Damn it! You Call This Beast Taming?

Chapter 47 - Besieging Six People  

Chapter 47: Besieging Six People

“You want to run? Do you think I’ll let you do that?”

Chu Feng walked up to Zhu Zhihan and punched him fiercely, causing Zhu Zhihan’s face to turn red and swollen.

“It hurts…”

Dread caught Zhu Zhihan. How could Chu Feng have such terrifying strength? Wasn’t he a Beastmaster?


The Speed Rat instantly panicked. It wanted to save Zhu Zhihan, but the Wild Bear grabbed the Speed Rat. The Speed Rat looked dejected. It knew it had no chance of escaping. It was a life-and-death situation. Under the intense pain, Zhu Zhihan didn’t even have the time to use his beast tamer talent.

“I have told you before that you can’t defeat me. So stop being cocky.”

Chu Feng said this coldly and kicked Zhu Zhihan away. Before Zhu Zhihan fainted, he pressed the surrender button and felt relaxed. Zhu Zhihan felt himself float up, wrapped in a gentle power, and sent out together with the Speed Rat.

Chu Feng knew that this was probably the King-level Beastmaster from Diming base city coming to rescue Zhu Zhihan. He didn’t mind. In any case, he had achieved his goal of eliminating Zhu Zhihan first. Zhu Zhihan couldn’t earn even a single point for Dibei base city. If Chu Feng could win, he would get ten points, double the points from the second place!

Chu Feng and Wild Bear’s performance caused the other participants to freeze in shock, especially Xu Feng. He had just announced that he wanted to kill Chu Feng, and now that he realized how terrifying Chu Feng’s strength was. His face turned pale.

“Zhu Zhihan has already been eliminated. We must work together, or we won’t be able to defeat him at all!” Xu Feng shouted.


The other participants looked at each other, seeing the fear in each other’s eyes. Among them, Zhu Zhihan was powerful. But in the end, he wasn’t even able to withstand a single move!

As a Beastmaster, Chu Feng had made a move, and his strength was terrifying. They had always been genius Beastmasters who lived in luxury. So, they didn’t want to know how painful a punch from Chu Feng would be!

“That’s right! We all must work together!”

“Surround him and attack!”

The remaining participants immediately launched their attacks, using their beast tamer talents.


The Wild Bear’s eyes turned cold. It realized that someone had restrained him, making it unable to unleash its full strength. Chu Feng also noticed this and immediately looked at Ling Qian from Dilin base city. Ling Qian’s beast tamer talent was a weakening-type A-rank talent, Invisible Restrain. This talent’s specialty was suppression. It was able to suppress the opponent’s movements. Moreover, the opponent had no way to break free.

Having no way to break free was a common characteristic of a weakening-type talent. Unless Chu Feng’s strength far surpassed hers, he would be able to ignore this type of binding. Chu Feng estimated that it wouldn’t be a problem for the Wild Bear to break free from that pressure.

When Xu Feng saw that they had suppressed Wild Bear, he immediately heaved a sigh of relief. He smiled and said, “Looks like that is all it got. As long as we work together, it won’t be able to resist.”

“I’m sorry I have to disappoint you.”

Chu Feng walked toward Xu Feng with a cold expression.

Xu Feng sneered, “Nether Ghost, kill him!”

Upon hearing his order, a ghost who had been in a transparent state beside him instantly charged toward Chu Feng.

“Wild Bear!” Chu Feng wasn’t flustered at all.


A huge wild aura covered the entire area. The Nether Ghost couldn’t even move a single step. Wild Bear strode over and suddenly punched at it. With a boom, even though the Nether Ghost was in a semi-ethereal state, Wild Bear crushed it.

Chu Feng’s expression was cold. “Your Nether Ghost has blood on its body. It’s human blood. You shouldn’t let it do things it shouldn’t have done.”

He could make the Wild Bear show no mercy. The reason was simple. Xu Feng’s Nether Ghost had eaten humans before. He could see this because he had activated his telekinesis power. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have known.

When the Nether Ghost’s death, Xu Feng immediately suffered a backlash and spat out a mouthful of blood. His vision turned blurry, but he still couldn’t get out of the shock he had. His Nether Ghost couldn’t even withstand a single punch! Even with the protection of the beast space, it couldn’t protect the Nether Ghost’s life! When the Wild Bear punched, the beast space nearly shattered!

Xu Feng’s beast had died, and his beast space had almost shattered. Even if Xu Feng could recover, he wouldn’t be able to become a genius Beastmaster anymore. He was no different from a crippled person.

“You!” Xu Feng hated Chu Feng for doing that to him.

Chu Feng’s voice was cold. “What? Aren’t you going to give up?”

Xu Feng still didn’t move.

“Well then,” Chu Feng turned around.

A wisp of wild aura descended, and Xu Feng died on the spot!

Seeing Chu Feng’s calm expression, the remaining four participants felt terrified.

Ling Qian asked, “My Invisible Restrain is an A-rank beast tamer talent. Why did it lose its effect?”

She sensed that Wild Bear had already been affected by her beast tamer talent. But in the end, she was the one under heavy pressure.

Cao Hong said in shock, “You killed him?”

Xie Kai said nothing and slowly took a few steps back.

On the other hand, Na Ning, a well-built man, became even more excited after seeing Xu Feng’s death!

Na Ning laughed out loud. “You’re brave. You dared to kill Xu Feng in front of so many people! Although I don’t like him, I don’t have the guts to offend Dishui base city!”

Xie Kai said, “Xu Feng’s master is an overlord-level spirit beast tamer.”

Chu Feng looked at the remaining four beasts fighting the Wild Bear. He was still calm.

He did not care about the overlord-level spirit beast tamer. If they wanted to find trouble with him, they would have to see if they could get past Lord Wan first!

Chu Feng wasn’t worried at all. Wan Wanqing and Principal Gao were peak existences among overlord-level Beastmasters. He had them even if Lord Wan didn’t help him. An overlord-level spirit beast tamer couldn’t scare him.

“Wild Bear,” Chu Feng said calmly, “there is no need to put on an act anymore. Let’s end this quick.”


Wild Bear heaved a sigh of relief. He could finally use his full strength! Just now, he had been suppressing his strength and fighting with these beasts. He had even acted stupid on purpose, intentionally missing his attacks a few times.

Hearing Chu Feng’s words, the remaining four participants felt a chill run down their spines. They were in a puzzle. The only thing that came to their mind was that Chu Feng had not used his full potential.

They had thought that their beast could tie up with the Wild Bear with the help of their beast tamer talent. Even that was a little bizarre. After all, they were all at Extraordinary Level 10, and there were four of them attacking one person at a time. But Chu Feng said not to pretend anymore, which shocked them.

They could hardly believe what they saw next.


The Wild Bear let out a low growl and kicked the Mystic Turtle to the ground. The Mystic Turtle immediately fainted.

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