Damn it! You Call This Beast Taming?

Chapter 46 - Fell Into My Trap  

Chapter 46: Fell Into My Trap

The other participants had their plans in mind. They did not expect Chu Feng was sitting on a large tree, feeling bored.

“Why are these people so slow? They are like snails.”

In the live broadcast, the host was excited as he announced in a high-pitched voice.

“In the early stages of the competition, Chu Feng from the Diming base city chose to reveal his position when the other participants tried their best to hide!”

“We can see that the other six extraordinary-level participants had prepared themselves. Those genius Beastmasters from the seven cities are all rushing towards Chu Feng’s position!”

“They had surrounded Chu Feng! Such a high-profile action will attract the joint attacks of the other participants. They would try to eliminate him first!”

“I don’t know how to describe Chu Feng’s actions. Is it pure stupidity, or is there some other strategy?”

Other than the host, everyone in the audience was speechless. That didn’t seem right. Why was Chu Feng acting so arrogantly?

“I bet 100,000 on Chu Feng. I bet that he won’t be the first to be eliminated. But what is he trying to do now?”


“100,000 is nothing. I bet a million on Chu Feng! I bet that he will win!”

“Are you crazy? Don’t you know that he is from Diming base city? The Diming base city is targeted by other cities every year!”

“You don’t know. I learned from others that Chu Feng is powerful.”

“So, what if he is powerful? In the end, he will be the first to be eliminated!”

In the tense atmosphere, many people laughed. They had thought that Chu Feng was a trump card of Diming base city. But in the end, he was only a moderate-level participant. He had no self-awareness, casually revealing his position.

In the audience’s seat, Qiao Shi looked at the bored expression on Chu Feng’s face on the huge screen in front of her. She couldn’t help but smile. She suddenly remembered the day Chu Feng’s Wild Bear defeated those beasts in Teng Yue’s heritage ruins. It could even kill over a thousand fierce beasts of its level. It was only facing six Beastmasters which might be easy for it.

In the VIP seat, Wan Wanqing had a smile on her face. She chose to trust Chu Feng and even felt sorry for the other participants.

Chu Feng’s Wild Bear was able to kill a sovereign-level Shadow Ghost by himself when it was at Extraordinary Level 5. Now that the Wild Bear had already reached Extraordinary Level 10, its ability was unimaginable.

She even felt that the extraordinary-level competition wasn’t difficult for Chu Feng.

In an independent space, Principal Gao rubbed his chin and laughed. “Looks like someone’s in trouble!”

Principal Gao knew well just how smart Chu Feng was. He had never seen Chu Feng at a disadvantage. He couldn’t help but think, “Chu Feng was baiting the participants!”

Principal Gao smiled. He had done the same thing when he was young. Although he was often chased and beaten in the end, it was enjoyable!

In the misty training realm, Chu Feng waited.

“Chu Feng, you are stupid,” Zhu Zhihan walked out with the Speed Rat.

Chu Feng glanced at him and said indifferently, “You will know who is stupid in a while.”

Zhu Zhihan’s eyes flashed with anger. He couldn’t understand why Chu Feng could still be arrogant even though he was about to die.

“Heh! You are just pretending to be calm.”

Zhu Zhihan tried his best to calm himself down. He deliberately kept some distance between himself and Chu Feng. He admitted that he was no match for Chu Feng in a one-to-one fight. What he relied on the most were the other participants. They had to gang up and eliminate Chu Feng. No matter how strong Chu Feng was, he wouldn’t be able to deal with so many of them alone.

Moreover, the beast of the six participants was different. They could form a cooperation alliance. Zhu Zhihan even felt that they could even defeat the sovereign-level beast with ease if the six of them joined forces.

Chu Feng didn’t say anything. He looked in other directions. Gradually, the other participants walked over with their beasts. Their beasts had low-level commander-level bloodlines. Chu Feng sighed. The other base cities had a much better foundation than the Diming base city.

Qiao Shi and Tao Dong’s family backgrounds were powerful enough. However, the beast they had contracted was only of sovereign-level.

“One, two, three…”

Chu Feng counted. There were six of them. He immediately laughed. “All of you are here?”

Zhu Zhihan sneered. “You have already fallen into our trap. Say it as soon as possible if you have any last words.”

Xu Feng, who came from Dishui base city, looked ugly. His beast tamer talent was an A-rank netherworld talent, which allowed him to control a ghostly aura. He was a ghost beast tamer.

Xu Feng smiled maliciously. “Why bother talking nonsense with him? Just get rid of him as soon as possible. If he doesn’t know his place and cannot press the distress signal in time, he could not blame us if he dies. It is an accident…”

Ling Qian, who came from Dilin base city, chuckled and said, “That’s right. There is no need to waste time talking to him. Since we have surrounded him, don’t give him another chance to escape.”

The others also agreed with Ling Qian and Xu Feng’s words. The atmosphere immediately became tense.

Chu Feng smiled. “I should be the one saying this. You guys fell into my trap.”

He slowly walked over, and the Wild Bear followed behind him. There wasn’t the slightest hint of fear on its face.

“Zhu Zhihan from Dibei base city, Xu Feng from Dishui base city, Ling Qian from Dilin base city, Cao Hong from Dinan base city, Xie Kai from Dimu base city, and Na Ning from Diye base city. Your beasts are the Speed Rat, the Nether Ghost, the Heavenly Fragrance Butterfly, the Sunny Bird, the Mystic Turtle, and the Wild Monkey, right?”

Chu Feng told them all about their beasts calmly. “As for me… I’m Chu Feng from Diming base city, and my beast is Wild Bear.”


The Wild Bear suddenly stepped forward and let out a low roar. Immediately, a violent wind blew, and everyone’s clothes shuttered in the wind. Only their beasts could feel the pressure around them as if their bodies were about to be crushed.

Zhu Zhihan realized something wrong. He was surprised. “Your Wild Bear’s strength has become stronger. Last time, your Wild Bear wasn’t even at Extraordinary Level 10!”

Chu Feng smiled. “Last time? My wild Bear was indeed not at Level 10. It was only at Level 5.”

Zhu Zhihan’s face turned pale. If Chu Feng’s Wild Bear could catch his Speed Rat at Extraordinary Level 5, then at Level 10…

The difference in strength was at least ten times greater with the gap of 5 levels! In other words, Chu Feng’s Wild Bear could easily defeat ten of them, and they only had a total of six people.

Zhu Zhihan immediately lost his confidence. He was not stupid. When he understood, he immediately had the intention to retreat.

“Speed Rat! Let’s leave first!”

Zhu Zhihan was no longer willing to care about anything else. He had to ensure that his ranking was high. Even if he might be defeated, he could not be the first person who got himself eliminated!

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