Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain

Chapter 196

Chapter 196

My face turned red.

I stared at him with my hand covered my lips, trying not to get caught.

'You said you weren't in love. You said you wanted to be a partner. What's wrong with you?' That kind of heart rose up.

However, Callisto, who was standing while his eyes looking at me, was very warm, and his smiling face was so bright.

My heart kept pounding.

I ended up taking off my nervously wet robe and masks that I couldn't even pick and lift like a fool. Because it was heavy and damp, it was likely to disturb the road.

Then I searched through the bag I was carrying. The inside of the bag, which was also enchanted in the mess, was intact.

I took out a pocket of gold and handed it over to the real captain who was staring at us with strange eyes.

"You did a good job. Go back and fix your ship and use it to heal the injured people." The man opened his eyes wide and shook his hand.

"Oh, no! That's not fair! Ah, you've saved lives for the captain. How can I..." "Some people are dead, but I think it's a life allowance."

", thank you, thank you!"

The man did not refuse and accepted it.

Turning again toward the far-seeing Arkina Islands, I stretched out a map of magic before me. 'Where should I go?'

On the map, there was a red dot on the edge of the island, at the very top of the hill, but I didn't know the geography, so I didn't know where to go.

I recalled the last time and tried to touch it on the map.

As if it were a tablet PC, the area directly touched by the finger was expanded. However, the more I checked inside the island, the more embarrassing I became. 'What is it.'

The only island that seemed to have a huge secret hidden was sand no matter how much I looked around.

'I thought the Leila's followers would be everywhere..' It was a desolate desert no matter how I looked at it. It was then.

"The Leila temple is probably right in the middle of the Island."

The Crown Prince, who was watching me from the side, suddenly pointed his finger at the center of the map.

The part was magnified straight away. But the only sand dunes were the same. "How do you know?"

"When I was planning a military operation, I scouted through the wizards again and again." He added.

"I've only checked the surface, not for sure, because the barrier is so strong. Still, if you want to take as little trouble as possible, you'd better take into account the central area."


"Because that's a wasteland where a single blade of grass doesn't exist. When you start wandering, there's no end."

His words made sense.

No matter how many magic maps you have, you can't wander around like a needle in a spacious desert. It was time to look sideways at Callisto, who gave me unexpected help.

Suddenly, my eyes were blinded by the light.

If you want to use the Ancient Magic Map, shout the starter, pointing out where to move in the map.

(Starting language: Yala Bula Artino)

'What's wrong with your pronunciation?'

It was when I was constantly frowning at the weird starter. "Do you know the starter as well? Then go ahead."

The crown prince still spoke vaguely, pointing out on the map. I had had a new realization.

"...Are you coming with me?"

"Well, I've come all the way here because of someone. Shall we go back after cutting the octopus legs?" He asked back with his eyes glaring.

"Well, then you have to go back. It's nothing else, and it's up to the suppression of the rebels..." "If a country can't stop a single rebel without me, it would be better to be destroyed."

"Your Highness."

"This is more important to me. And do I need your permission to go to the Arkina Islands?" Callisto said arrogantly with his ferocious look.

Actually, it was true.

Whatever the purpose was, the Crown Prince, what he's going to do, and I was not going to stop him. "You don't want to go with me?"

I just kept my mouth shut because I was confident by myself, but Callisto hurriedly added, overshadowing what he just said.

"Then you go alone. I have a map's copy, too, so I'll take care of it." His face, looking up at me again, was covered with nervousness.

Like a child who didn't want to be left. "You don't know the starter." "Shit."

When I calmly pointed out at his mistake, he swept his bangs up roughly and calmly opened his mouth. And then.

"Take me with you too."

Although he was in a position of request but didn't look like a man asking favor at all, it was rather in a dignified manner.

However, I could see the end of his ear, which was like a red at the end. "Are you laughing?"

He blazed his eyes again.

I faked, pretended not to laugh a bit, and spat out a starter that had the freaks pronounce. "Yala Bula Artino."

Do you want to use the [Scroll Ancient Mage Map] once to move to your area? [Yes/No]

When I pressed [Yes.] without hesitation, my eyes went blank.

When we opened our eyes again, we stood in the middle of the desert, where the sun was blazing. As if trapped in a steamer, a blazing hot wind hit the face.

By the time the Crown Prince raised his head with a reflexive frown. "There"

Through the haze rising above the distant sand lighthouse, the building was dimly visible. The Crown Prince's words were true. I was relieved to think that I had less trouble.

Full-. Something fell over my head. "Uh, uh"

"The sun is hot."

In the midst of my bewilderment, the Crown Prince silently wrapped it tightly around my head and face.

It was his red cape.

Only his handsome long face was exposed under the blazing sun. "What about you?"

I hesitantly asked.

Then the Crown Prince replied with mockery and grin.

"Anyway I think, Princess needs to think more about mice than cats." "Nevertheless"

"I don't think you've ever been in a desert-like this before during a war?"

The building in the middle of the desert wasn't that far away, but the hot sun was still heavy. No, I felt strange about his actions that prioritized me.

'If I knew this would happen, I'd bring the robes.'

By the time I was depressed by the short judgment, the Crown Prince encouraged me. "Stop thinking. Deserts have short days."

I started a short journey with him.

It was when I just reached the top of the last dune with the temple right in front of me. Even though I didn't walk long, my body that was covered with sweat felt tired.

"heog,heogWait a minute."

I panted shallowly while kneeling.

It was funny to do this with the destination just around the corner, but I couldn't see anything when I was out of breath.

Callisto waited silently for me like that without any rush.

A while later, when I was on breath and stabilized it, I uttered words that had been tickling my tongue the whole time.

"Why don't you ask me anything?" "What?"

"Justthis and that."

I knew that due to his nature Crown Prince would surely wipe me out.

What's the poison, what's the reason I was here, what's my relationship with the Marquis...

His red eyes asked for nothing, and I sat down in a rough sandy plain. "If you've been to the capital, you've heard the news about me."

"Oh. Do you mean the duke's stepdaughter who beat the real duke's daughter and ran away from home?

"What, what?"

"The Young Duke's eyes have been red and he's looking for you." He said, naturally frowned.

'A disgusting fellow. What do you want from me after all that humiliation?' By the time I had fed up.

"Don't worry and do what you want to do. If you want to catch a demon, I will catch Leila, and if you want to kill her, I will kill her."


"Let me stay by your side."

The Crown Prince replied. I hesitated and looked up at him. "I don't know why Your Highness is doing this."

Even in broad daylight, the red-colored gauge bar gave off its own color.

At the coming-of-age ceremony, I thought I had predicted all the emotional possibilities.

The hard mode was over, and now all I have had left was the story for the normal mode for the further journey.

Why are you.......

"You do not have to know."

The Crown Prince distorted his face.

"You're such a thing. You don't have to know. That's not what matters to me anymore." ""

"In the end, without any help, you got yourself out of dukedom, by all yourself." I don't know how he knew, but he got it right.

At one time, I thought one of the male lead would save me, and I considered the favorability's figures as an absolute indicator of my escape.

But now both favorability and ways of escaping were gone. What matters to me now was...

'What's important to me now?'

Somehow I went crazy about that idea.

"The important thing is, what you're trying to do is what I'm also trying to do."

Callisto clearly said his intentions. "Do you know what I can do?"

"Anything. Are you trying to wake up all the dead Leila and conquer the world?" He asked back in a playful voice. I still looked at him with unfamiliar eyes. "You're the Crown Prince of this Empire."

I was the decisive reason for rejecting his offer, judging that we couldn't it. "You wanted to be an ideal emperor."

"I don't know what it was."

He shrugged and answered lightly.

"Like the Crown Prince, I can knock it out. It's not so bad that I occupy the Empire and become an emperor."

"I'm not kidding"

"Can't you just stay by my side?"

He cut me off and asked. The nervous face I saw on the ship earlier.

His face, which had always been full of confidence, had suddenly turned desperate. 'Callisto was not brainwashed.'

I gave a slow nod to this fact. It was permission.

Only then the man regained his composure and laugh. The heart that I thought I had killed began to throb again.

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