Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain

Chapter 198

Chapter 198


I tried to shout skip reflexively, but I stopped all the demands because it was new to me. When I finished reading the narration with my dull eyes, the writing automatically passed. [But in spite of such an outburst, the mirror of truth has been activated-.

The souls of the Leila clan are all sealed in a mirror. However, there was one Leila that was not sealed.

The young Leila, hiding deep in the ground, swallowed bloody tears in front of the bodies of her family and brothers.]


It was then. Somewhere, the sound of someone howling spread out loud. The scream of the child in my head made my hair stood up.

"What, what?"

I was surprised and raised my head.

At that moment, a white line was drawn straight under the white text and over the black space where there was nothing.

It was easy to recognize because it was a monotonous picture.

Skeletons piled up in pits and Leila kneeling before them and shedding tears.

[The Young Leila built up her strength for revenge.

Sometimes a newborn child, sometimes a young virgin, sometimes a dying old man. However, the more she stole the lives of others, the more she lost true nature.]

-You must go to the Imperial Palace to end it completely.

A voice came out from somewhere again. The writing had changed again.

[After collecting scattered pieces of mirror, she dazzled the prey.

Fortunately, the curse left by the brothers before their death weakened the power of wizards, so it was not that difficult.]

A picture of white lines under the letter was changed.

The Leila with the big cone and hat and another Leila strangling him like that. Water dripped down Leila's foot in a cone.

It was blood.

[One day, the Young Leila, who had lived for a long time, found a body suitable for going to the Imperial Palace.

Leila, who took her body away, grew up into a beautiful lady.]

The next moment, when I read the text that came up, I open my eyes wide.

The painting, which was nothing but Leila, began to become more colorful and complex, and ended—. "Yvonne."

The face of someone as clear as a picture came before my eyes. It was Yvonne.

[Like a hunting spider, she webbed and brainwashed her prey step by step.]

As if to show the illustration in the game, the good-natured smile of Vinter flashed through me. The writing changed again.

[Over time, Yvonne, who entered the Duchy with the help of a trapped Vinter, meets Penelope, an ancient wizard's blood flowing in her.]

"The blood of an ancient wizard...?"

The afterimage of two women came to mind in the black space. It was me and Yvonne.

The writing quickly moved to the next chapter without any embarrassment to the information I had never known.

[Penelope was instinctively wary of Yvonne. She tried to kill Leila, but she failed every time because of the curse of being ostracized by people. Rather, Yvonne took advantage of the villain that interfered with her to take over the duke family. Penelope dies easily without awakening.]

The afterimage of Penelope, who died cruelly in prison, was briefly reflected and disappeared. I read with a breathless look.

[After swallowing all Dukedom, she is engaged to the Crown Prince and enters the palace.]

Yvonne, who became a complete immortal due search's end of [the Fang of the Golden Dragon].

Having extorted her strong vitality to her heart's content, she uses a piece of mirror to unseal her brothers and completes her revenge.

All living things on the earth fall to be Leila's prey -.

So the world is destroyed when all the wizards to stop them are gone.

-~Normal Mode Hidden Story~ The End.]

That's how the story ended. Like the 'Beethoven No. 3 Symphony', the magnificent BGM disappeared. "What... is this the end of the hidden story?"

The white square window was gone, and only darkness remained. I stared blankly at the empty space. 'So what am I supposed to do?'

I'd known for a long time that Yvonne had a dark side, unlike the original setting. 'I didn't want something like this...'

I suddenly got angry.

"You think I've come all the way here in hell to find out only this?!" I shouted toward the empty sky.

"No, it's not me, I...!"

I shouted, but soon I stopped talking. 'What do I want?'

The original question lingered in my head.

Actually, I didn't know what I wanted when I went this far.

All I know is that even when I go out of the game, everything is gone. It was then.

Bam, bam, baram-!

The BGM, which had suddenly been turned on, was loud enough to burst my eardrums and began to sing.

Unlike a while ago, the tempo was very fast and fierce. As if we have reached the peak of the story. "What"

hwiiiig-! There was a gust of wind somewhere along with the music. It was the moment.

[But there was only one wizard who survived in a world of catastrophe!]

A white square window appeared again in the quiet space of the cave. Below it was a man in clothes of purple color.


The man's face was covered with a bushy beard.

I managed to recognize him thanks to his coarse silver hair and dark blue eyes.

[Afterwards, the wizard released from Leila's brainwashing arrives in front of the mirror and squeezing out the last remaining power. He looked at the mirror of truth. Realizing that the Penelope they killed was the only one who fought against Leila, he devoted his life to returning time.]

After wandering through the endless desert, he finally found Leila's temple like a prison.

-Everything that happened because of my foolishnessI will pay back this terrible sin with my soul.

Standing in front of the 'Mirror of Truth', Vinter shed tears of regret for a long time. Soon he stood up and raised his wand, shouting out an unknown spell.

White flash burst out of his eyes like a laser. The light painted a colorful marbles around him. Vinter's body began to burn alive.

[The world was trapped at time trap due the spell of the wizard.

The only way to get the time back was to stop Leila from destroying the world! But due to the foolishness Penelope, time continues to repeat.]

Penelope died in hard mode many times.

If there was anything different from the game, it was just that it was all as vivid as a picture. I grimly distorted my face recalling of Penelope's death at the system.

It represented [Reset] that I had so longed for at the beginning of the game.

[In the process of countless deaths, Penelope's soul broke to the end and disappeared like fog.

Penelope no longer came back. The world has stopped.

Time of eternity has passedand finally a tiny piece of soul has been reincarnated in another world-.]

Bang, Pam-!

The flowing BGM stopped after reaching its peak. And.

[Right, That's you!]

I was stunned by the scenario in the game. "Ha, ha"

I burst out laughing in amazement.

Regardless of my reaction, the story went to the next stage.

[You've never been dead before, and you're the real heroine!

You will be surprised to rise from the ashes and save the world from the evil forces!]

A new square window floated over the top of my head.

~ Main quest: Hard Mode hidden route ~

[Who is the real villain?] Would you like to proceed with the quest? (Reward: [Hidden Ending], [Golden Dragon's fang])

[Accept / Reject]

It was more crazy than the it was in game's scenario that had been followed so far.

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