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Chapter 903 - 903 Achieving the Zenith Heaven (1)

903 Achieving the Zenith Heaven (1)

“This Nine Heavens Palace is finally built!”

Jiang Li carefully dragged the Human Emperor’s Immortal Palace and placed it at the core of the Nine Heavens Array.

Wiping away the nonexistent sweat, he heaved a sigh of relief.

In the past few hundred years, besides bringing Shenshan Qiuhua along and going sightseeing from time to time to search for treasures, Jiang Li’s most important job was to build his Three Realms Dao Hall.

Among them, the Netherworld had Fengdu Ghost City which controlled all the ancient Netherworld buildings on the Yellow Springs Road. There was almost no need to do anything.

In the Earth Realm Dao Ground, he directly sent the broken Buzhou Immortal Mountain back.

After some refinement, it became the Human Emperor’s Pagoda that reached the Heavenly Palace and descended from the Primordial World.

As for the Heavenly Realm, it was still cold and uninhabited. There was only a group of Heavenly Humans living in the Heavenly God Dao.

However, with the current situation, it was only a matter of time before the Three Realms returned to their former glory.

At that time, when the immortals ascended and tens of thousands of immortals came, he had to make some preparations against those pilgrims and ambitious people.

A decent and powerful Immortal Palace could not be missing.

After Jiang Li opened the first to the ninth heaven, he pointed at the finally completed Heavenly Palace in front of him.

“In the name of the Human Emperor, let the Heavenly Palace be completed! I control the Three Realms and Nine Nether. No one will dare to disobey!”

A Human Emperor’s Decree shot out from his finger.

After landing on the Immortal Palace, the huge Nine Heavens Array immediately flickered and activated with it as the center.

Endless power rippled in the sky.

The cultivators below looked up at the sky.

Dense immortal light enveloped the sky, locking the entire sky.

In the future, even if cultivators became immortals, it would not be so easy for them to ascend.

They had to obtain the approval of the Human Emperor and pass through the Human Emperor’s Pagoda in Buzhou Mountain to reach the Heavenly Realm.

Similarly, if an immortal who had already ascended wanted to descend to the lower realm, it was also an illegal action that violated the rules of the Human Emperor.

Not to mention whether they could do it or not, if they were caught, they would be in deep trouble.

As the ruler, Jiang Li somewhat understood the meaning of isolating heaven and earth back then.

Only then could they better establish the order of the two worlds.

Otherwise, if immortals kept going up and down, wouldn’t the people on the ground be endlessly exploited and never be able to rise up again?

For the sake of building this grand array, Jiang Li had awakened countless Wood Demons as craftsmen and pulled over three million Heavenly Humans from the Heavenly God Dao to act as laborious Heavenly Soldiers.

It was even to the extent that after consuming the million years of immortal qi accumulated in the coffin, the initial construction was finally completed.

The scale was not something that could be compared to a simple array that only used spirit stones and earth veins.

This was a super array that truly combined the power of the Nine-Layered Heavenly Realm.

Inside were the three million Immortal Soldiers and Divine Generals that Jiang Li had pulled from the Heavenly God Dao.

The hundred thousand Heavenly Soldiers of the ancient Heavenly Court were basically pulled over from the Heavenly God Dao like this.

The people living there were all reincarnated from the group of people who had accumulated the most merit in the Three Realms and Six Paths.

It was needless to say that all of them were talented.

After the Three Realms and Six Paths separated, they, who were the last to stay in the Heavenly God Dao, stayed there for 200,000 years.

They enjoyed life without reincarnation for 200,000 years.

Now that the Three Realms were united, the residents of the Heavenly God Dao innately had extraordinary strength that surpassed mortal immortals and was close to the Spirit Immortal realm.

As long as they were given enough immortal qi, they could easily become Spirit Immortals.

Although it would be a hundred times harder for them to submit to anyone than other immortals, they could be said to be the happiest group of people in the Three Realms.

Among them, there were three million immortal soldiers from the Desire World Heaven guarding the lower three levels of the Heavenly Realm.

The 300,000 Heavenly Soldiers of the Color World Heaven guarded the middle three levels of the Heavenly Realm.

As for the 30,000 Divine Generals of the Colorless World Heaven, they were stationed in the upper three heavens.

They guarded and controlled the array.

Even Jiang Li himself would find it extremely difficult to forcefully enter the Immortal Palace.

Without anyone presiding over it, they could forcefully resist Jiang Li, an obviously extraordinary Grand Unity Golden Immortal.

If it was easily presided over by Jiang Li, the might would really be unimaginably powerful.

As such, they had already built the foundation of the Heavenly Palace.

When he was building the Immortal Palace, he had specially left room for expansion and modification. In the future, when his cultivation level increased and his horizons increased, he could still modify it at any time.

Thus, the Three Realms Dao Ground was completely completed.

Next, even if he did not do anything and found a place to lie down and sleep, at least in the million years of the Earth Realm, no one could overturn the Human Emperor.

He looked up.

The Three Realms that had yet to fall into Jiang Li’s hands were only the 27 Heavens above.

However, if he wanted to go further and open up the rest of the Heavenly Realm, it was not a domain that the residents of the Heavenly God Dao could reach.

The development of the Three Realms was too short in the end, so Jiang Li could only rely on himself for the rest of the work.

However, before that, he still needed to store enough immortal qi.

Now that the Three Realms had returned to being one, the recovery of the spiritual qi environment was indeed much faster than before.

However, with the passage of time alone, it would undoubtedly be a long process to wait for the Heavenly Realm to recover to its original state.

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