Dating My Scumbag Ex's Uncle

Chapter 17

Chapter 17: Letting Go

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Su Qing looked at my parents awkwardly. “Boy, what are you talking about?”

I nodded and said timidly, “Young Master Ning is right. People keep insist that we are a couple, which makes things very difficult for my big sister. My big sister is always nice to me and she surrenders everything to me. But love can’t be surrendered, right, big sister?”

Nan Yang looked at me in shock. When she noticed everyone was looking at her, she couldn’t help but blush.

Jing Ning glared viciously at me. He stepped forward to grab Nan Yang’s hand. “If you’re half as understanding as Nan Yang, I’m sure there’s someone who can learn to stand you too.”

I smiled sadly. “You’re right. Big sister is born with a good temperance, that is something that I cannot learn no matter how hard I try.”

And just like that, Jing Ning and Nan Yang held hands in front of everyone.

My parents naturally had nothing to say. Even in her dreams, Li Yuan was trying to figure out a way to make me disappear so that Nan Yang could replace me. All my father cared about was the marriage between the Nan Family and Jing Family. It didn’t matter which daughter of his was marrying Jing Ning.

Jing Ning’s mother, Su Qing, didn’t like me from the beginning. She was also glad that she got Nan Yang as her daughter-in-law instead of me.

Frankly, I was happy too. Honestly, I didn’t expect this troublesome matter to be resolved so easily. I really had to thank Young Master Ning for letting me go. After shedding this burden, I felt so relaxed. Even with the cast on my leg, I felt like floating into the air.

With the change in marriage candidate, naturally Li Yuan and Su Qing had many to discuss but that had nothing to do with me anymore. They soon left Jing Ting’s villa.

My happiness from the broken marriage was soon curtailed because I met a block in my studies. My biology result was still too horrible.

Jing Tian looked at my test paper, flicked it and said nothing.

Jing Ni leaned on my shoulders and looked at the biology textbook in my lap. She asked sympathetically, “Is it really that difficult?”

I nodded.

She showed me the political science textbook she was studying. “Is it harder than this?”

I turned to her and handed her my biology textbook. “Do you want to try?”

Jing Ni shook her head. “No thanks, it’s because I can’t handle the sciences that I chose the arts but there are so many concepts to memorize.”

I sighed, “It’s because I can’t handle all the memorization that I chose the sciences, but biology has so many scientific terms to memorize too. If you ask me, biology should be considered an arts subject! I really have no idea how am I supposed to fit all these info in my head.”

Jing Tian interrupted our conversation. “Time for English class!” The two of us obediently took out our English textbooks.

The next day, Lin Ran came to visit. I thought he was there to check on my feet. But he surprised me by asking for my biology paper. “Qing Tian said you’re the worst biology student he has ever met, so he has called in me as a reinforcement,” He admitted.

I resisted the urge to roll my eyes.

Jing Ni was surprised, “Uncle Lin, you’re a helper tutor hired by 7th uncle?”

Lin Ran clicked his tongue. “Please don’t call me your uncle, I’m not that old.”

Jing Ni thought about it, “But I call my 7th uncle my uncle all the time and he’s fine with it.”

Lin Ran clicked his tongue again, “Why are you people so obsessed with formality? Just call me by my name then.”

Jing Ni and I giggled. However the moment Jing Tian walked in, we stopped laughing altogether. Jing Ni and I looked at each other and quietly turned back to our studies.

Lin Ran glanced at Jing Tian. “I don’t get it, we’re supposed to be the same age, but you’re like a strict grandfather. You’re no fun at all. Before you walked in, we were having such fun and the moment you’re in the room, the girls don’t even dare to smile.”

Jing Tian said directly, “I have you here to help the girl with her biology homework, not to make them laugh!”

A giggle escaped from Jing Ni and my mouth.

Lin Ran picked up my biology paper helplessly and asked Jing Tian, “What is the goal you intend for her?”

“Perfect score!”

Lin Ran and I looked at him in surprise. Lin Ran shook the paper until it rustled, “Jing Tian, are you kidding me. Look at this paper of hers. There are so many mistakes…”

“You have 3 months. Enough?” Jing Tian cut him off.

Lin Ran sighed. “Fine, I guess there’s no harm in trying. What is your rules on corporeal punishment?”

“You can use the ruler to hit her palm but nothing beyond that.”

Lin Ran gave an Ok sign. “Fine, I’ll try my best to beat her into shape.”

I was terrified when I heard that. Jing Tian glanced at me. “Are you going to study well under Lin Ran?”

I nodded rapidly.

Jing Ni stuck out her tongue. “Lucky that I don’t have to study biology.”

“Are you done with your English homework? Shall we have a flash quiz? One wrong answer, and one whack to the palm.” Jing Tian said without even turning his head.

“No, no. I’ll go work on my English homework now!” Jing Ni grabbed her textbook and flew out from the room. She could be a magician with how fast she escaped.

How can she abandon me~~~

Jing Tian updated Lin Ran about my study level and left too.

Lin Ran sat down and said, “Little disciple, come, let’s begin.”

I looked at the door where Lin Ran just departed out of.

Lin Ran tapped my head with the ruler. “Girl, can you give me some face? If your results don’t improve in the next 3 months, I’ll lose so much face.”

“Can you tell me more about the incident when Jing Tian and I were kidnapped?” I asked Lin Ran directly.

Lin Ran froze.

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