Dating My Scumbag Ex's Uncle

Chapter 16

Chapter 16: Visit

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Noticing how flushed I was, Jing Ni was concerned. I told her that I was fine and I also told her I refuse to believe that Jing Tian was gay. Jing Ni hesitated, “But… 7th uncle never had a female presence in his life, much less a girlfriend. In fact, people are already calling it a miracle that he allowed the two of us girls to move into his villa. Furthermore, 7th uncle surrounds himself with exceptionally handsome men! That’s right, you just came back from the hospital, you must have met a very handsome doctor there, haven’t you?”

Lin Ran? Then I was immediately reminded of what Lin Ran said.

I turned Jing Ni. “Ni Ni, were your 7th uncle with someone when he was kidnapped?”

Jing Ni frowned with confusion. “I don’t know. This incident has become a taboo at home. No one dares to bring it up lest they earn Grandpa’s ire.”

I was stumped.

That day, Jing Tian returned home very late. I waited for him in the living room. To save electricity, I didn’t switch on the light. So when he walked into the door, I was draped over the living room couch like a throw pillow.

“Why are you sleeping here?” Jing Tian gasped in a surprised whisper when he saw me. By then, all the help had gone to rest already.

I rubbed my eyes and reached out towards him. “Hug me.”

Jing Tian picked me up without hesitation and carried me to my room. I curled into his body and his scent enveloped me. He had carried me like this countless times in the past 7 years.

The feeling of dejavu made me lose sense of reality. It felt like my two lives were overlapping.

The next second, I fell through the air. He had dropped me on my bed. Unwilling to let him go, I instinctively grabbed him by his shirt.

Jing Tian was clearly startled by my brazenness. “What’s the problem?” He turned to study my cast.

“Were we kidnapped together when we were young?” I asked straightforwardly.

The bedroom was dim but I could see Jing Tian’s eyes glow up.

“You… finally remember everything?”

I shook my head faintly. “No, I… guessed it. Jing Tian, can you tell me more about it?”

The term, Jing Tian, was like a spell that shattered the illusion of the moment.

Jing Tian stood beside my bed to study me quietly. In the dimness, I couldn’t see his face and expression.

This was the first time I called him by his name in this life. I looked up at him. I didn’t say anything, waiting for his reaction.

After what seemed like forever, he tapped the top of my head, “I’m your 7th uncle, not Jing Tian!” Then he turned around to walk out from my bedroom.

“Jing Tian! What exactly happened back then? You can’t bully me simply because I can’t remember anything!” I raised my voice slightly.

Jing Tian paused at the door. “We’ll discuss this further when you’ve remembered everything yourself.” His tone sounded melancholic.

“But why can’t you tell me?” I swung my cast over the bed and it landed on the floor with a thud.

Jing Tian turned around slowly. “Your immediate task is to get into M University! Focus on that and forget about everything else for now!”

Then he walked out and closed the door behind him.

“Hey!” I grabbed the pillow and lobbed it at the closed door.

Early the next morning, almost every person of importance from both the Jing Family and Nan Family had arrived. Jing Ning was there to apologize… the others, probably there to support him.

Jing Tian just finished exercising. He was in his tracksuits, the towel draped over his neck and his face was icy.

Jing Ni wheeled me into the living room.

Li Yuan hurried over to study my cast and she said gently, “Girl, I know that it is only a sprained ankle. Do you really need a cast? You’re making this bigger than it is.”

I shrunk from her touch and answered politely, “This is the doctor’s suggestion. It is so that I won’t suffer from lasting side effects from the fall.”

Jing Ni who stood behind me was startled. Her hands that gripped the wheelchair tightened. The girl was probably surprised by the warmless exchange between me and my mother.

Li Yuan’s lips curled in a habitual sneer whenever she was around me.

Jing Ning’s mother, Su Qing commented with a smile, “The doctor is right, we wouldn’t want Nan Xing to live with any side effects. Nan Xing, this time, it is indeed your Brother Jing Ning who has crossed the line. We’ve already lectured him about him. Today, we brought him here to personally apologize to you.”

Jing Ning’s expression was dark. He couldn’t even look at me. I sat in my wheelchair and looked frantically about. I knew Nan Yang would immediately jump in because of it.

As expected, Nan Yang said delicately, “Auntie, you shouldn’t have blamed Brother Jing Ning. This is not entirely his fault. It is because my little sister was spouting some nonsense about her being not good enough for Brother Jing Ning that he’d lose his temper and nudge her slightly. He didn’t notice she was that close to the stairs. It was all an accident. I’m sure Brother Jing Ning didn’t mean my little sister any harm.”

Su Qing’s expression immediately lightened. She said politely, “In any case, this is Jing Ning’s fault. Jing Ning, you need to apologize to Nan Xing.”

Jing Ning finally turned to look at me. “Nan Xing, you were right yesterday! You’re completely useless, of course I wouldn’t have affection towards someone like you. I only pitied you. I pitied you because your parents are dead and no one would love you if I don’t. If this is your wish, then fine, the marriage is off! I’m not going to marry you!”

I looked at Jing Ning in genuine shock. I didn’t dare to show joy on my face. I was truly surprised that Jing Ning had the guts to say something like this before the presence of both families.

Jing Ning, well done! You’ve managed to impress me this time! 

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