Damn it! You Call This Beast Taming?

Chapter 45 - An Eye-Catching Symbol  

Chapter 45: An Eye-Catching Symbol

In the VIP area on the front row, a few elders discussed in low voices.

“Did you see Chu Feng? I heard that he defeated Zhu Zhihan during the warm-up for the exchange competition. He even captured the Speed Rat and blackmailed Zhu Zhihan.”

“Zhu Zhihan is already powerful among the extraordinary-level Beastmasters in Dibei base city. How could he defeat in Chu Feng’s hands?”

“Chu Feng is a tough nut to crack. The contestants of Dibei base city are all selected through the arena matches. Their strength was undeniable. How did he do it?”

“You probably don’t know. Although Zhu Zhihan is powerful and his talent is high, the beast he contracted, the Speed Rat, only has a top-level skill in speed. As long as it’s faster than the Speed Rat, the speed Rat won’t be able to do anything.”

“I know. Chu Feng must have known about the Speed Rat’s weakness long ago, so he purposely chose a beast with an instantaneous burst of speed higher than the Speed Rat. He was able to subdue Zhu Zhihan because of that.”

“Well, don’t you guys know that Chu Feng’s beast is a Wild Bear?”

Hearing a different opinion, the other elders fell silent. They were all famous king-level Beastmasters in the Dibei base city. The theory of their previous discussion was that Chu Feng had another beast. If he only had a wild bear, how did he do it?

That was impossible! Even if a Wild Bear’s bloodline was outstanding, it wasn’t something that an extraordinary-level Beastmaster could possess. Its speed talent was average. It only had a high-level blood talent, and there was a huge gap between it and top-level talent. In the realm of extraordinary-level, almost no beast could surpass the speed of a Speed Rat.


A middle-aged man suddenly said, “Mr. Wang, you’re Zhu Zhihan’s teacher. Zhu Zhihan should have told you what happened. Why don’t you tell us?”

Elder Wang cleared his throat and said, “Zhu Zhihan already told me they were fighting for the six-tailed fox’s pet-beast egg. He suddenly saw Chu Feng’s Wild Bear, which had grown to more than twenty meters, charging over at high speed. Before the Speed Rat could react, the Wild Bear captured it at a terrifying speed.”

Puzzled, the middle-aged king-level Beastmaster, Qiao Lie, “I’ve already checked. Chu Feng’s Wild Bear is only at Extraordinary Level 10. There’s no chance for it to surpass the Speed Rat in terms of speed unless…”

The only female king-level Beastmaster, Elder Han Na, spoke. “Unless Chu Feng’s Wild Bear had mastered wild body and wild domain skills have already reached a higher level, allowing it to increase its speed and all-around attributes by ten times!”

Elder Wang nodded. “Han Na is right. I’ve also investigated Chu Feng’s beast tamer talent. It is a B-rank nurturing-type beast tamer talent. The Diming base city probably invested countless resources in him to protect the heritage ruins!”

Qiao Lie snorted coldly. “Ridiculous. He invested too many resources on a B-rank beast tamer talent. Does he think that our human resources are limitless? We snatched resources from the ferocious beast overlord up until now after what the ancestors sacrificed for us. He is only a B-rank Beastmaster. What right does he have to enjoy so many resources?”

Han Na’s expression was also cold. “If they want the Wild Bear to crush the Speed Rat under the enhancement of a B-rank beast tamer talent, they will have to invest at least a billion on him! If they used the resources on more talented people, it would be enough to nurture a king-level Beastmaster!”

Elder Wang sighed. “Diming base city has become more and more distant from humans these past few years. They wanted to monopolize the heritage ruins and also did that to maintain their monopoly. It’s disgraceful.”

“In my opinion, that Wan Canghai doesn’t have a vision. It is coincident that he became an overlord-level Beastmaster. He doesn’t deserve the throne,” One of them scolded.

“Shh! Don’t insult the overlord,” Elder Lin told him to shut up. He sighed and said, “Feng Jianan, I know that you had some grudges with Lord Wan in the past. But no matter what Lord Wan has done, it’s not something you and I can discuss.”

Even though Feng Jianan was angry, he said nothing more.

At this moment, the sovereign-level participants gradually entered the misty training realm.

Elder Wang smiled and said, “I think the sovereign-level participant from Diming base city, Liao Xuanxuan, might have an A-level beast tamer talent, ice control. She might be an elemental Beastmaster. Her beast, the Ice Kirin Wolf, is also powerful, but she is still at the sovereign-level. I wonder how long she’ll be able to survive this time?”

Qiao Lie smiled and said, “The one representing the sovereign-level participants in this exchange competition is my student, Xiang Yufeng. With his strength and the support from the other participants, he’ll only need one day to finish off Liao Xuanxuan!”

Han Na said, “Then let’s wait and see.”

Meanwhile, the participants were all in the misty training realms.

Chu Feng led Wild Bear to hunt extraordinary-level beasts as he pondered how to defeat the other participants.


That excited the Wild Bear because it could earn tens of thousands with a single punch. It was happy!

“Wild Bear, 20 times great transformation!” Chu Feng said.

He did not use 30 times great transformation directly because he wanted to hide his ability. This exchange competition would be on a live broadcast in the seven cities. Even the entire human population would pay attention to it.


Wild Bear immediately used great transformation, turning into a 20-meter-tall bear. That Wild Bear’s body size was also gradually increasing. That meant that Wild Bear was growing. It was a good sign.

The Wild Bear looked at the trees below, and its body emitted a terrifying aura. Many extraordinary-level fierce beasts fled when they felt it. That strange change naturally attracted the attention of the other participants who were around the mystic realm. They were all hunting fierce beasts and searching for treasures. When there was no battle, they naturally had to replenish their resources.

In the southeast of the misty training realm, Zhu Zhihan suddenly saw a huge figure. He sneered and said, “Stupid! Don’t you know you should hide in the misty realm? Instead, you are so high-profile. Do you think that you can defeat all of us by yourself?”

He rushed to Chu Feng’s position with the Speed Rat without hesitating.

At the same time, in other places of the misty realm.

“What a tall wild Bear! But its huge size doesn’t mean anything. Chu Feng will be the first to be eliminated in this exchange competition!”

“II was already able to challenge many heritage ruins when I was in awakening-level. If it weren’t Diming base city had monopolized the heritage ruins, the person who passed the ruins at awakening-level would be me!”

“Looks like we can gather now. Chu Feng is stupid. Does he think that he can defeat everyone by himself? In his dreams!”

“After dealing with Chu Feng, Zhu Zhihan will be the last person to face me. I must have a good fight with him!”

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