Dear Commander-in-Chief

Chapter 35

Chapter 35: Ulterior Motive

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Gu Qiqi shivered, but not from the cold.

Could it be that… That this flaccid guy wanted to experiment some new technological toy with her here?

A few days ago, this man flew a plane out for work. Wasn’t that to restore some technological system and prevent some virus from spreading?

She knew it! It wasn’t possible for an adult man to want to catch her and lock her up repeatedly, just because of those two words on the medical report.

Unless he had an ulterior motive!

She’d heard that men who dabbled in scientific research weren’t the same as ordinary people. Could she have met a science freak who wanted to do experiments on her?

Gu Qiqi was usually very fearless but she trembled uncontrollably now.

She had to escape! There was no time to wait anymore!

She opened up the tiny syringe in her hand.

During the time she had taken the pregnancy test kits from the hospital, she had taken this anesthetic along as well.

It was usually used to sedate mental patients. After releasing the drug from a safe distance away, it could cause a berserk person to collapse to the ground on the spot.

It was also suitable to deal with this overbearing man!

Gu Qiqi opened a tiny crack in the door and aimed it at Gong Jue—

Ah! This wasn’t good! She seemed to have aimed at… Ahem, ahem, ahem! Gong Jue’s ‘little brother’!

What should she do? Could she really have made him sick like the illness written on the medical report?

Gu Qiqi hesitated for a moment.

“Who is it?”

Gong Jue’s vigilance was very high. His senses were abnormally sensitive.

The crack in the door had let an air current escape that Gong Jue immediately noticed.

Due to his stern bark, she wasn’t left with any time to hesitate. Gu Qiqi’s finger trembled and the anesthetic flew in Gong Jue’s direction instantly.

Gu Qiqi covered her eyes as she couldn’t bear to watch anymore.

“I’m sorry, overbearing guy. If I hit a place that I shouldn’t have hit on you, you can only pray for luck. Who let you catch and bring me back with bad intentions…”

Muttering to herself, her small hands agilely flipped through the shorts that Gong Jue had thrown onto the floor and found the key.

With a pinch.

“Ka cha—”

She was free!

She discarded her damaged school uniform and put on Gong Jue’s shirt as a shirt dress. Then, she removed the belt on Gong Jue’s pants and tied it around her own waist.

She had to admit that this clothing looked rather unique and carefree on her.

An hour later.

Gong Jue woke up in the bathroom.

His head hurt like it was going to split.

With his eyebrows furrowed, he stretched his hand out abruptly and pulled out a thin needle from the side of his leg.

An anesthetic needle?

D*mn it! It had nearly stabbed his little guy!

Gong Jue strode out of the bathroom with a grim expression on his face. He discovered he couldn’t wear his shirt and long pants anymore.

And on the huge wooden bed, that little woman—who had been sound asleep—had disappeared without a trace.

“Gu Qiqi, you better not let me catch you again! Otherwise—”

He couldn’t guarantee that he wouldn’t do anything towards her!


Qing Cheng Hospital.

At the entrance of the Plastic Surgery Ward.

Gu Qiqi was wearing a cap that she had casually lifted from Gong Jue’s bedroom. Pulling the brim down low, her attention focused onto a VIP ward.

Zhu Fen was usually in charge of that ward.

Yesterday, Zhu Fen mistakenly revealed that she had the video recording of Gu Qiqi in the operating room.

Once Gu Qiqi escaped, the first thing she thought about was to get this recording into her hands as soon as possible!

At least, she needed to know which b*stard it was on the operating table that night, right?

She must find him and teach him a harsh lesson. If he was dishonest, she wouldn’t mind executing a severe punishment using her study of medicine.

She had to let him know that women shouldn’t be bullied casually! Hmph!

Gu Qiqi gently pulled open the door of the ward. In her hand, she was carrying a fruit basket that she had picked up from the corridor. She was pretending to be a family member visiting a patient.

But upon entering the door, Gu Qiqi was taken aback.

Not a single nurse was on duty in this ward at all.

The VIP wards in this hospital only had two beds in a room.

At this moment, she recognized both of the b*oody patients on the beds right now!

On the left was Gu Xuexue with a disfigured forehead.

On the right was Zhu Fen with her back injured, and her head forced into her chin!

Only a night had passed since she last saw these two. How did these two sc*mbags end up this miserable, when they were usually the ones who stirred up trouble?

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