windows was like a prison made of concrete. "That's what they call it."

The Crown Prince replied, shrugging his shoulders. "Let's go."

He climbed up the stairs first, reaching out to me his hand.

Four square holes were seen behind the back of him. It was the entrance. Looking inside the dark, without even a door, I felt a little terrified.

I hesitated for a moment and soon held the hand of the Crown Prince. He flexed his muscles and easily dragged me up.

After that, we came into the building.

Not long after walking through the narrow passageway, there was a stone staircase leading underground.

'These guys really like underground.'

It was a mysterious tomb that seemed like hideout of a group of evil, considering the fact that an altar was built deep underground on the island even in the Soleil.

"Be careful."

Surneung-. Callisto, who had taken out the sword, spoke in a low voice and went down ahead. I followed behind him silently.

The width of the stairs, which was narrow enough for one person to enter, gradually widened as it went down.

The inside was not darker than I thought. Because there were lamps hanging everywhere.

More strange than that, there was nothing to prevent outsiders from invading. I thought there would be a lot of evil creatures or followers of evil Leila. 'Well, nobody can get here, so they don't have to set up a trap here.'

The huge desert island was built in the middle of the place, lacking an island. I also had a magic map, but I must have been trapped in the desert.

Nothing popped out, but we kept on climbing the stairs and going down the stairs. Finally, the seemingly endless staircase ended with a vast expanse of space. "This..."

We stood at the bottom of the remaining stairs.

There was a mountain of gold coins, jewels, and treasures that flashed in the light.

And the hundreds and thousands of bones that pop out of these items and stuff it up. "Heyup."

I stepped back, holding my breath at the sight that was revealed. They were human bones.

"Leila followers. They kidnapped people, tortured them, and hid the bodies here? There's a lot of dirty things."

The Crown Prince frowned harshly, perhaps because of the numerous remains of the bones. "No."


"Here, it is the tomb of the ancient Layla." "The tomb?"

Callisto asked back as if I was talking nonsense, but I didn't answer anymore.

His words made me dizzy when I saw so many bones that seemed to have been slaughtered.

I thought the tomb symbolized something, but I didn't know it would give the real tomb as a quest. 'Crazy game.'

Looking around the inside of the tomb with my face hardened, I soon found something far away and opened my eyes.

"The mirror."

It was much bigger than what I saw in Vinter's secret hideout. To occupy one side of this enormous space.

Because it was rusted and faded for a long time, it would have been mistaken for a wall if you did not know its shape beforehand.

I ran down the remaining stairs without hesitation. "Princess!"

Callisto called me in amazement. But I ignored him and walked through the unafraid of being struck by my feet.

The mirror I saw in my dreams. My reflection in the mirror. A curious sense of anxiety filled me up.

'Maybe, is it an important clue to return to the original world?'

Hearingly, quickly, I heard the sound of jewels and remains being trampled under my feet, and I didn't care.

It was just around the corner. keuleuleuleu-.

An eerie cry was heard somewhere.

As I stopped and turned my head, something glowed in the dark corner, slowly walking out.

The leather with dotted lines and the appearance were similar to hyenas. But a tooth as long as an abnormal thing and a tongue split into three branches.

It was a monster. "Hhung-!"

The drooled monster soon kicked the gold coins and rushed to me with a blink of an eye "Uh, uh"

The quest window did not appear. By the time I was frozen like a fool. peoeog-kkaeaeng!

"Wake up!"

The monster that runs toward me flew right in front of me to the side because of the hit. The Crown Prince, who had kicked the monster, was pressing it with his foot down.

"It's a little different from the monster what we've been through. It must have been starved for a long time."

As he said, the monster's stuttering movement was dull and powerless.

Puwook- The Crown Prince, who had easily cut it with his sword, looked back at me, who was hardened, and pressed me hard.

"Don't look. Why are you looking at this?"

When I was about to refute what he said to me, why would he do that to me? keuleuleuleu-.

I heard the beast scream.

The Crown Prince kicked his tongue when he saw another monster crawling slowly. "It's the same guy. Go ahead. I'll get rid of it soon and follow you."

If it were the other time, I'd say I'd help you, but strangely, the quest window didn't appear. 'If I'm here alone, I have to deal with it myself.'

I let go of my anger about the game for a while, and soon I agreed with him lightly and turned around. "Thank you."

Now in front of the mirror of truth, it was the first. peoeog, kaeeng-!

I walked diligently, leaving behind Callisto, who easily kills monsters. And finally, I arrived in front of the old and huge mirror.

How long had I endured? The mirror was almost broken and about to break. The thick dusty surface didn't even show my face.

'Does this work?'

I raised my hand in a stunning mood and knocked the mirror slightly.

When the thick dust was wiped off, the surface covered in it was revealed a little.

As expected, my face was reflected in the mirror that was barely attached to it because it was all broken.

It was then.

~ Main quest: Beyond the Truth ~ [Finding the Mirror of Truth] Quest succeeded!

You are entitled to know [the truth] when you have reached this point.

A white square window floated over the cloudy mirror.

Would you like to know the hidden story through [mirror of truth]?

[Accept / Reject]

I didn't want to peruse.

However, it seemed to be one of the essential developments of the hidden route, so it was not a big deal.

I glanced back just before pressing [Accept] and looked at the Crown Prince. He was performing a sword battle, one by one, like a madman.

'Well, who cares about who?'

I was relieved and soon turned again to press [Accept].

At that moment, white light poured out like an explosion in a mirror. "Ugh."

I covered my eyes reflexively with my arms. "Princess-!"

Suddenly I heard a voice from Callisto calling me. At the same time, in front of my eyes flashed white. thud. thud. thud.

When I opened my eyes again with a loud drum sound, I was trapped in a black space. thud. thud. thud.Quick bam-!

The sound of drums that followed continued to lead to solemn music. "What is it."

I was panicked and looked around.

It was music I've heard from somewhere. That's right... 'BGM?!'

It was the background music of the game.

At that time, white letters came to my eyes as I looked everywhere.

[In the beginning, the continent had a period of peace under the rule of the Golden Dragon.] "what"

I was flustered and stuttering, but I soon figured out what this scene was about. These were scenes that would only come out in the prologue of the game.

So, it was the background description.

[The dragon pushed the darkness under the ground and pressed it down under its wings. The eyes of the dragon shine the world golden, and the grain is abundant on the earth.]

"Skip, skip!"

I searched reflexively for the [skip] button, but I couldn't see it, so I ended up shouting with all my mouth.


[The golden dragon, whose lifespan has run out, has disappeared from the world, leaving behind a fang for the remaining humans.]

Then with a moment's abbreviation of words, the really boring contents jumped over.

[Darkness began to spring from the ground. They called themselves gods and came to the earth after establishing a country called 'Balta' and slaughtering humans in a brutal and cruel manner.]

[There was such a group of people that stopped them...

The ancient wizards!]


Now, something that I know is starting to appear. I sighed half-relived and half-annoyed.

[A fierce war broke out between the ancient wizards and Leila.

However, the Leila followers who are taking their lives are getting stronger]

"Skip! Skip what I know."

I muttered in discontent, and now he has an abbreviation in front of him again.

[To survive, the Leila attacked the mirror. After a fierce attack, the corner of [The Mirror of Truth] fell and split into 15 pieces.

The remaining wizards hid some of the pieces in the tomb of Gold Dragon to secure the future.]

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