Dating My Scumbag Ex's Uncle

Chapter 15

Chapter 15: Secret

Translator: Lonelytree 

On the trip back, I couldn’t help but fall asleep. Studying non-stop was already incredibly tiring. On top of that, I had a strenuous exercise that morning and a fall down the stairs.

When I woke up, I was already in bed. Jing Ni was sitting on the table in front of my bed doing her homework. I was dazed as the memory slowly filtered into my mind.

“Ni Ni?” I called softly.

“Nan Xing? You’re finally awake?!” Jing Ni was pleasantly surprised. She turned to my bed and asked, “Does your feet still hurt? Do you need anything?”

I thought about it and said, “Well, I’m a bit hungry.”

Jing Ni chuckled. She stood up and said, “No worries, I’ll go get you something to eat.”

I sat up and pulled back the quilt to study the cast on my leg. I tried to nudge my leg to the other side of the bed. The leg refused to move. I sighed helplessly.

Then I gave it some thought. If a broken ankle could help sever my relationship with Jing Ning, it was all worth it.

Auntie Kong came in with the meal. She smiled kindly, “Miss Nan, does your leg still hurt?”

I shook my head. “I could barely feel it anymore. Auntie Kong, do you mind giving me a helpful hand after this? I wish to train to walk on one foot. I can’t just be sitting around all day.”

Auntie Kong was scared out of her mind. “Miss Nan, you can’t ever do that! What if you fall again?! You’ll have to rest well, if not there will be lasting side effects. Master Jing has already prepared crutches and wheelchair for you. They right outside the door. Miss Nan, you must use them instead!”

Jing Ni walked in carrying the crutches. “Nan Xing, here they are. I’ll help you with them.”

I nodded and accepted the crutches. With Nan Xing and Auntie Kong’s help, I tried walking around the room with the crutches. The crutches were easy to use. In my previous life, I broke my leg and had to rely on crutches for half a year. Looks like I still had the muscle memory.

After some quick practice, I sat back down and ate the meal prepared by Auntie Kong. After a few bites, I asked Jing Ni, “Where are the guests?”

Jing Ni were discomfited. “They were chased away by 7th uncle. Nan Xing, are you still mad at my big brother?”

I raised my brow at Jing Ni. “Still mad? Ni Ni, do you really think there’s a chance between me and your big brother?”

Jing Ni hesitated before she nodded slightly.

I sighed as I placed the chicken bones beside the plate. “Ni Ni, I need you to answer me honestly. Between me and your big brother and my big sister and your big brother, which pair looks more like a matching couple?”

Jing Ni bit on her lips and finally admitted, “Your sister.”

“And you’re right, so why would you think there’s still hope between me and your big brother? Don’t you think your big brother and I are people from two different worlds?” I picked another piece of meat.

“But… Everyone said you’re the one who’s going to marry my big brother.” Jing Ni looked at me. I put down the chicken and told Jing Ni seriously, “Don’t worry, I will use my actions to prove to everyone that I am never going to marry Jing Ning!”

Jing Ni looked at me with concern.

I was touched by her concern. “Ni Ni, don’t worry about me. Even if I don’t marry your big brother, I won’t die. Plus, believe me when I say, he’s not the one for me.”

Jing Ni shook her head. “It’s just that I feel it’ll be such a loss if someone as beautiful as you don’t marry into our family.”

The chicken halted before my mouth. Then I had to laugh. “Ni Ni, when did you learn to say sweet words like that? Who is this bad influence in your life?”

Jing Ni giggled.

After a while, I asked, “Ni Ni, I heard that your 7th uncle was kidnapped when he was young?”

Jing Ni nodded, “Yes, he almost lost his life.”

When Jing Ni didn’t elaborate, I prompted her, “And…”

Jing Ni looked at me blankly, “That’s all I know.”

Wait, that’s all? I couldn’t help but be impressed by the naivete of this sweet little girl.

Probably because she sensed my disappointment, Jing Ni tried to think and then added, “I heard that ever since that incident, grandpa has always kept 7th uncle close to him. Grandpa said it was to discipline 7th uncle but I believe Grandpa was doing it to protect him. Grandpa dotes on 7th uncle very much.”

Jing Tian was Old Master Jing’s youngest son, it was not unreasonable for him to care about Jing Tian more than his other siblings.

Jing Ni suddenly leaned over to whisper, “I also heard that the reason 7th uncle has remained single is because he already has a person in his heart.”

I was startled. An indescribable feeling spread from the bottom of my heart. It made me very uncomfortable.

Jing Tian already has someone in his heart?

Who is It?

In my previous life, Jing Tian was still single even when he was 35. Would he have waited for me for 7 years if he already had someone in his heart? 

In this life, he’s only 26 and he’s clearly also still single. Is the person in his heart still the same person? 

As if afraid that I would not believe her, Jing Ni added, “It’s true! I’m not lying to you. Grandpa kept urging 7th uncle to settle down and he even arranged several dates for him but 7th uncle always rejected them. He told Grandpa that he already has someone in his heart. Grandpa then told him to bring that person home and marry her. 7th uncle said he can’t.” Jing Ni looked around carefully before she whispered, “I heard my big brothers and sisters gossiping among themselves and they said the reason 7th uncle couldn’t bring the person home is because that person is a man!”

I widened my eyes.

Jing Tian is gay?

I laughed so hard that tears were flowing down my face.

I would have an easier time believing the person in Jing Tian’s heart is me than the fact that he is gay.

After all, I had solid proof that Jing Tian is definitely not gay…. The things we did that night…

Right then, my face flushed and my body burned.

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