Dear Commander-in-Chief

Chapter 33

Chapter 33: Unexpectedly, He Had Been Struck By A Stupid Woman!

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Gu Qiqi felt that her imprisonment by Gong Jue this time wasn’t the same as the last.

Back then, she had been locked in an ordinary room, so it was like she had been forced to reflect on a mistake that she had made at best. But this time, she was locked in Gong Jue’s room!

Why did she feel like she was caught to become his “little servant”?

Afraid that Gong Jue might break into the room abruptly and do something shameless to her, Gu Qiqi didn’t dare to close her eyes for the whole night.

But she never expected that Gong Jue would be occupied with a meeting for the entire night! He never even came back!

As the sky lit up at dawn, Gu Qiqi couldn’t hold herself back anymore. She curled up beside the bed and closed her eyes.

Amidst a dream-like state, she seemed to have heard the sound of the doors opening

Wrapped in a crisp and cold aura, a tall and imposing figure stepped towards the bed.

“Stupid woman, if you sleep like a pig, you won’t even know when you’ve been sold by someone,” Gong Jue’s disdainful voice drifted towards her.

As a cold and haughty Commander, he was the type of man to keep his guard up even as he slept. Thus, it was understandable that he couldn’t understand this girl who slept like a pig.

Faint golden morning rays filtered through the window and shone onto Gu Qiqi’s forehead.

With skin as white as snow, the fast asleep girl had relaxed the vigilance and defense that she raised when she was awake. It also added a few notes of sweetness and childishness.

Her hands were still tied up while she was covered with his shirt.

Her tiny mouth pursed in dissatisfaction, revealing that bit of youthfulness and stubbornness that belonged to the girl alone.

Gong Jue had only taken an extra look. Although it was a look of disdain, suddenly, he felt his heart start beating fiercely.

D*mn it!

Why was it that every time he stared at this girl’s face, he would go out of control?

This happened in the car yesterday! It was also happening today!

This woman… Really could stir up his hidden thoughts very easily!

The room was so quiet that one would be able to hear the drop of a needle.

Beads of sweat appeared on Gong Jue’s forehead.

He stripped off the customized gloves that he wore regularly.

His slender and powerful hand couldn’t help but extend towards Gu Qiqi’s lips.

Perhaps, he would be able to touch this woman? Should he try it?

After all, hadn’t he arrested her just to… Test if he could touch her and verify whether there was a cure for his illness?

Gong Jue’s throat grew dry.


He had captured her simply because this arrogant and obstinate woman had slandered him, was disrespectful towards him and even… She even pushed her own younger sister down the stairs.

Furthermore, she even knocked his subordinate unconscious in order to escape!

That’s right! It’s because this little idiot had done so many unacceptable things that he had to arrest her! He intended to put her in her place firmly!

A certain man was trying to hypnotize himself.

However, his fingers were very honest. Leaning down, they couldn’t help but approach that attractive little face inch by inch.

Gu Qiqi was disoriented in her sleep. She felt as if she had returned to that operating table after her rebirth. Her entire body was burning up!

All of a sudden, she felt a huge block of ice approaching her gradually!

Of course, she had the desire to get close to that cooling object too.

But as soon as she got near it, a strong masculine aura washed over her!

Gu Qiqi’s forehead wrinkled. In her delirious state, she thought that the mysterious man from the operating table had come to bully her again.

Without even thinking, her small hand waved with all her strength—


A very distinct palm flew out.

“Who asked you to bully me? You massive scoundrel! I’ll hit you! I’ll hit you!” Mumbling in her dream, Gu Qiqi pouted her lips as her tiny hand continued to wave around vigorously in all directions.

There was a delicate fingerprint mark on Gong Jue’s cheek. As his eyes blazed with fury, he glared intensely at the little lady talking in her sleep.

For the first time in his life, a certain arrogant man had been struck by a woman! He was hit!

What’s more, it even landed on his face!

His long and slender fingers abruptly gripped Gu Qiqi’s throat!

“Stupid woman!”

Gong Jue wanted to choke her to death so badly.

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