Damn it! You Call This Beast Taming?

Chapter 44 - Exchange Competition  

Chapter 44: Exchange Competition

Chu Feng frowned. That made him feel annoyed.

No matter what, he was from Diming base city. He naturally had a sense of belonging to Diming base city. Chu Feng had thought that the exchange competition would be a one-to-one match. It seemed that it would probably be like in the misty training realm where the participants could kill at will.

Chu Feng thought to himself, “Perhaps you feel that the rules are beneficial to you, but we are also the ones who can make use of the rules…”


The audience filled the seats in the competition hall. There were almost no empty seats. At the same time, there were all kinds of broadcast equipment recording the competition. The AI system would edit a portion of the video footage to broadcast it live.

Live broadcast was closely related to the birth of a type of beast, the Virtual Life, a mechanical-type beast. Rumors said that one of the magnates of humans had awakened the SSS-rank beast tamer talent, which was the great power that could create life.

He had created Virtual Life. It could attach itself to all objects, forming a powerful battle force. At the same time, it also had the ability to self-improve and self-evolve. Thus, a mechanical-type beast was born.

Mechanical-type beasts played a great role when humans broke away from the ignorance of the totem era and evolved into the technological era at an incredible speed.

However, mechanical-type beasts were rare. After all, only that magnate could create Virtual Life, and the Virtual Life he had created was at least an overlord-level beast. Chu Feng had naturally never seen such a rare type of beast before. As for whether there were any in the seven cities of Dibei now, it was also unknown.


Chu Feng had heard of a rumor that the network humans used now were the quantum life created by that giant, the carrier of power extension.

“Every legendary existence can be called totem faith. The power they possess is beyond the imagination of ordinary people.”

Chu Feng envied and felt amazed. Although enhancement points were powerful, creating life seemed even more impressive. Of course, if Chu Feng had the choice, he would still choose unlimited enhancement points because it could have limitless space to upgrade.

The host spoke.

“Hi everyone, the annual Seven Cities Exchange Competition begins now!”

“First, let us announce the rules of this Seven Cities Exchange Competition… The Survival Challenge of the Misty Training Realm!”

“In this Seven Cities Exchange Competition, we will send all 21 participants from the Dibei area to the misty trial realm we prepared for this exchange competition!”

“The misty realm is divided into three levels, awakening level, extraordinary-level, and sovereign-level! In each level of the realm, there are more than 100 ferocious beasts of the corresponding level!”

“Other than these ferocious beasts, there are also all sorts of treasures, such as spirit crystals, soul crystals, and energy ores. They are almost everywhere! For example, thunder stones, frost stones, and flame stones. Each piece is worth several hundred thousand high-grade resources, and there are many of them!” The host’s eyes lit up when he mentioned those treasures.

“We had invested over ten billion alliance dollars on the misty training realm of this year’s Seven Cities Exchange Competition and is jointly provided by the city owner of the seven cities.”

“The competition will last for seven days, and the main theme is survival. As long as you can survive, only one person will survive on each level. That person will be the winner.”

“If a Beastmaster feels that they can’t hold on any longer, they can press the button to admit defeat. A king-level Beastmaster from the corresponding base city would come to save them!”

The audience broke out into intense applause and cheers. Blood and money could stimulate humans. The resources in the misty training realm, which had consumed over ten billion dollars were a great project. Looking at the contestants fighting for treasures with their lives was enough to excite people.

Moreover, the topic of this exchange match was survival. If the participants didn’t press the button to admit defeat in time, they might die. In this world where the strong ruled, the audience came to watch the competition for this kind of excitement.

Chu Feng thought to himself, “You guys have gone to this extent to get diming base city’s heritage ruins.”

The host announced, “Please welcome the Beastmasters of the awakening-level to come on stage!”

Thunderous applause rang out. A total of seven Beastmasters walked up to the stage. An Shuisheng was one of them. He could feel that many people were watching him, harboring malicious intentions.

He felt a little nervous. Although he thought of himself as a genius Beastmaster, the other contestants around him were also the most powerful Beastmasters in their base city. He didn’t have the confidence to defeat all of them.

An Shuisheng clenched his fists tightly and encouraged himself silently, “I’ll remain till the end. At the very least, I won’t be the first to be eliminated!”

His father was a general of the city guards. He had stopped countless beast tides, and the wound had covered his body. An Shuisheng couldn’t let his father down!

After the host introduced the seven Beastmasters and their beast tamer talent, he said, “I’ll add one last rule. If a beast breaks through a realm in a battle, we will consider that as disqualified from the competition! Please pay attention, genius Beastmasters!”

A spatial door opened, and the seven awakening-level Beastmasters entered the misty training realm.

The host continued, “Next, let’s invite the extraordinary-level Beastmasters to come on stage!”

The applause became even louder. The audiences wanted to watch more than just an awakening-level Beastmaster’s competition. In the era of beast taming, everyone was an awakening-level Beastmaster. It was almost impossible for someone not to awaken Beastmaster’s talent.

As for extraordinary-level Beastmasters, they placed plenty of importance on resources and talent. Moreover, extraordinary-level competitions were more violent.

Chu Feng walked up and noticed many gazes on him.

A young man walked past him and said, “I hope you can make it through the first day.”

It was Zhu Zhihan, whom Chu Feng had extorted before. Chu Feng smiled and said, “You must bring enough resources.”

Zhu Zhihan’s expression turned cold. He instantly thought of the scene when Chu Feng extorted him the last time. It was a pity that he had lost so much wealth. But when Chu Feng thought of how rich the resources in the trial mystic realm were, Chu Feng felt a little better. As long as he could participate in the competition, he would be able to earn it back sooner or later. Moreover, there were many ways to attack Chu Feng in the misty realm.

“Sooner or later, I will make you give me back everything you took! You will regret it!” Zhu Zhihan sneered.

Chu Feng had an indifferent expression, completely ignoring Zhu Zhihan. Then, he saw the other contestants from the other five extraordinary groups standing together with Zhu Zhihan. Instantly, he understood that even if they were competitors, their current goal was to join forces to get rid of him first. The situation for the other two groups was probably the same. An Shuisheng and Liao Xuanxuan both had a tough battle to fight.

The host looked at everyone and opened the spatial door.

“Seven extraordinary-level Beastmasters, please enter the misty training realm separately!”

Chu Feng was the first to enter and sent into the second level of the misty training realm, the extraordinary-level misty realm.

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