Damn it! You Call This Beast Taming?

Chapter 48 - Easy Victory  

Chapter 48: Easy Victory

Xie Kai’s face turned red in anger. His beast space trembled, helping the Mystic Turtle withstand the rest of the impact from the Wild Bear. It was on the verge of shattering.

Xie Kai’s entire body was in intense pain from the backlash. He walked to the side, trembling, and pressed the surrender button. Xie Kai was a cautious person by nature. Seeing that Chu Feng could come over at any moment, he began to worry that he wouldn’t have the chance to surrender and end up in the same situation as Xu Feng.


The Heavenly Fragrance Butterfly cried out in pain. The Wild Bear held it in its hand, and its wings almost broke!

Ling Qian was in shock. She could only watch helplessly as Wild Bear squeezed the Heavenly Fragrance Butterfly into a ball. Ling Qian endured the intense pain from the damage to her beast space and directly rushed forward to save the Heavenly Fragrance Butterfly. She heaved a sigh of relief when she saw the Heavenly Fragrance Butterfly was still alive.

“I admit defeat!”

Ling Qian immediately admitted defeat without any hesitation. If she continued to stay, not only would something happen to the Heavenly Fragrance Butterfly, but her life would also be in danger.

Chu Feng did not look at her anymore. He knew the limits.



Wild Bear punched again. It looked at the Wild Money in disdain. That Wild Monkey wanted to use the three to hurt its eyes.

To the Wild Bear, the Wild Monkey’s speed and agility were nothing! It sent the Wild Monkey flying backward with a punch.


The Wild Monkey let out a painful howl as its bones shattered. If not for the protection of the beast space, the Wild Monkey would have died. Beastmaster and the beast shared life in the beast space. The contract bound them.

Chu Feng slowly walked toward Na Ning and said coldly, “You think you can pass the awakening-level heritage ruins, right?”

The muscular Na Ning never thought that the beast space would devour him one day. The pain was intense. Even when Na Ning had asked Wild Monkey to challenge a sovereign-level fierce beast, he had never met an unbearable consequence like this.

Na Ning gritted his teeth, enduring the intense pain. His voice was cold. “So what? I have an A-rank beast tamer talent, Wild Release. I can release the wild nature of my beast, instantly increasing their strength by many times. Why can’t I pass the awakening-level heritage ruins?”

Chu Feng casually kicked him, and the pain on Na Ning’s body became even more intense. Even his eyeballs bulged out.

“Why not? That’s because you don’t have the qualifications to do so.”

Chu Feng looked down at Na Ning, waiting for him to press the surrender button. Na Ning felt that his dignity had been trampled and crushed into pieces. He could not understand. He was the most talented person in the younger generation of the Diye base city.

Na Ning saw Chu Feng walking toward him as if the Grim Reaper was approaching. Na Ning still could not bear the fear of death. He pressed the surrender button, and a ray of light descended, taking Na Ning away.

Chu Feng walked toward Cao Hong of Dinan city, and he said calmly, “Just surrender.” It was not that he pitied her because she was a girl, but because Cao Hong did not use her full strength from the beginning to the end.

[ Sunny Bird ]

[ Level: Extraordinary Level 10]

[ Bloodline: Commander Elementary ]

[ Talent: Top-level Scorching Sun Talent, Top-level Wind-type Talent ]

[ Skills: 1. Storm, 2. Blazing Flame, 3. Blazing Wind, 4. Scorching Sun ]

Sunny Bird had a total of four skills. Among those skills, Scorching Sun was a high-level skill, which was also Sunny Bird’s signature skill. It could directly change the weather in an area. Within the range of scorching sun, it was equivalent to being in Sunny Bird’s territory. However, Sunny Bird had not used scorching sun all this while, and it had also been using its minimum attack.

After Chu Feng confirmed that Cao Hong was indeed paddling, he understood. Not every Beastmaster would be able to accept the fact that several people were ganging up and attacking a competitor. It was unfair.

Cao Hong had no choice. She had to join the group to survive. So, she chose to use her minimum attack. However, Chu Feng wouldn’t forgive her. At most, he would only be lenient with his attacks. Cao Hong was out of the game. She would have nothing to do with any treasure in the vast misty realm.

Cao Hong saw the Wild Bear slap her Sunny Bird. It looked like it was already heavily injured and couldn’t even fly. She knew that Chu Feng had been a little gentle with his attacks. Otherwise, he could easily shatter her beast space.

“Okay, I surrender,” Cao Hong nodded and pressed the button. Then, she was taken away by the beam of light.

Chu Feng heaved a sigh of relief. He had already eliminated all the participants. Even if they did not announce the results, Chu Feng would win undoubtedly.


Wild Bear walked to Chu Feng’s side, looking excited.

Chu Feng nodded. He and Wild Bear looked at each other, and they could see the happiness in each other’s eyes. All the treasures in the misty realm of the extraordinary-level competition were now theirs!


Wild Bear jumped in joy!

It thrilled it when it thought it would be able to add enhancement points again after the competition ended and that it could even advance to sovereign-level.

Chu Feng smiled. “Let’s go and find the treasures.”


Wild Bear happily followed behind Chu Feng.

Meanwhile, there was an uproar in the audience seats.

“F*ck! Chu Feng crushed them! He directly eliminated all the other contestants!”

“Chu Feng became first place! Such a large misty training realm with so many treasures had now belonged to only him!”

“I feel that the higher-ups of the other base cities would be so sad about this!”

Even the host was shocked. He stuttered, “Ladies and gentlemen, I still don’t know what to say. Chu Feng’s Wild Bear is powerful, and his physical fitness is terrifying! As everyone has seen, the champion of the extraordinary-level this time is probably Chu Feng. He has obtained 10 points for Diming base city!”

“As for the second place, Cao Hong from Dinan City. No one expected her to win second place because she had gone easy with Chu Feng. She was able to obtain five points and resources!”

“… and the last place is the first person to be eliminated, Zhu Zhihan from Dibei base city!”

Just as the host finished speaking, the audience from Dibei base city booed. However, the applause and cheers drowned the booing sounds. The audiences from other base cities were unhappy about Dibei base city monopolizing the exchange competition. Now that they saw how embarrassing Zhu Zhihan was and how he was the first to be eliminated, they were happy. After all, this had never happened before in the previous exchange competition!

Zhu Zhihan, who laid on the stretcher, thought about how he would be a disgrace to Dibei base city. Tears of regret rolled in his eyes. However, he felt better when he thought about Xu Feng, who had not even survived. At least he had stayed alive and did not end up like Xu Feng.

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