Dear Commander-in-Chief

Chapter 20

Chapter 20: Slandering Her

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After Gu Qiqi had wiped her hands clean, she examined Zhu Fen’s face and spoke in an infuriating tone again, “Hmm, this suits you very well. You should thank me for it.”

Three days ago, she had hit Zhu Fen’s right cheek at the hospital; and the swelling hadn’t gone down yet. Today, she slapped her left cheek. Wasn’t this called symmetrical “swelling”?

Simply perfect.

Zhu Fen was going mad from fury.

Rushing upwards, she brandished her long fingernails to tear Gu Qiqi’s face into pieces.

Gu Xuexue suddenly gave her a meaningful look as she observed from the sidelines.

Zhu Fen went blank for a while before she understood her gesture. Stopping her actions, she covered her face and rolled onto the ground right away, “Gu Qiqi hit me! Gu Qiqi is relying on her status as the top scholar to bully her classmate! My face! My leg! My stomach! Ow ow ow, it hurts!”

Gu Qiqi watched her performance with cold eyes. Feeling speechless, the corner of her mouth twitched. She’d only slapped her on the face; why would her entire body hurt?

She wiggled her finger and prepared to leave.

“Stand right there! Do you think that you’re reasonable even after hitting your classmate? Such immoral behavior!” A berating voice rang behind her.

Gu Qiqi scrunched up her brows and turned around to look at the principal and her class teacher—who had appeared out of nowhere among the crowd.

She raised her chin and stated lightly, “Then, are her actions of blatantly fabricating the truth and slandering my reputation in public justified? Are their actions morally correct?”

The class teacher glared at her in exasperation, “Your grades are good. As a top scholar, can’t you give in to other classmates? What’s wrong with saying a couple of words about you?”

Gu Qiqi’s brow lifted.

Heh heh.

BJust because her grades were good, she deserved to be cursed at?

Top scorers shouldn’t retaliate when they’re being cursed at and beaten?

What kind of b*llshit logic is this?

What was even more ridiculous was that the principal even frowned as he reprimanded her. “What’s the use of studying well? A female student cavorting with men is the epitome of immorality. Your lifestyle is chaotic and it undermines the reputation of our school! Why are you back here to make an exhibition of yourself?”

Gu Qiqi’s gaze gradually turned cold.

The other students might only be here to join in the fun with everyone else. But the fact that her teacher-in-charge and even the principal were here to slander her… That was definitely abnormal.

She had kept a low profile in her previous life, constantly burying her head into her books to study hard. She had neither noticed nor thought deeply as to why her grades might be great, but she was never well-received by the teachers. Gu Xuexue was always the favorite student in school.

She even scored full marks once, but the teacher suspected her of plagiarizing Gu Xuexue’s paper.

The d*amn Gu Xuexue had only scored 90 marks.

And that was even Gu Xuexue’s highest scores to date.

She had received full marks, but they said that she copied from someone who only earned 90 marks? The teacher sure had the cheek to say that out loud.

At this moment, Gu Qiqi already had an answer in her heart—these people had probably been bribed by Gu Meifeng already.

Afraid that she would become more outstanding and afraid that she would resist, Gu Meifeng bribed people to stand in her way at every turn—to oppress her.

Eyes lit with fire, Gu Qiqi spoke calmly, “I’ve lost my college application form. I came back to fill out a new form again.”

Gu Xuexue cut in quickly, “Older Sister, you remembered wrongly. You didn’t lose it. I already handed it in for you.”

The class teacher sneered, “Gu Qiqi, learn from your younger sister on how to conduct yourself with compassion and consideration.”

Learn from my younger sister, my foot!

Compassion and consideration? That was such a joke!

Gu Qiqi ignored her and requested directly. “That wasn’t filled out by me. I would like to apply for a new copy of the application form.”

The principal kept a harsh expression on his face. “Unacceptable! An application form that has been handed in can’t be taken back to fill out again. Do you think that the school is owned by your family—that you can do whatever you want?”

Gu Qiqi swept an eye over them coolly, “Since there’s no way to fill it out again, then there’s no need to waste my time with you people.”

After speaking, she left these people behind and strode towards the school entrance to leave.

Leaving behind Zhu Fen rolling around on the floor and a dissatisfied Gu Xuexue… She was leaving already? But I’d wanted to continue humiliating her.

The principal was so angry that his face turned purple. He had never been this humiliated by a student right in his face before!

She even said that speaking to him was a waste of time!

He was furious.

The principal had a whole bellyful of anger but still had to comfort Gu Xuexue in a pleasant tone, “Xuexue, go home and tell your mother. We have already handed in the application form for that incompetent older sister of yours; it’s for the nursing profession at Qing Cheng’s Nursing School.”

As he spoke, he suppressed his tone so that only the two of them could hear, “Don’t worry. It’s the worst school and the worst profession.”

Gu Xuexue finally laughed.


Gu Qiqi found her electric scooter outside the school entrance.

Both her hands gripped onto the handlebars tightly. Her teeth had dug so hard into her lips that they had gone pale.

Those people were too shameless! They were too evil!

Each and every one of them extended their evil hands to push her into an abyss.


She absolutely would not surrender.

They changed her aspiration and wouldn’t allow her to fill in a new copy. Was that it?

They thought that she could only wait to be ‘captured’; they had written her off as a hopeless person. Was that it?

Wrong! She still had another route!

No one knew that there existed an unimaginable route that could help her find a way out of this predicament.

She wanted to go to the hospital to look for that person.

That person would definitely be able to help her. But the premise was that she had to help him first…

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