Dear Commander-in-Chief

Chapter 19

Chapter 19: Locked Up At Home And Not Allowed To Go Out

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Gu Qiqi felt as if she had been struck by lightning as her heart grew cold.

Whatever was bound to happen, would happen nevertheless. In fact, had it been pushed forward to an earlier date?

In her past life, her good friend Xiao Ning had gotten pregnant in college and the news was exposed by a classmate. As a result, the humiliation caused her to commit suicide by jumping from a building.

Xiao Ning was such an uninhibited girl—smart, candid and humorous; she often addressed herself as “Little Master” here and there. However, just like Gu Qiqi, she made one wrong move and it snowballed from there. In the end, she had been mercilessly crushed by the gears of fate.

Gu Qiqi pursed her lips and clenched her slender fingers together. Since she was reborn in this lifetime, she definitely wouldn’t allow that type of ending to happen to her friend once more.

“Don’t panic. Tell me slowly. What happened? Who is that man?” Gu Qiqi walked a few steps away as she asked coolly.

Once Gu Qiqi started interrogating her, Xiao Ning was stumped for words.

That “man” was her…

No, she couldn’t say it! Her relationship with him was too shameful!

Xiao Ning swallowed, “Anyway, Qiqi, it’s all my fault. I didn’t complete the task you gave me; I didn’t get you an application form. Wuwuwu, you should curse at me!”

“Silly, why are you still worrying about an application form? Your problem is more urgent so we have to solve it first. Have you eaten emergency birth control pills yet?”

“Wh-what pills?”

“Morning-after contraceptives. Although it’s very harmful to the body, under emergency circumstances, it should be used.

“No. Wuwuwu, I was locked up at home, and I wasn’t allowed to leave. Qiqi, my period should have arrived three days ago but it hasn’t come up till now. Also, I keep feeling extremely nauseous. Do you think that I… Have I gotten pregnant?”

Little Master Xiao was usually incomparably carefree. But at this moment, she was like a worried girl who was at a loss of what to do.

Gu Qiqi took in a deep breath and used the strict tone of a professional doctor to comfort her, “It’s only been three days. There won’t be such a quick reaction to the pregnancy. If you’re simply too worried, I can buy a pregnancy test kit for you. If you’ve really gotten pregnant, don’t be afraid! I’ll help you!”

For some reason, Gu Qiqi’s composed voice calmed Xiao Ning a little. “Okay, Qiqi. Thank you, I owe you a favor.”

“Didn’t you say this before? That the two of us shouldn’t discuss about owing favors?”

“That’s right! I—Xiao Ning—and you—Gu Qiqi—are ‘brothers’ who can sacrifice ourselves for each other! What is there to owe from each other!”

“That’s more like it. Wait for my news. I’m hanging up now.”

Gu Qiqi put her phone down. Behind her, Gu Qiqi and Zhu Fen were still chattering away on their own—provoking their classmates’ curiosity for gossip.

Malicious rumors that were both appalling and disturbing.

“Guys, listen. She said something about buying a pregnancy test kit. She must be carrying the vile spawn from that old man…”

“Tsk. Tsk. Could it be that she has been doing it with several old men during these few nights, when she didn’t return home to sleep? If she’s pregnant, would she know who’s the father of the spawn inside her?”

“Haha, haven’t you guys heard of these two words ‘mixed breed’ before? It’s used to describe Gu Qiqi, this type of shameless woman—Ah!!! Ow, it hurts…”

Zhu Fen was talking about it enthusiastically when she suddenly felt her left cheek hurt. Her head was slapped to the side by a strong force.

Soon afterwards, she heard the clear sounds of “Pa—Pa—”.

Zhu Fen’s face swelled up immediately.

She covered the left side of her face that had been struck and pointed at Gu Qiqi in fury, “You… You hit me again!”

Gu Qiqi’s cold eyes bore down on her and her pink lips curled. “The person I hit was a mixed breed. Since the mixed breed doesn’t want her reputation, why shouldn’t I hit her?”

Her words were so casual as she pulled out a disinfecting wipe to clean her hand.

When she was done cleaning, she threw it onto Zhu Fen’s face as per usual.

This was her display of disdain to Zhu Fen’s face that had dirtied her hand.

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