Dear Commander-in-Chief

Chapter 21

Chapter 21: His Skills Were Still So Poor!

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Qing Cheng Hospital.

Intensive Care Unit Number One.

A pale and tired man was lying on the hospital bed quietly with his eyes closed. He was asleep.

Less than two days have passed since this man’s operation ended. The man had a lot of tubes stuck in his body, his long and slender arms were dropped to the sides. His knuckles were clean and distinct. The faint smell of medicine radiated from them.

Two sturdy men were standing guard coldly outside the door.

They were said to be this man’s close protection bodyguards.

Every patient who passed by the room didn’t even dare to breathe. They knew that the man inside had a noble status. He was injured in a car accident three days ago and had a heart attack.

That night—Zhu You—the Head of the Surgical Department was the one who personally performed this man’s operation. But despite the fact that he was no longer on the operating table, the man never woke up.

At this moment, Gu Qiqi was pushing the medicine cart and walking towards Intensive Care Unit Number One.

The bodyguard stopped her coldly. “Why are you here?”

“To change medicine.”

Gu Qiqi replied calmly.

She wore a big mask that revealed only her big and black grape-like eyes.

“Move it. Don’t disturb my chairman!”


Gu Qiqi pushed the medicine cart in.

After she closed the door, she immediately took out a sterilization bag from the medicine cart and opened it. There was actually a set of scalpels inside!

She lifted the man’s blanket and unbuttoned his hospital gown, revealing the wound on his left chest.

She took off the man’s blanket and unbuttoned his hospital gown.

There was a wound on his left chest.

“His skills are still so poor!” Gu Qiqi couldn’t help but despise Zhu You as she looked at the traces of his operation.

Regardless if it was the angle, depth, or the stitching technique with the knife, Zhu You was simply unworthy to be the Head of a Surgical Department.

He was no better than her, a nurse with ten years of practical operation experience.

“What’s more terrible is that you actually hurt the patient’s left arm nerve while performing the heart operation. Zhu You, you’re such a pig-head!”

“You learned medicine in vain!”

“Don’t you know that the heart nerve is connected to the left arm nerve? Do you want the patient to be disabled for the rest of his life? Forget it. It’s a small thing to be disabled. This heart operation was so badly done that I don’t think the patient can even live beyond seven days…”

Gu Qiqi mumbled.

She disinfected the man’s wound, raised a scalpel, and cut open the wound without hesitation.

A small cluster of blood spurted out immediately…


At the end of the corridor outside the door.

A row of sturdy men surrounded Zhu You, Gu Qiushan, Gu Meifeng, and the others.

The fierceness that Zhu You had shown when he was facing Gu Qiqi was nowhere to be found.

He was nodding like a servant as he said, “Secretary Jiao, the chairman’s illness is really complicated. We have really tried our best…”

Secretary Jiao said coldly, “The chairman hasn’t woken up for three days and three nights!”

“You’re telling me that you tried your best?”

“The experts from the Empire said over the phone that it must be because he wasn’t anesthetized well during the operation and that damaged his nerves!”

With her back facing Gu Qiushan, Gu Meifeng quickly threw Zhu You a look.

Zhu You understood it and patted his head. “Anesthesia… I’ll call the nurse who’s in charge of anesthesia over so that you can interrogate her yourself!”

“Do it then!!”

“But… Director Gu, that intern nurse was Gu Qiqi…”

“What?” Gu Qiushan frowned. “Wasn’t she off-duty that day?”

“She left after preparing the anesthetic.” Zhu You lied.

“I remember it now!”

“When Qiqi came back that day, she seemed to say that she wasn’t sure if she had prepared an anesthetic correctly and even wanted to seek Xuexue for advice.” Gu Meifeng was an expert in lying. She had described the lie so skillfully that it was so realistic.

“Nonsense! You actually got an intern to be responsible for the chairman’s anesthetic?! Wait for our lawsuit!” Secretary Jiao became angry.

Gu Qiushan was angry as well for offending the noble patient. “Catch that wicked girl for me!”

Gu Meifeng took this opportunity to fan the flames. “Qiqi hasn’t returned home for three days…”

“It is said that she has been mingling with many men outside… Now that I think about it, it might be because she was afraid that the anesthetic matter would be exposed, and thus, she went to find men to relieve her stress!”

“Brother Qiushan, don’t be angry…”

“Wicked girl! What a wicked girl!” Gu Qiushan was so angry that he was shivering in fury.

Behind the door of the ward.

Gu Qiqi saw this scene clearly through the crack of the door.

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