Dear Commander-in-Chief

Chapter 34

Chapter 34: Eavesdropping On Master Jue’s Phone Call

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Of course, Gong Jue also itched to choke himself to death. Why was he so obsessed that he wanted to kiss these little pink and pouty lips just now?

What good was there to kiss this stupid woman.

Perhaps after kissing her, he would become stupid himself.

After pressing Gu Qiqi back into the bed heavily and stuffing her small, restless hands back under the blanket, Gong Jue got up angrily.

But the agitation in his lower body became even more unbridled.

Glaring fiercely at the little lady who looked as innocent as ever in her dreamland, Gong Jue bolted for the bathroom.

The sound of cold, flowing water rushed out of the faucet.

Finally, Gu Qiqi was awoken by this sound.

Rubbing her eyes, she vaguely remembered that she had a dream just now about giving the perverted man a beating. She felt quite invigorated.

But she quickly became alert—someone was taking a shower in the bathroom?

A tall figure was projected onto the frosted glass door by the sunlight.

It looked sexy and domineering!

Wait a minute, why did he have to take a shower?

Getting a premonition of impending danger, Gu Qiqi sobered up completely.

She rolled over to get out of bed. Flipping through the pockets in her school uniform, she retrieved a tiny syringe before approaching the bathroom lightly.

The sound of running water came to an abrupt halt!

It couldn’t be that her cover had already been blown this quickly?

In the next second, Gu Qiqi heard the man’s low and cold voice.

“Bai Lang, are you having a pleasant stay in Africa? You aren’t allowed to call for this type of godd*mn thing in the future. Otherwise, I don’t mind sending you to an uninhabited island in the Arctic Ocean.”

It turned out that this man was taking a call.

Breathing out a sigh of relief, Gu Qiqi moved closer to the side of the wall to hide.

Only to hear Gong Jue speak to the person in the call half-heartedly and impatiently, “You’re asking about that woman who crawled into my bed? If I have caught her, would you still be talking nonsense?”

Gu Qiqi frowned.

She criticized him in her heart: He even had the nerve to deride me for my pregnancy test kits and denigrate me as an ‘unclean’ woman from the hospital?

He wasn’t any cleaner than her, right?

He had been fooling around with women, yet he still had the cheek to say what? That he didn’t touch women, that he hated women, that he didn’t allow women to appear in front of him/

What a hypocrite!

If I were that woman, I would escape far away from you too! Hmph!

On the other end of the phone call, Bai Lang didn’t think so as he stated anxiously, “Don’t, Master Jue! You can’t give up! That woman is too important! Think about it, you haven’t been able to touch a woman all these years. But now, you actually went the whole way with a random young lady on an operating table! That means that this woman can cure your illness! You must find her!”

“I said that I can’t find her! Are you deaf?!”

Bai Lang was very thick-skinned. No matter how unpleasant Gong Jue’s attitude was, he still smiled happily and bootlicked him anyway, “If you really can’t… That female nurse will do too. Weren’t you fine even when she touched you before? You should use your incomparably high IQ to do experiments on her!”

“Hmm, I’ve already caught and brought her back so that I can study her,” Gong Jue replied.

He couldn’t help but feel his own lips.

Just now, he had wanted to experiment a little—touch Gu Qiqi a few times—to see if he would really be fine.

In the end, that stupid woman actually…

Just thinking about it made him furious.

“What? If you’re going to do experiments, you can’t leave me out. I—this genius doctor—will help you with the research. Maybe I can extract something amazing from her body and we will be able to find the cure once and for all?”

“Get lost! I will do the research myself. You better stay in Africa obediently as atonement!”

“Owuuu, you inhuman—”

Gong Jue hung up the call decisively.

Separated by a door, Gu Qiqi couldn’t completely eavesdrop on their conversation. She could only vaguely hear Gong Jue say something about “looking for a woman”, “bring her back” and “do experiments”.

Suddenly, she shivered.

Who was the woman whom this man wanted to find?

If he wasn’t able to find her, would he use her as a replacement?

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